Gambling - why can not we stay?

December 28, 2013

   Gambling - a gambling addiction. Dependent people often do things which until dependence could not even think, spend money from the family budget Family budget: from the economy to wealth  Family budget: from the economy to wealth
 They steal money, credit obligations bind themselves without worrying about whether to pay off debts. Gambling is classified as impulse control disorders or motives. A person suffering from gambling addiction, unable to control his desire to play, even if he knows that his addiction harms both himself and his family. It plays, in spite of everything: to quarrel with close people, the problem does not work, financial difficulties.


Myths and facts about gambling

  • Myth: This gamer who plays every day.
  • Fact: It does not matter how often played by people. If he continues to play, despite the fact that it causes problems, it is considered gambling.
  • Myth: Gambling - not a problem if a person can afford such weakness.
  • Fact: Gambling can cause not only a financial problem. If a person spends too much time for games, it can lead to the rupture of relations with a number of close friends and, as a consequence, to psychological problems.
  • Myth: The pathological passion for games may be to blame gamers loved ones.
  • Fact: Gamers often try in some way to justify their behavior. To accuse loved ones - this is just one way to absolve themselves of responsibility for their addiction, but in reality every healthy person solely responsible for their own behavior.
  • Myth: If gamers were debts to him to help them pay off.
  • Fact: Close people gamers often want to solve their financial problems, in the shower hoping that people will change their behavior, even if out of gratitude. However, helping him out of debt, you just help him to continue to play, without worrying about anything. Lack of money, however, can force him to stay at least for a while.


Signs of gambling

  • Man hiding their habits

Going to play, it can speak, for example, what goes on business, or simply understates the power of his thrust to the game when it is discussing with relatives.

  • The inability to control the drive for the game

Gambling is extremely difficult to refrain from the game, even if he has more important things. And if he starts playing, he often can not stop until you spend all the money from him.

  • Man playing, even when he has the money

He borrows from a friend or the bank and sell the necessary things his family to play. He loses and tries again to get the money, bringing the debt is growing, and a vicious circle in which gamers can rotate for a long time. At the same man may sincerely believe that he could win and pay all the debts, but in practice it happens very rarely, and even in this case, gamers can quickly lose the win.

  • Close people are starting to worry about gambling

As he usually denies gamers that became addicted to the game, the first to sound the alarm start, usually close friends. If they tell you that your passion for games has passed reasonable limits, they should listen.



Each case is unique depending on the game, and techniques that helped one gambling does not always help others. However, the first and most important step to healing is always an admission of dependence. It is very difficult, but without this step, it is impossible to start treatment.

The next step would be seeking professional help. We need to talk to your family doctor and he may refer you to a specialist in disorders of impulse control.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy - a type of psychotherapy that is often used for the treatment of pathological gambling. The therapist helps the patient to identify the thoughts and emotions that make him play, and teaches him to deal with these thoughts and emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code  Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code
   by other means. It is imperative that the patient regularly go to therapy, and for a sufficiently long time. The fact that the game is pretty easy to stop; much more difficult to do without the game all the time, to cope with the temptation to lead a normal life. To make this possible, gamers require long-term therapy, which is in the process of treatment is usually combined with other methods.

Anonymous gamers - as easy to guess, is a community created by analogy to the Alcoholics Anonymous. Groups of anonymous gamers today are becoming more common, although they are not yet in every major city. Some gamers and attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings - used this method to help the community in almost any dependencies.

Lifestyle changes - the most important aspect of the treatment of gambling addiction. There are four crucial factors:

  • Decision. Before a person starts to play, and he develops a relationship, he decides that he would play. To start really effective treatment, it is necessary to adopt a new decision - to refuse the game. This decision should be aware: it is necessary to think about what will happen if you continue to play, that if you want everything to be just so. If you truly do not want to play in the future, take a decision - that you will not play and that not going to think about the game. Doing so will it not once, but a solid, informed decision still easier control over their own behavior.
  • Money. Without money you can not play, so get rid of the credit cards (you can give to their partner or other loved one, and ask him every day to give you a small amount sufficient to cover the basic costs - the fare, lunch at the cafe, and so on), and enclose the bank direct debit to pay monthly bills.
  • Time. Make a tight schedule, so that you have a busy not only operating, but also their free time. Fitness club, swimming pool, museums, hiking - all suitable to fill the time you used to spend on the game.
  • Game. Avoid any places that remind you about the game. If you've played through the Internet, lock the corresponding websites and try to hold the Internet as little time.

Afobazol - complex stimulating effect

February 18, 2010

 You are constantly experiencing anxiety and stress? You are constantly plagued by some fears? Return the peace of mind and positive attitude, as well as significantly adjust overall health in general will help you to effectively time-tested and practical results of modern drugs. This drug is called "Afobazol."

The drug has a complex stimulating effect and has some sedative (calming) effect on the body, removing a general feeling of anxiety. According to the manufacturer of the drug "Afobazol" in this and it is a direct contrast to conventional and herbal medicines commonly occurring tranquilizers, while to the fore the high efficacy of the drug.

Very often, the use of traditional tranquilizers cause drowsiness and reduces the total concentration, ie having a so-called hypnotic effect. In preparation "Afobazol" of such properties are observed. Including the active and part of his application. On the other hand, is significantly reduced or even completely disappears anxiety, reduced accompanying the classic symptoms (irritability, anxiety wanton), leaves neuro-emotional tension, improves sleep. In addition to the favorable psychogenic action, in its application eliminates the symptoms directly related to the medical condition of the body: the functioning of the stomach is getting better, recovering normal activity of muscular, respiratory, cardiovascular and other systems. Almost completely disappears dizziness Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet  Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet
 , Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), eliminates the feeling of dryness in the mouth. Significantly improves the overall concentration of the patient's attention and memory, that is the main function of higher nervous activity, are responsible for the intellectual abilities of a person.

The drug "Afobazol" does not cause drowsiness and addiction. The effect of its use occurs approximately 5 - 7 day of admission, the severity and the maximum effect is achieved on average a month after the start of treatment. Issued active drug in tablet form, which is quite convenient for use. Sale of the drug "Afobazol" in the pharmacy network is permitted without a doctor's prescription.

What is the "Afobazol" If you look at it through the prism of organic chemistry? Afobazol - this is nothing, as a derivative of the two-mercaptobenzimidazole. Such a "frightening" name suggests that the drug is, in essence, is a selective tranquilizer, that selectively affects certain receptors structure. The feature of the drug is that its powerful sedative effects combined with an additional activating effect, which generally does not cause the very hypnotic manifestations, which we have already mentioned. In other words, it does not inhibit the activity of afobazol muscular system and causes inherent to most other drugs a negative impact on the classic indicators of intellectual activity.

The most important positive development in the long reception afobazole is that regardless of the timing of ingestion do not develop addiction, which is characteristic as a side effect of his peers, and there is no withdrawal, that is, the sharp deterioration in the general condition of the body after discontinuation of treatment.

Thanks to these pharmacological properties, "Afobazol" effective in the treatment of conditions such as neurasthenic syndrome, cardiopsychoneurosis, sleep disorders Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   (psychogenic), as well as to improve the condition of patients during weaning from alcohol and tobacco. Moreover, the drug has therapeutic benefits in the treatment of bronchial asthma, hypertension Hypertensive heart disease - the prognosis is poor  Hypertensive heart disease - the prognosis is poor
 , Coronary heart disease, and even certain neoplastic diseases.

It should be noted that the contraindication for use afobazole minimal. They include only common to most drugs allergic reactions to the drug, pregnancy and lactation Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails!  Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails!

Zhiguli Andrew

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