Where in the brain love nest: feelings as a chemical process

December 9, 2007

 It has long been no secret that every human emotion meet their specific chemical reactions that activate one or more parts of the brain. And one of the strongest of emotions inherent in people, no doubt, is love. About love, its causes and reasons, manifestations and extinction, since ancient times to the present day was made countless philosophical ideas and doctrines, but it was a product of the human mind, I propose now to turn to the matter and, therefore, to deal with the chemistry of the phenomenon as such.

 Where in the brain love nest: feelings as a chemical process

The hypothalamus and romance

The American scientist, Dr. Helen Fisher of anthropology, using the technique of scanning the brain, love has been divided into three components of emotions: lust, passion and affection.

Lust or otherwise sex drive, as well as corresponding to its physical manifestation is controlled by the hypothalamus. Hypothalamus - section of the brain, an average weight of about 4, 5 gram. Once in the hypothalamus hormones, particularly testosterone, stimulate sexual activity. Taking into account the fact that men, unlike women, produced 10-20 times the amount of testosterone and the hypothalamus in size slightly larger, it becomes clear why male sex drive is much stronger than the woman.

Stage passionate desire is an attempt of the brain to communicate with a potential partner, and there is emotion Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code  Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code
   so powerful that can cause incredible euphoria. At this stage, it released several powerful chemicals that cause a feeling of recovery. Dopamine gives a feeling of well-being, serotonin - a sense of emotional stability and inspires noradrenalil into believing in his own vsemoguschnost.

When real life will prevail finally over the craving, or each one of the partners or reject the other, or come third stage - the attachment on which the construction of the connection strong enough and long for the joint cultivation of children.

 Where in the brain love nest: feelings as a chemical process

A bit of lust

A significant physiological difference in men and women The intensity of the first stage - lust, oddly enough, disarm and leave the most vulnerable is a man. Repeatedly asserted that the love is akin to insanity - and there is a grain of truth. Men literally crammed with testosterone Five myths about testosterone  Five myths about testosterone
 That is actively pushing them in the first stage of love, depriving Ringworm - not only infectious disease  Ringworm - not only infectious disease
   real landmarks. The woman also centers of emotion and logic in the brain closely linked, it is less testosterone, and therefore it is easier to assess the advantages and disadvantages of a partner. It is for this reason that initiated the breakup, tend to become a woman.

Woman's World is full of feelings and emotions, and if she feels protected, cherished and adored, is at the stage of affection, the woman knows that she probably loves. The man is not very clear idea what love is, and often confuses lust and craving love. His brain is blinded by testosterone, it has a permanent erection Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man  Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man
 And he was not able to think clearly. It often happens that it will be years after the affair began, while the man does not realize that he really loves, and realizes in retrospect, when it is sometimes too late. The woman immediately detects the presence of love or lack thereof.

Many men think that a declaration of love to his partner, they forever bind commitments. But if a man still crosses the Rubicon, and the woman says the magic word, that he wants to talk about this event to everyone. But not every man observes that the frequency of orgasm a woman increases after he said the long-awaited partner word with the letter "L".

During sexual intercourse perception of women to men depends on the depth of his inner feelings for her. This means that it is higher than estimates of its oomph (contrary to public opinion), if you like, and vice versa, in the absence of strong interest, can evaluate its attractiveness lower than perhaps it deserves. The woman appreciates a man, as a partner, especially for his personal qualities rather than physical attractiveness.

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Your man: metrosexual or homosexual?

July 8, 2007

 Today, when the male standards of beauty dictate sexy beauties like David Beckham, there is nothing surprising and shameful for men to monitor their appearance. If the man - metrosexual, it just means that he pays a lot of attention to their appearance and looks after itself with no less care than you do. Man-metrosexual can use your moisturizer, lend funds for hair styling and tweezers, as well as to occupy the bathroom for a long time - sometimes a lot longer than you.

However, if you have not had a long relationship with a man, or you somehow miraculously slept through the sexual revolution, this behavior can cause you some confusion. In the end, these habits are primarily characterized by homosexuals, and only then - metronome and bisexuals.

Here the question arises in the classic style of Carrie Bradshaw: how to distinguish from the latent homosexual metrosexual? This topic has not yet attracted the attention of scientists, so the manuals and guides dedicated to this delicate subject, you will not find. Well, to find out who is who, we have to take a completely unscientific, but a proven method.

 Your man: metrosexual or homosexual?


Macho is easy to recognize at first glance, but, unfortunately, it is - an endangered species listed in the Red Book of sex. This macho - the classic type "male man" - a brutal, sloppy, with a beer in his hand, always unshaven and wildly jealous. Before introducing a macho with their parents, you have to spend a little preparatory work. The most elegant clothes for macho - clean shirt and designer jeans. Macho retained traditional views on relationships with women, but it is always ready to forget himself for the sake of a friend.

He did not keep in touch with their feminine side, easily gets into a fight and willingly participates in other men's amusements. Make no mistake: a macho metrosexuals can not be confused under any circumstances, even in a dark room. Most popular macho sex symbols: the actors Matthew McConaughey, Alec Baldwin, and Sylvester Stallone, as well as Fred Flintstone cartoon.

 Your man: metrosexual or homosexual?

Metrosexual Modern

The typical metrosexual - impeccably groomed man who knows his own worth, who lives in the city, well supplied and gladly spends money - mostly on themselves, not his woman. He watches a fashion, reading glossy magazines, buying trendy new items in the best retail stores, regularly visits the popular fitness club and pays particular attention to the hair and style. Metrosexual easily be mistaken for a gay - but only at first glance, as a homosexual love other men and metrosexual - only himself. Metrosexuals remained faithful to traditional sexual orientation; they're just too serious about their appearance. The surest sign of the modern metrosexual distinctive? Most likely, he's cute, and you had better hair. This type include Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman.

 Your man: metrosexual or homosexual?

Metrosexual undecided (latent homosexual)

It is the most complex case. "Undecided" metrosexual is not necessarily heterosexual, even if he meets you with a woman. "Undecided" metrosexuals - is bisexual and unable to decide once and for all with the orientation and latent homosexuals who consider themselves heterosexual, but secretly dream about having sex with a man and a few other types of men that do not fall under the definition of "homosexual." They "like homosexuals" - that is, more than just a metrosexual, but not really gay. Recognize representative of this numerous class is not easy - it will have to spend a lot of time with him.

 Your man: metrosexual or homosexual?

Which category include your man?

There are no explicit laws to allow at a glance to distinguish from homosexual metrosexual. If a man was a homosexual, he will never meet you. If he is still undecided, you'll have to rely on female intuition. Meanwhile, there are some pretty funny "hints" that supposedly allows accurately determine the orientation of the men.

  • He is doing a manicure and / or pedicure (metrosexual)
  • He is doing a manicure and / or pedicure and paint the nails clear varnish (latent homosexual or bisexual)
  • He does manicures and / or pedicures and nail paints colored lacquer (homosexual)
  • Carefully chosen clothing (metrosexual)
  • Carefully select clothes for you (latent homosexual or bisexual)
  • Periodically increases hair (homosexual)
  • Is wide pants shorts Hanes (macho)
  • Trusy- wears designer "boxers" (metrosexual)
  • Wearing thong panties or thongs (homosexual)
  • Loves musicals than sport (metrosexual)
  • More like "Lord of the Rings" than "Gladiator" (latent homosexual or bisexual)
  • Most loves Cher concerts or Clay Aiken (homosexual)
  • Shave facial hair and armpits (metrosexual)
  • Shave the hair on his arms and legs (latent homosexual or bisexual)
  • Shaves hair everywhere ... without exception (homosexual)
  • Sometimes he engaged in anal sex (latent homosexual or bisexual)
  • She loves anal sex (homosexual)

Metrosexual, undecided, homosexual ... There is something to the poor girl's head spin. Not to worry unnecessarily, just try to better understand the man with whom you meet. So please be daring and go back to it - not so scary.

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