6 personality disorders caused by the Internet - the masochist syndrome

September 6, 2009

  • 6 personality disorders caused by internet
  • Masochist syndrome

  №2 - Low self-esteem virtual (aka "masochist syndrome")

On the Internet, everyone can find their niche, a place where he feels at home. Even serial killers will not feel an outcast here and will be able to find a community "of interest." However, in every forum, or in the community is one or more people who simply can not fit into the situation. This is not the most horrible people, but they had better find another place to socialize. It is not surprising that they are constantly the targets of ridicule.

Here it would be appropriate to compare with the "bespectacled nerd," from the school, but, unlike him, they can always "leave school", ie withdraw from the forum where malopochetnuyu to perform the role of scapegoat. But they never do.

  In real life, it is called ...

 Masochist syndrome | 6 of personality disorders caused by internet

The humiliation of self-esteem and / or syndrome attract attention

The man felt the need for self-abasement, feels a constant desire to be punished and humiliated. Well, sort of an albino monk in "The Da Vinci Code," which bitterly castigated themselves, only they give pleasure not physical, but mental anguish (for example, reading swearing in his address). One of two things: either it is a subconscious desire to atone for the sins, or very, very low self-esteem, which does not allow them to defend themselves against attacks.

But most likely, it's just good old syndrome attract attention, well known to anyone who ever is at least one evening to sit with a child. A virtual outcast as a child, knows that the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. Therefore, any value, even the most negative aspects of attention.

 Masochist syndrome | 6 of personality disorders caused by internet

Why is this happening on the Internet?

So, we just found that when you call someone stupid idiot, that someone is happy, you remembered about him and paid a fraction of your precious attention. Even if you remember him only because he finally got you, and you wished him a long and painful death.

If the insult is fixed at the forum and is public - the better. It is not just the attention and the attention of millions of users worldwide network. If the administrator has set up a special theme of "We hate Jimmy" - Jimmy's in seventh heaven! "If I devoted an entire topic in a few dozen pages, and written about me and read hundreds and even thousands of people, so I biggie! "- Jimmy thinks. Just think about all the "stars" who made a career and earned millions of viewers on hatred.

 Masochist syndrome | 6 of personality disorders caused by internet

№1 - Virtual Asperger Syndrome (aka "trollizm")

This term coined blogger Jason Calacanis to describe the complete disregard all social conventions and the denial of any human qualities, including compassion. Surprisingly, this phenomenon befall just because a person feels protected screen monitor, so with impunity insult others.

It makes no sense to repeat all the horror stories about "trolls." Troll brings teen to commit suicide, and egged him while he tightens the noose around his neck, teenagers fired from a giant slingshot baby and take it off the camera, to put on YouTube (if they have not already, be sure it is only a matter of time).

Normal teenagers, learn well, do not conflict with their parents, "they took place, did not participate, did not involve" ... but in chat rooms and forums, they are transformed into Charles Manson.

  In real life, it is called ...

 Masochist syndrome | 6 of personality disorders caused by internet

Asperger's syndrome

This syndrome is rare, despite the statements of many people who claim that "suffer" Asperger. Asperger syndrome - a common developmental disorder of the body, the shape of high-functional autism. People with Asperger syndrome suffer from "social blindness" - they do not understand the boundaries of what is permitted in the interaction with other people. They do not understand hints, intonation variation, "body language" and other non-verbal ways of communicating. They constantly insult others, do not even notice (ie, do not understand that move beyond the limits). They simply have damaged part of the brain that is responsible for it.

Most people shudder to hear this term, because they know that teens who claim to suffer from Asperger syndrome though, is really just self-centered and violent morons.

 Masochist syndrome | 6 of personality disorders caused by internet

Why is this happening on the Internet?

Calacanis has come to the conclusion that people all communication is reduced to a virtual, often mimic Asperger's syndrome (or rather typical behavior for him), because it imposes the same restrictions. In both cases, when there is no opportunity to observe the nonverbal response and expression and empathy is lost companion. And soon it turns out that you are dealing not with a person but with the phrase on the screen. Phrases, the spelling of which the source did not even bother to check!

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Autism in adults: life's difficulties - Diagnosis

July 25, 2012

  • Autism in adults: life's difficulties
  • Diagnostics

 Diagnosis of autism adults

Diagnosing Autism in adults

Diagnose "autism spectrum disorders" an adult is difficult enough .  Sometimes it is not easy to convince the doctor that the staging of this diagnosis is important and necessary to the patient .  To identify this disease, you need to contact your doctor and ask him for a referral to a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist .  When discussing this issue with your physician, explain that your visit is dedicated to one particular problem that requires the attention of all relevant professionals .  It is necessary to explain what is the basis your suspicion of autism spectrum disorders .  People with this disease detected certain irregularities in three areas: social communication, social adaptation and flexibility of thinking .  Manifestations of autism spectrum is very wide, and two people with this disorder may be quite different symptoms .  All symptoms directly in combination, do not ever occur, but generally in all patients disorders arise in three areas .

 Diagnosis | Autism in adults: life's difficulties

Social communication

  • The difficulty in interpreting gestures, facial expressions and body language
  • Failure to understand the rules of behavior in society, as well as difficulties in choosing topics for conversation
  • The lack of social motivation because of the difficulties in communicating
  • Lack of desire to communicate, as it is difficult to tie friendships

 Diagnosis | Autism in adults: life's difficulties

Social adaptation

  • Difficulties in communicating in a group
  • The inability to make small talk and easy to talk with others
  • Failure to understand the ambiguity of words
  • Selecting the Hard-to-talk
  • Inability to use the word in a figurative sense

 Diagnosis | Autism in adults: life's difficulties

Flexible thinking

The obsession with the observance of the same rigid regulations and severe emotional distress in the case, if the routine is disrupted.

  • Difficulty planning for the future and organize their lives
  • The difficulty in determining the sequence of tasks

Diagnosing autism in an adult can be very useful. This allows the patient to better understand themselves. Many people suffer from mental health problems, and many of them put the wrong diagnosis, for example, it is a mental illness Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help?  Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help?
 Such as schizophrenia. Accurate diagnosis can facilitate the situation of these people, so they can find out what is their disease, and to understand what and why is their main problem. After learning the reason for the patient's condition, the surrounding people also will be better able to understand him and show him sympathy. In addition, the patient will be able to establish a dialogue with people also suffer from autism spectrum disorders, to share with them their problems. For autistic support of others - this is an important aspect of the treatment process that helps reduce anxiety Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?  Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?
   and lead a healthier lifestyle.

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