How to meet a girl on the street: the ability to properly communicate

June 4, 2012

 how to meet a girl on the street
 Every day you see on the streets of beautiful girls. And, of course, thinking about how to meet them. And in most cases are not familiar with - for various reasons. Some believe the old stereotype that decent girls do not meet on the street, someone does not have the courage. Sometimes you just do not have time, but that's another problem. How to meet a girl on the street?

You will need:

  • Charisma
  • Communication skills
  • Self confidence

 How to meet a girl on the street: the ability to properly communicate

Practical advice

Be ready. The hardest thing is to get acquainted with the girl in everyday situations. All tend to be very hurry and are not in the best mood, so that the likelihood of rejection once (perhaps rudely), great if you do not have the charisma and ability to fascinate.

Objectively assess their communication skills. You really know how to communicate and know how to win the interlocutor? If not, read the literature on the subject, or even sign up for courses. Learn to communicate constantly: at work, at the gym, in the shops, at parties; notes how people react to certain your words, gestures, intonation, smile. Keep track of good and bad jokes. You can not know when and where you meet the girl of your dreams, but it will not be superfluous, if by that time you will become a guru of communication.

When you learned to communicate without too much effort, it is time to start to familiarize themselves in public. To start "work out" just to everybody - talk to the guard nightclub, a cashier, a man who stands in line in front of you. What to talk about? About anything - how many people come to the club on Friday night, and difficult to know whether all night to look at the merry men; as the increase in prices over the past month, and so on. Just a comment on what you see around and that you're interested. Stay with boxes of fruit in the store, ask any person who is nearby, what fruit he or she will advise you. The main thing - practice and get rid of the embarrassment.

They learned how to speak to strangers at ease? It's time to get acquainted with the girls that you like. They - such as a stranger, but you usually intimidated in front of them. Overcome shyness and embarrassment while talking to them will not be for you as easy as with any other person. Yes, your stomach will still be butterflies, but it can not hurt you.

Try to get acquainted with all the girls that you like, especially those to whom you are shy hardest. You can even do it for fun - Prove yourself in uncomfortable situations for you, expand your comfort zone.

Once your comfort zone became more cease to do it all! Yes, stop to admire at all consecutive women chasing them and speak to each charming stranger. All this was necessary only in order to expand your comfort zone.

Now dating girls cease to be an end in itself. You know you can do it, and you are not afraid, if someone you really like, you can easily and naturally get to know her. So it should be, you have learned it. You can relax and enjoy the new skill.

Learn to get acquainted with the girls is in the order of the above recommendations. There are objective reasons. First of all, you need to improve their basic social skills, and only then proceed to the most difficult - start communicating with girls who might like you to tremble at the knees.

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How to return her husband - to analyze, to forgive, to seduce

January 13, 2008

 How to return her husband
   If after a divorce you are thinking about how to return her husband, first of all, answer yourself the question: why do you need it. Extremely honest. It's not impossible, but the start is only if you can find really good reasons for wanting to return to a former spouse. Otherwise you risk to spend a lot of time and energy that ultimately again feel disappointment. If you want to try it - follow the advice listed below, but do not forget that the former husband - a man with his mind, and if he did not intend to return, sooner or later you will have to live with it.

 How to return her husband - to analyze, to forgive, to seduce

Do not worry and be happy

While you are trying to return to her husband, life goes on. M Meet friends, gave the work as long as it could not before, get a hobby - do not dive into feelings about the separation. Maybe soon you will meet a man who will replace the former husband of the heart from the memory. Or maybe you're somewhere encounter with ex-husband, and your happy look make him think seriously.

 How to return her husband - to analyze, to forgive, to seduce

Control your emotions

If it happened, you suddenly met with ex-husband politely said hello. Even if you want to express everything that had accumulated since your separation - blithely tell me that you are all well (if he asks), and go on about their business. In meetings with his relatives, colleagues and friends also should not give way to anger. Inconvenient and too personal to answer questions the best that is your general business and you personally do not consider it possible to discuss their relationship, even with her ex-husband. If you "wash dirty linen in public", the husband is unlikely to want to return.

 How to return her husband - to analyze, to forgive, to seduce

Consider the psychology of men

Do not try to convince your husband to return. Most men are proud of their determination (real or perceived) and will not change his mind, if only because that is how they feel brave enough. Pressure can easily wipe out any chance of his return. It is much more efficient to behave so that he came to the conclusion that he wanted to get back to you - your own decision will be much harder to resist.

 How to return her husband - to analyze, to forgive, to seduce

Do not covet

Or at least do not show jealousy. Look closely at the woman he chose. If you will ignore the feelings, you will be able to see what he lacked. Do not be afraid to see her in something better than you - perhaps this experience will inspire you to change something for the better in yourself. Or realize that you are beautiful just be what you are and no one is to be changed against his will. If you see the possibilities in a situation, it will be easier to cope with jealousy Jealousy and what to do with it  Jealousy and what to do with it
 . It is a natural feeling, but it constrains your thinking. To change the situation in their favor, it should be free.

 How to return her husband - to analyze, to forgive, to seduce

Make him jealous

Your ex-husband can be in love with another woman, but to see you with another man he would still unpleasant. Make new friends, have fun - learn to enjoy life without him.

 How to return her husband - to analyze, to forgive, to seduce

Do not call him

If all divorce cases are settled, do not call him, even just to ask how he was doing. If he calls himself, answer politely and with restraint; before the conversation will appear awkward pause, say they were glad to hear it, but you've got to go, we wish him a good day and hang up.

 How to return her husband - to analyze, to forgive, to seduce

Work on your looks

Change your hair style, clothing style, regularly go to the gym, visit beauty salons. If the results of your efforts will not appreciate former husband, appreciate someone else - and, above all, yourself. I do not doubt that he will notice a change; maybe he wants to understand what causes it - and get to know you again.

 How to return her husband - to analyze, to forgive, to seduce

Wait, but not too long

Wait for action on his part, but also accustom themselves to the idea that he can truly love another woman, or simply do not want to live with you. Learn to live their lives and see you once or ex-husband at his doorstep, or realize that they have become happier without him.

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