How to win your shyness?

July 12, 2009

 How to win your shyness?
   You can be slim and beautiful, occupy an important position at work, which requires self-confidence and firmness, but at the same time to be shy and timid men! The impasse from which, fortunately, there is a way! As a teenager you just blushed and words could not squeeze out of yourself when you came to the most beautiful guy of the school. This is a normal adolescent behavior. But when you have 35, and you're also blush and say something to the men, with the urgent need to do something.

Especially if nature gave you an attractive appearance. You have a good head, you're resourceful and joke so that friends just crying with laughter. But as soon as a man, especially attractive, and you want to meet him ... op! And the little mermaid turns insulting Puritan or shrew. And in the end, even the most stubborn man understands the wordless message: "you have no chance." The result? Guaranteed depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood
 . Which leads to the desire to arrange a night adventure with a type that can not stand and which receives a punishment.

 How to win your shyness?

Protection System

Excessive shyness born of fear not like it, for fear of being not up to par. The only salvation that comes to mind - to attack, to alienate a man.

 How to win your shyness?

Refusal of action

We dream of love, but we do everything to make this dream remained a dream. This leads to loneliness and great suffering.

And if a man, in spite of everything, continue to persist, excessive shyness does not say no to adventure, which can lead to humiliation in relationships and put you in a bad situation a dominant-dominated.

 How to win your shyness?

Four steps to solve the problem

  • Relaxation

Yoga, Sophrology, or any other technique to relax - this is a very important step, which is responsible for the return of self-belief.

  • Output stage

Theatre courses amateur choir and rock band - no matter how it is, but you need to go on stage and find their way to express emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code  Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code

  • Hypnosis

In the state of hypnosis Hypnosis - ability, sent from above  Hypnosis - ability, sent from above
   the therapist will inspire you, you without problems met with a nice guy. When you wake up, you will remain in the memory of this situation and attempt to meet the following will no longer appear to you something terrible.

  • Contact

Relax. Look into the eyes to start the waiter or cashier at the station. The next day, they exchanged a few words. And so gradually dispose of its complex. As a result, you will no longer be afraid to look at men, especially those who you like.

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Intuitive-ethical introvert - Yesenin or lyrics

August 4, 2013

 intuitive ethical introvert
 Intuitive-ethical introvert - this is one of socionic personality types. Most clearly this type is Sergei Yesenin. Sotsionika studies the processes of human information exchange with the outside world and their impact on the human psyche. According to this theory, it allocated 16 personality types (sociotypes) that characterize the person and remain constant throughout his life. When this content is different primary mental functions may vary.

 Intuitive-ethical introvert - Yesenin or lyrics

The criteria by which determined personality types

These criteria are two psychological types - extroverts (perfectly oriented in the external environment, but have no clue about what they have inside), and introverts (they dominated the inner world - a deeper identity, which is more difficult given the social adaptation), and several subspecies related to the predominance of one or another primary mental functions of man. Total of four primary mental functions, they are divided into two pairs of opposites: feeling - thinking (logic), feeling - intuition.

Drinking one or another form, and the prevalence of some subspecies defines personality type.

 Intuitive-ethical introvert - Yesenin or lyrics

Intuitive-ethical introvert: strengths - sensuality and intuition

Intuition is the strength of this socionic type - such Esenina or lyrics. It's romantic, a dreamer and a visionary, however, it is often a premonition of something or other developments and even imagine several variants of this development. He sees in his dreams and visions of the world, these paintings are often implemented in the future. Nevertheless, it is an optimist, he never sees the world in black.

Through intuition, Yesenin has a pronounced tendency to mysticism and all kinds of superstitions. Belief in superstitions is for him a way of surviving in this world. Sometimes dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 That in the future come true.

Well-developed sensuality makes these people on the one hand creative, and on the other allows them to understand the feelings of others and adjust to them. This creates an image of a man indifferent to the people, which certainly attracts Lyrics others. As you know, for Yesenin went crowds of fans. Creativity in the life of the people of this type plays a special role - that through art they try to reflect their rich inner world, but not always and not all are witnesses. Surrounding Lyrics extroverts (and there are statistics for the majority of our world), as a rule, do not understand it, which is why in most cases, his work is estimated at its true worth only after death, when the "smart people" explain the rest, what is its value.

But a well-developed sensitivity can become a cause of social exclusion of people. This can happen when they begin to manipulate people that alienate others. Just like a great intuition, sensuality can contribute to dive into the world of lyrics of their own fantasies and a violation of his social status.

 Intuitive-ethical introvert - Yesenin or lyrics

Weaknesses - the logic and the inability to do everyday chores

With the logic of lyrics is always a problem - it is constantly hovering in his fantasies. But life requires constant thought-out action - this is what lyrics are very lacking. Gen. he was not worried, well, if there is someone to organize it. But with the unsettled life, just lying on the couch, he feels happy. Lyrics hard to constantly push yourself to do daily chores that are practical and do not represent any interest for him. It differs nesobrannosti unwillingness to adhere to any criteria in behavior, however, the moral foundations often do not allow him too much to violate social laws. But it defines the rules of conduct for himself.

Lyric can become over time a very moody. Thus there is a tendency to constant complaints about their emotional experiences and illnesses that sometimes tiring others. Irritating to close and complete unpredictability - often an action he undertakes intuitive, violating the existing order (but I must say that such actions in the future are often the most correct).

Full unpredictability and disorder manifests sometimes in relation to its financial position, which can impede the very life like himself, and loved ones. It can be buying unnecessary things, expensive gifts to strangers, overpayment for various goods and services and so on.

Intuitive-ethical introvert Introvert - not breaketh himself  Introvert - not breaketh himself
   - It is a complex and controversial nature. As a rule, people are creative, with a highly developed intuition, but it is impractical.

Galina Romanenko

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