Hygroma on the hand - spread of the tumor

June 17, 2014

 hygroma on the hand
 Hygroma - a very common type of tumor affecting soft tissues of the body, and most often it is formed on the hands. Depending on its location, hygroma on the hand may be of different kinds.


Types hygromas on hand

  • Hygroma on the wrist. This kind hygroma is very common; Outwardly it may resemble a pit on the wrist, but feels it is usually quite mild. Its kind of a hygroma of the wrist joint - the tumor, because of which the joint is, in some cases, may become less mobile. Pressure for such hygroma sometimes causes pain, but in most cases are asymptomatic violation. If the tumor presses on nerves, the patient may at times feel the tingling in the fingers (often - in only one finger), and notice a decrease in their sensitivity;
  • Hygroma on the hand may appear on the back and outer side of the brush. Unlike, for example, hygroma wrist joint, they often do not prevent the patients carry out their work, but they are very visible, and for this reason they are often removed, even if they do not cause any symptoms;
  • Hygroma elbow joint is relatively rare, and reaching large enough, can cause significant patient discomfort. Because of this human tumors can be difficult to wear certain types of clothing (in the first place - clothing with tight hands), bend the arm, sports, and so on. In some cases, the elbow joint because hygroma becomes less mobile;
  • Hygroma finger too infrequent, and causes both physical and psychological discomfort. As the skin on the fingers is very thin, and fat layer beneath it is minimal, even a small hygroma on the finger will be very noticeable. In most cases hygroma on only one finger, but some patients may be several, and sometimes - for different fingers even both hands. Usually hygroma fingers are only cosmetic defects, but if they are formed near the joints, fingers may become less mobile.


Reasons hygroma on the hand

It took more than a century has passed since hygroma was first described as a separate disease, but its causes are still there is very little information .  Many experts believe these tumors, they are the result of various injuries of joints, tendons and surrounding tissues .  For example, the probable causes hygroma of the hand - the physical work that requires repetitive hand movements, in which the wrist joint is moving, as well as contact sports .  It is assumed that the probability of injury and as a result, development hygroma increases when a person uses the heavy tools .  In addition, it is believed that practicing weightlifting and gymnastics, increase the risk of developing carpal hygroma .  Protect yourself from this disorder to some extent it helps the use of bandages on the wrists of thick, elastic fabric .  Incidentally, during the diagnosis the doctor can not establish the cause of carpal hygroma, although it can be assumed, because of what she appeared, based on the story of the patient's lifestyle .

Hygroma hands are the most common in people aged 15 to 40 years, and the most common among women.


How to treat hygroma on the wrist

About half of all hygromas over time diminish and disappear completely without medical assistance, so doctors often prefer for some time, simply observe the patient, and not to remove hygroma. However, before the doctor will decide whether treatment hygroma on the arm, the patient should be examined. This will, inter alia, to make sure that indeed the neoplasm is benign. If the hygroma prevents the patient to do their work or exercise, or if it has become noticeable cosmetic defects, treatment is necessary.

Treating hygroma on the finger is often administered, even in cases where the tumor is very small - not so much for practical as for cosmetic reasons. First of all, doctors usually recommend to spend aspiration Aspiration: the main thing - do not get confused  Aspiration: the main thing - do not get confused
   synovial cysts - fluid from hygroma removed with a syringe and then administered a drug that reduces the likelihood of formation of new tumors. Despite this, relapses are frequent, and often patients require repeated aspiration. If after three treatments hygroma on the finger appears again, you may need surgery.


Removing hygroma brush

In rare cases, a hygroma can be cured with the help of a high pressure under which influence its shell is broken. The skin remains intact, although sometimes patients appear small hematoma. Such treatment hygroma cyst was once widely used in folk medicine - tumor had been severely beaten by a thick, heavy book until it burst. Modern doctors strongly recommend hygroma treated this way at home. Even the doctors used this method of treatment is very rare - usually in cases where hygroma Hygroma when liquid in unnecessary places  Hygroma when liquid in unnecessary places
   wrist or elbow joint is still quite small.

Removing hygroma wrist or elbow joint can be carried out by aspiration or surgically. During the operation, synovial cyst was completely removed, but after that it can be formed again. The operation lasts usually less than an hour and a few hours, the patient can go home. Surgical treatment of hygroma Treating hygroma - possible methods  Treating hygroma - possible methods
   wrist joint usually does not cause serious complications. The first few days after surgery, patients may experience discomfort, pain in the joint, sometimes they appear edema. These symptoms usually disappear within one to two weeks.

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Lupus and depression: how to fight against skin lesions

June 28, 2012

 Lupus Depression
 When lupus is normal to feel upset or be in a bad mood. This disease may force to adapt to change in their lives. The disease can make the personal relationship strained and sometimes be quite difficult to deal with favorite things. All of this can cause damage to a person emotionally. But feelings of sadness or depression that lasts longer than a few weeks should be investigated and treated.

People with chronic diseases such as lupus are at greater risk of depression. Studies show that more than sixty percent of people with chronic diseases are in a state of depression in certain periods of their life.

Diagnosis can only be a doctor, because some of the symptoms of lupus Symptoms of lupus - visible and hidden manifestations  Symptoms of lupus - visible and hidden manifestations
   - Loss of energy, sleep problems Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 Fatigue - can mimic the symptoms of depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood
 . It should appeal to a health care professional, and together overcome depression.

There are many ways to overcome the symptoms and the fight against lupus.

 Lupus and depression: how to fight against skin lesions

Medical Advice

The doctor will diagnose the disease and help with the selection of the most acceptable solution. In most cases, we recommend a combination of psychotherapy and antidepressant medication. Some people need to take anti-depressants to help them return to normal life. As soon as they feel better, they will continue to do more to fight depression.

 Lupus and depression: how to fight against skin lesions

Take illness

When a person first learns that he is ill with lupus, the stage of deep grief to denial, anger and depression are provided. This is normal. But most importantly - do not stay long in any of these steps. On the contrary, we must strive to accept their illness. The adoption of their diagnosis and the continuation of life on can help to cope with depression. This may mean a new purpose in life and new activities that will appeal to and decorate life.

For example, if a man led a very active life until the disease after diagnosis of the disease can be to slow down and take those that previously did not have enough time. For example, I read all the books that have long been in the plans.

 Lupus and depression: how to fight against skin lesions

Positive internal dialogue

Most people say to yourself throughout the day. And that, as they say, can have a huge impact on your mood. That a man says to himself, it is much more important than all the words that others say about it. Therefore, positive thoughts in your head should not just hold, but from time to time to feed and avoid transmissions to the negative internal dialogue.

For example, do not blame yourself in cowardice, incapacity or cowardice, if you think it is impossible to carry out. On the contrary, it should remind ourselves that everything possible was done, and the day will come when all will be real.

 Lupus and depression: how to fight against skin lesions

People who can provide support, personal environment

Having a strong support is very important, especially when a person has a chronic disease. But more important to surround yourself with positive people who are able to support you, encourage, even if the need for this will make new friends.

You can also join a support group of people with lupus. It is important to obtain and show empathy, and be among those who understands what that person has to go through. If you do not have such a group in the region of residence, the Internet sure to find a group to empathize and uniting such people.

Visit your doctor - another way to get support. Professional advice and support is always helpful if the doctor is set too positively. It is also a professional doctor's advice useful in improving relations with family and friends.

 Lupus and depression: how to fight against skin lesions

Seize the day

For a person with lupus can be hard to worry about all that needs to be done and done. Instead, you can focus on one day. You may have to break up the day into small segments for better perception. Every morning, you may wish for a new day to prioritize and address the priorities.

 Lupus and depression: how to fight against skin lesions

Barometer of mood

Very interesting way to visually create a kind of barometer of the mood, using numbers from 1 to 10. If the mood has dropped to the lower elevations, urgently need to pick it up. Make any changes to someone talk and just say that the mood is excellent, and life is good.

 Lupus and depression: how to fight against skin lesions

The list of "improvers" mood

A list of all the things that can feel better. This can be a bath with foam and rose petals, call a friend, watching a show or a movie, reading a short walk, relax in the garden or just chat with your dog. This list must always be at hand, and the mood is always changing it should be used. If one of the items on the list does not help, you need to move on to another point.

 Lupus and depression: how to fight against skin lesions

Contact with his spiritual principle

For religious people, it makes sense to appeal to people from the local religious community. Depending on the faith is useful to go to church or a temple or just read the prayer itself. If hard to leave the house, you can invite someone home from the community.

 Lupus and depression: how to fight against skin lesions

Possible Activity

The mood can be raised by actively pastime. When severe pain it is not out of the question, but regular exercise or just exercise to help deal with the pain and keep yourself in good shape. It also gives a sense of control over their disease. Any activity will benefit, whether they walk close to home, or even hiking in the other room.

Some people benefit from Tai Chi, yoga is very easy, guided imagery or meditation Meditation - treats the body and the spirit  Meditation - treats the body and the spirit
 . Many of these activities help to cope with depression and even improve physical condition.

 Lupus and depression: how to fight against skin lesions

Any possible information - to the benefit of

The more people with lupus, is aware of his illness, the more he will be aware of, and treatment and his progress. Thereby, possible to control their disease, which in turn reduces the risk of depression and anxiety. Should be based only on reliable sources of knowledge.

 Lupus and depression: how to fight against skin lesions

No - bad habits

To feel the best, physically and mentally, it is important to eat well and get plenty of rest. Only a healthy, balanced diet and good sleep are capable of supporting a person in good condition. It should get rid of bad habits such as smoking, alcohol and other drugs. In this disease, the health of other systems and organs should be on top.

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