How to deliver the maximum pleasure to the woman, do not think only about themselves

May 28, 2012

 how to get the most out woman
 The first impression is important in many cases, and sex - not the exception. Therefore, the first time is especially important to do everything to bring a woman wholly pleasure. First sex to your relationship is no less important than the first date Ten taboos on the first date: A Guide for Men  Ten taboos on the first date: A Guide for Men
 . It is unlikely that she will want to continue to communicate with you if you show yourself inattentive partner with a complete lack of imagination, so it will only lie and depressing to look at the ceiling.

 How to deliver the maximum pleasure to the woman, do not think only about themselves

Be prepared for spontaneity

The first thing you need to do is going on a date with a woman - to take a shower, use deodorant and put on clean clothes. No woman in their right mind would want to be with a man who smells like freshly prepared salad with garlic Garlic health: almost a panacea  Garlic health: almost a panacea
   and tuna (rare exceptions are ladies with special sexual preferences, but that's a topic for another discussion). Do not be amiss to shave, brush your teeth, not only, but also the language, pluck hair in the nose (well, at least make sure they are there and suddenly you have one).

All of this may seem obvious, but some men are surprisingly lazy, demanding at the same time, well-kept by their ladies.

 How to deliver the maximum pleasure to the woman, do not think only about themselves

Where are you going to go?

For business meetings, the transaction, photo shoots, fishing, picnic site selection is very important. For lovemaking - too. Of course, the spontaneous sex, for example, in public places, can be a very passionate and erotic. But it's usually a quickie. For the first sex with a new partner is better to choose a place where you can not rush to show themselves in the best light.

If you are going to invite her to him, make sure the apartment is clean, fresh linens, candle stand, where necessary, and you do not have half an hour to look for matches. And, just in case your house has traces of another woman - remove them.

 How to deliver the maximum pleasure to the woman, do not think only about themselves

Set the mood

Universal tool for creating the right atmosphere - music. Just do not fall into an equally universal delusion: no soundtracks of "Emmanuel" or "Wild Orchid" is no Enrique Iglesias (And you hear it?) And similar artists, dreary or sugary-sweet voices singing about feelings. Such explicit techniques do not work with women.

You should not switch on and the music that gets you personally. Among the women, of course, is also a lover of Rammstein, but for the first time it will be a little bit too.

Well suited folk jazz or electronic, without vocals. This music sets the rhythm of conversation, breathing well, and ... so on.

 How to deliver the maximum pleasure to the woman, do not think only about themselves


Most women decides to have sex with a man or not, based on how he kisses. Gentle and passionate kiss inflame the imagination of women, and this is what you need.

The kiss should not be too long, too wet and too monotonous. Do not cram tongue into her mouth. Relax your lips are softer than the more sensible will kiss.

 How to deliver the maximum pleasure to the woman, do not think only about themselves


Prelude - it's not when you unbutton her pants and bra shoot. A good lover knows that it begins a few hours before, and it involves both body and mind. Do not show clearly their intentions, and especially do not talk about them. You must behave in such a way that she can not wait.

Remove her clothes should be slow. The anticipation of what will soon happen to the limit should excite both of you.

Learn it, it turns out, what touches, and what parts of the body excites her most. You can tie her eyes or even handcuffed to the headboard, but first ask permission or carefully read the non-verbal signals. Your new partner may not share the love for this enhancement.

Do not miss oral sex. Your duty as a gentleman to please her - men with this easier, you know.

Ideally, it should achieve orgasm first. But as you know, in the harsh reality of a man more likely to be the first. If this happens and you have to try to collect their energy and still give pleasure to a woman. You as well? Is it fair to deprive her of it?

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How to please a woman: the little tricks

July 1, 2011

 please a woman
 For some reason, many men when it comes to the need to please a woman, first of all think of sophisticated sexual techniques. Perhaps there is some common sense, but the ability to be a good lover is not limited to this. Dictionaries interpret the concept of "fun" as the joy of pleasant sensations and experiences. And as a woman - being emotional, able to respond at every little thing, you have to please them, first of all, it is these little things.

It would be wrong to assume that women enjoy intercourse with a man only when she has an orgasm. Its correct to call the highest point of pleasure, towards which the loving and confident man allows her to go through half the set is not less pleasant and exciting moments. The female body is inherently unique, and any touch to it, first of all, must carry an emotional charge. The prelude to sexual intimacy, which in the ancient poets sang, and in our time is analyzed by psychologists and sexologists for the fair sex is of utmost importance, and for a strong, too, because of the primitive approach in bed lose themselves men. If the partner is not satisfied with the quality of relations, she, too, will have no incentive to show aerobatics. Even the relationship is likely to one day come to naught.

 How to please a woman: the little tricks

The pleasure of voting

A rare woman refuses to hear the pleasure in the intimate voice of a loved one, and even talking to her gentle and kind words. But popular wisdom that women love with their ears, the threshold of the bedroom, many macho somehow forget and prefer to pull their ladies clothing, keeping the partisan silence.

Meanwhile, from the time spoken and sincere compliments women really can just melt away. Enough even to say, "What are you my pretty! "Or" You are for me - a real goddess! ". Here, however, there is a caveat: Gift Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words  Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words
   in no way should not affect the "pain points" of women. Thus, the young lady with a less than ideal shape of the legs is not necessary to say that her delicious legs: it is certainly terribly complex about it. It is better to pay attention to the smell of her hair, deep eyes, soft hands, lips, skin, and so on - it certainly had a woman there, and undeniable merits. Dame, full-bodied, should not be compared with pyshechki and pads, but can be slender delicately hint that you are - a kind of fragile treasures.

 How to please a woman: the little tricks

The pleasure of smell

Smell the man's body is also very pleasant to women, provided that it has nothing to do with dirt and sweat. A man who is used to observe the rules of hygiene, including the intimate, much more likely to succeed with the opposite sex. It is absolutely no need to smell expensive perfume - just the smell of a clean body produce the woman no less impressive.

Some men strongly suppress women's initiatives in the form of stroking their bodies do not allow ladies to kiss his shoulders, neck, arms, chest, considering this is only their own prerogative. But the woman gets pleasure from the awareness and direct contact with the man, because for her it is sometimes just as important as getting the most affection.

 How to please a woman: the little tricks

The pleasure of touch

Going to the intimate communication with a partner, the woman did not expect that he will behave as a sexual giant. She has a priority - a portion of the heat from a loved one, and you can feel that warmth through all sorts of caresses and kisses, and not through the rhythmic friction. Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are ready to forgive even the elects a complete failure in bed, but the lack of affection, hugs and touches disturbing not forgive almost none.

It is said that the woman within fifteen minutes, stroking her hair, receives a disproportionately greater pleasure than the woman during the same fifteen minutes were kept in some intricate position of the Kama Sutra. And generous portions favorite caresses received before sexual intercourse, and afterwards, give the woman feel happy. The main thing that men remember this more often.

Svetlana Usankova

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