Virginity - big male myth

August 19, 2007

  • Virginity - big male myth
  • Virginity is not only a physiological

 Anatomically virginity in women is determined by the presence of the hymen. Rupture of the hymen may occur during the first vaginal sexual intercourse, vaginal insertion of several fingers or sex toys, as well as during gymnastics or horse riding. Over the years, in the sense of virginity hymen had great cultural significance in different regions of the worlds; in many countries, it is still important.

 Virginity - big male myth


When a female fetus growing in the womb, its internal reproductive organs develop genital separately from the external genitalia. Initially the vagina like a cord which connects the body and the uterus. Between the fifth and seventh month of pregnancy, it gradually becomes hollow and like a tube that ends at the inner wall of the body. Finally, the wall of the body in the place where it is fastened future vagina decomposes forming vagina.

Pleven - is the remainder of the flesh, which is separated from the external genitalia inside during their formation and to the formation of the vaginal opening. The hole in the center of this piece of flesh (now the hymen), and is the entrance to the vagina.

 Virginity - big male myth

Defects of the hymen

Scientists believe that about 0.03% of the women are born without a hymen. In fact, the same piece of flesh from them was not large enough to cover the entrance to the vagina. As a rule, this is not a deviation. Much worse when the hymen covers the vagina completely. Generally, it is diagnosed only when the girl reaches puberty. If she does not start for a long time periods, it appeals to the doctor and you may find that her uterus and ovaries are functioning normally, but menstrual blood can not find a way out, as the vagina completely covers the hymen. This defect is corrected by means of a simple operation that takes only a couple of minutes, it is completely safe, after which the vagina and genital organs are fully functional.

The hymen is not only people, but also many other mammals, in particular, llamas, guinea pigs, manatees, moles, toothed whales, chimpanzees, elephants, rats, lemurs, and seals. Their reproductive organs develop about the same way as humans.

Scientists do not answer the question of why we need the hymen. Obviously, it does not perform any useful function.

 Virginity - big male myth

Virginity and Sex

Contrary to popular belief, the hymen is not necessarily breaks during the first sexual intercourse. In some women, it can be stretched freely when entering the vagina penis, finger or swab How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions  How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions
   and not to break; in others it is toiling at the slightest touch.

People have long tried to understand why women experience pain and many of them is bleeding during the first sexual intercourse. A doctor of the Middle Ages believed that the vagina has a small knot of flesh; at first intercourse the penis crush it and that is why there is pain and bleeding. Other doctors believe that there are five of the blood vessels that keep the vaginal wall tight to each other and eager at first intercourse.

In the 10th century AD, the famous Arab physician Avicenna discovered that there is a small piece of skin that partially covers the vaginal opening virgins. In 1544 the scientist Andreas Vesalius was the first person who confirmed the presence of the hymen during the autopsy.

It is not known exactly when virginity began to acquire such an important cultural significance, but the fact is that even now remains a country where the welfare and lives of women who have never been married, depends on whether they are virgins in the physiological sense. Also today, even in Western countries are becoming popular so-called operation to restore virginity.

Modern medicine recognizes even the fact that the hymen may simply not be born, and she is so thin that breaks unnoticed by the hostess. But hymen rupture may take place and the classical scenario: the blood, the tears, the pain. This is also a natural and fully consistent with human physiology. It used to be that the hymen - "extra" part of the woman's body, it is absolutely useless, and even interfere. Gradually it became clear that it is not so. Hymen - a mechanical barrier in the way of infections, fungi and other trouble. From a certain hand, it prevents early sexual activity, which is a positive thing: in young girls microflora internal genital organs are not formed and the epithelium of the vaginal walls are very thin. All the processes of "constructing" an end to the age of 17-18. The process of defilement called defloration.

Can you cope with the frigidity?

October 10, 2010

 When sexual desire suddenly disappears, it always becomes a cause for concern. But the concern is often premature, and no need to panic just because everything possible to correct. Causes for frigidity in women may be different, and is repelled from them.

 Can you cope with the frigidity?

What is frigidity?

The term "frigidity" is used by doctors, psychologists, sexologists many years to refer to a lack of sexual desire in women. Today, frigidity to also include anorgasmia - the inability to experience sexual pleasure. And the disorder manifests itself either from the start of sexual activity, or only after a certain time after a period of a harmonious sexual life desire and ability to enjoy disappear.

 Can you cope with the frigidity?

"Congenital" coldness

When the girl from the beginning of sexual relations Sexual relations: how to bring passion  Sexual relations: how to bring passion
   can not have fun, there may be several reasons. Firstly, it is often associated with sexual trauma received in childhood. In this case, the girl for a long time may associate intimacy with danger. When she was brought up in a strict religious family, maybe she lives in the belief that sexual pleasure is sinful, and it is, accordingly, it currently prohibits. To overcome such situations can not do without the help of a psychologist, sexologist, who for a period of six months to a year will be able to solve the problem.

 Can you cope with the frigidity?

Temporary frigidity

Sometimes the sexual appetite is lost because of the strong stressful experiences How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
 Caused by, for example, the loss of loved ones, job changes, problems of a personal plan, divorce and so on. In this case, work with professionals to solve problems of a sexual nature may not give results. It is necessary to solve the problem, not its consequence. Often it is recommended to do this together with a therapist who will help to get out of depression, or try yourself to regain a taste for life. And as soon as it appears, of frigidity Frigidity pathology or liberation?  Frigidity pathology or liberation?
   It will be over.

 Can you cope with the frigidity?

Combination Therapy

Sometimes frigidity roots lie in a medical problem. For example, long-term diabetes or multiple sclerosis Multiple sclerosis - whether in remission?  Multiple sclerosis - whether in remission?
   adversely affect libido. In this case shows the work with a specialist, combined with drug therapy.

Even despite the fact that the two main types defined and frigidity be treated, it is not always easy. In addition to interviews with the doctor and the medication the woman should she work on themselves. Sometimes a lack of sexual desire and pleasure associated with disrespect to your body or to himself, and then have to re-build relationships with them, allow yourself to relax. Only when a woman will be able to understand and accept yourself, your inner world and your body, it will be able to experience the pleasure of sex life and forget about what is frigidity.

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