How to become a soul of the company: psychological subtleties

March 31, 2011

  • How to become a soul of the company: psychological subtleties
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 become the soul of the company
 Probably, such people have seen all - they are pulled around, they have all the fun in the companies going on around them, often they are the initiators of parties, trips to the clubs, games - everything. Sometimes it seems to be the soul of the company - it is a natural talent, a lack of which you just need to accept. In fact, these people have very specific qualities, and develop their confidence can each person.

 How to become a soul of the company: psychological subtleties


The man - the soul of the company differs from many others in that easily begin communicating even with complete strangers. It will not be very long to look closely to the newcomer in the company, and warmly greeted him, and quickly find a common topic of conversation. This does not mean that such a person like all people, without exception - he is more willing to go to the contact. So, the first rule: to become the soul of the company, boldly spoke not only with friends, but also with those whom you barely know and who do not know at all. If they are new to your company, they will thank you for having helped them to "get involved" in general conversation. After all, a task that unknowingly carries the soul of the company - is to unite people who have come together to make sure that all of them were the most comfortable.

If you feel themselves insecure in dealing with strangers, start practicing in stores, public transport, and so on - speaks on any subject, and after a while you will notice that the fear of such situations less.

Life always finds time to maintain a dialogue with the people whom he knows well. Organize meetings with friends, call them from time to time (not only on holidays), go for a visit. The fact that the soul of the company is often the initiator of communication - it has nothing to do with the persistence usually surrounds it is taken for granted.

Develop self-confidence - a quality without which a person can not be the soul of the company. Think less about their failures associated with intercourse - they are absolutely at all. Praise yourself for any achievement, think of yourself as a successful person in all senses - and people will start to perceive you as well.

 How to become a soul of the company: psychological subtleties

Have fun and help others to have fun

Life - it is usually more or less merry. This man never ends jokes and ideas, and he always welcomes new ideas and jokes of others. Knowing his people recognize that it is much more fun than without it.

Rule number two - to become the soul of the company, develop a sense of humor. But note that the difference between the soul of the company and the usual bully, not least is that the former does not allow himself to have fun at the expense of humiliating anyone. Therefore, obscene jokes and jokes about various minorities should be excluded from the repertoire. Study quality humor, invent their own variations on the theme of famous jokes, remember jokes. And, of course, feel free to tell them when you are in the company.

Do not be afraid to be funny and a bit ridiculous - be yourself. It is not important that you do not know how to dance. Life would not only famously danced without thinking about technology and plastics, but also pull on the dance floor most timid of his friends - and infect them with his joy.

 How to become a soul of the company: psychological subtleties

Be interesting to other people

What else distinguishes the true soul of many others - is the ability to talk on interesting topics. Such a person, of course, does not know anything, but he has a lot of interests, and he is always ready to share information and accept it. Life almost never say, "I'm not interested, let's change the subject." If someone is talking about something unfamiliar, a man of his questions cover everything, and by the end of the conversation will be at least a general idea about the subject.

Rule number three: constantly learn and be open to the new. By limiting his musical, literary, scientific, and other culinary preferences, you limit your own mind. And that's not all - to be interesting, not enough simply to know a lot, we must be able to judge it from their perspective, not forgetting, of course, respect for alternative points of view.

Working on yourself, you will not necessarily become the soul of the company. You may find that you really prefer to be an observer than the center and the initiator of the event. However, the acquired qualities of what is called the soul of the company, can help you in various areas of life - both personal and professional.

New signs - how to meet and will live?

November 29, 2013

  • New signs - how to meet and will live?
  • What to do

 New signs
 New Year - is not just a favorite holiday of many people, but also a special day, which is associated with a plurality of signs. It is believed that the correct meeting of the new year depends on how this year will be. In different countries, different signs of Christmas, but all the nations belong to the tradition of the New Year with respect: for one night you can lay the foundation for the well-being of the whole year.


While the new year has not come

The success in the coming year you must take care in advance. In the last days of the year you need to finish all the work and be sure to pay off debts. To credit is not the case, but the debt must be repaid by him. Those who fell out over the year, it is time to make peace. Be sure to clean the house, throw out all unnecessary and broken things. In the Scandinavian countries decided to get rid of the old cracked dishes - it is divided into a neighbor's porch and carefully pick up the pieces, which in the coming year should bring good luck.

Great success is considered to receive a letter in the New Year's Eve. If the letter is any offer, it is necessary to use it. It is unknown, however, whether this sign to emails and flyers.


Features of the New Year

Most of the New Year will be reduced to one thing: how to be able to meet the new year, so it will have to spend. What happens in the New Year's Eve, will be repeated within twelve months. Therefore it is necessary to prepare for the holiday and try to meet him the most beloved and dear people in the best place, the most fun and interesting.

Going to bed in a New Year's Eve is not recommended - you can "wake" your happiness, and then the year will be poor in the pleasant events. It is better to at least symbolically celebrate the New Year, and only then go to sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams


Right menu

By drawing up a New Year's menu should be approached carefully. Different people their traditions. For example, in Austria, do not eat shellfish in the New Year's Eve - that during the year had to back away. At the same time the Austrians believe that a piece of the head (in an ideal - the snout) jellied pig will bring happiness for the whole year. Italians believe that success in the coming year will bring the fish eggs at the festive table. Serbia assured that on New Year's on the table should not be dishes from poultry - or happiness can "fly away" from home.

Russia does not accept associated with certain dishes: the main thing that tables were set - then the year will be profitable. Often taken into account the tastes of the "boss" of the year on the Chinese calendar, although Chinese New Year is in February. Thus, in the Year of the Tiger on the table have to be meat dishes, in the year of the Rooster is to cook something from cereals, and for the meeting, the horses suitable herbs and oatmeal cookies.


Proper clothing

New year should be welcomed in a new thing - it promises riches in the coming year. And if during the New Year's Eve to change at least a couple of times, but this year will often buy new clothes.

To leave all the troubles and failures in the past year, women should be draped over the shoulders scarf, shawl or stole to midnight, and after the fight chimes remove them. You can also throw handkerchiefs solemnly that in the coming year do not have to cry.

Even underwear is important: it is better if the New Year's Eve, it will be red. The Italians, for example, believe that this underwear will attract good luck for the whole year.


To year has brought wealth

For the year brought a lot of money, you should celebrate his rich table. Especially good if the table will be, inter alia, a loaf of bread and salt. You should not be greedy: Visitor at the light, all guests should be sure to feed and water.

Well, if a purse to New Year's Eve will be a lot of money - they are not run all year. Even better, if the bills are new and crisp, and a coin - shiny. Then wealth for the year ahead is provided. Multiple coins can be put in the pocket, so that after the fight chimes pozvenet them.

There are several ways to attract financial success:

  • Leave a brownie for a little salad and a glass of wine;
  • After the celebration did not clear the table. Of course, you can put perishables in the refrigerator, but other meals shall remain on the table;
  • On the outside door of the house to hang a wreath;
  • Celebrate the New Year in a glittering dress. Also suitable accessories gold or silver;
  • The house has everything must sparkle. Particular attention should be paid to the mirrors and dishes;
  • Lay on the table a snow-white tablecloth and under it in the corners of the table put a gold coin.


Love signs

If just after the chimes to kiss a loved one, a relationship with him in the coming year will be even better. It is better not to celebrate the New Year apart - it can lead to separation in the coming year.

If a chiming clock to think of the name of a loved one, it is sure to reciprocate. A girl, who presented Christmas gifts to seven children, will certainly be welcomed throughout the year their fate.


Fulfillment of desires

It is believed that desire when making a chiming clock, be sure to be fulfilled within a year. You can simply repeat these desires himself. You can write them down on paper, and eat that piece of paper (option - burn, dissolve the ash in the glass and drink). Guessing can be up to twelve desires (one for each punch clock), it is important not to forget to wish well-being and health of all families.

New Year will be more successful than a great honor will be able to carry out the old. Therefore, it is desirable to sit at a table in advance to enjoy a glass of wine, and to thank the outgoing year for all the good that he brought. And all the trouble you can burn: for this you need to write down on paper all the bad things that happened this year, and then set fire to the paper. As a result of these troubles in the new year will not be disturbed.