The first sexual experience: a ticket to adulthood

April 7, 2011

 first sexual experience
 The first sexual experience may be one of the most important experiences on stage, growing man. This problem is often addressed in the literature, but few studies it seriously. Meanwhile, the age of onset of sexual activity decreases rather quickly, and often teenagers start having sex in the belief that it is normal for their age, not only because of the strong desire to be as close as possible to your loved one. The attitude towards sex is also changing.

Sex before marriage and having multiple sexual partners less often condemned, quite early teens have access to comprehensive information on sexuality. However, sex still requires partners regardless of their number and sex of great responsibility. A reckless approach to the first sexual experience can result in trauma, both physical and psychological, that will have an impact on the entire life of man. About what you need to think, hesitating at first sexual experience?

 The first sexual experience: a ticket to adulthood


A girl can get pregnant the first time in the life of sexual contact. Therefore, you need to be protected - it is better to use condoms, they not only protect against pregnancy, but also from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

In no case can not succumb to the entreaties to do without contraception, argued that "the only way you can really feel each other." Properly take precautions, you show that you care about yourself and partner. A first sexual experience with a partner who does not want to care about you, nor even of themselves, are unlikely to succeed best.

 The first sexual experience: a ticket to adulthood

The age of consent

Depending on the country in which you live, the age of consent varies. If one partner is an adult and the other has not reached the age of consent in many countries, parents or guardians of junior partner have the right to bring a criminal case against an adult partner. If you are a responsible attitude to sex, it is necessary to take into account the country's current legislation.

 The first sexual experience: a ticket to adulthood

When a person is ready for first sexual experience?

Not ideal for all age at first sex has meaning only inside the willingness of each individual. Modern mass culture so successfully "sell" sexual imagery that a person who does not have sex after 18 years (or even before), begins to consider itself flawed.

Do not succumb to outside influences can be difficult, but by enrolling on their own, you show respect for yourself and save yourself from unpleasant consequences their first sexual experience gained simply because so do all. In fact, not all - of young people of both sexes are many who consciously decides to begin sexual life after the age of majority, after marriage or just a very special person to them.

The easiest way to determine the willingness to have sex like this: ask yourself, why do you need it? If the response will be present different variations on the theme of unwillingness to be a black sheep (all of this has been, and I do not) - you are not ready. Ideally, the first ready-to-man sex should only think that this will give him a partner.

 The first sexual experience: a ticket to adulthood

Sex and Love

For some people, sex is closely linked with love and understanding. Someone in the virtue of education or their own beliefs considered valid only sex marriage. For some, sex and love can exist quite separately. All this - the options are the norm. It is important to determine what is sex for you before your first sex. Security sexual relations Sexual relations: how to bring passion  Sexual relations: how to bring passion
   - Is not only a protection against pregnancy and STDs, but also your psychological comfort. Try to do everything possible to protect themselves from future regrets. If you are a romantic girl who dreams of a first night with a loved and loving man, admit it, and that the first sexual experience with someone just like, or because "it's time" you do not need. Yielding to the pressure of a partner and / or the environment, you betray yourself.

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Sex in the bathroom: hazardous or not?

June 18, 2012

 Sex in the bath harm
 Recently my wife and I were having sex in the bath Sex in the bath: love does not sink  Sex in the bath: love does not sink
 . It was great, but shortly afterwards his wife started a very strong thrush. Is it possible that this is due to sex in the water?

Sex in the water looks good in the movies, but in reality it is not so easy, and it is only good for a change.

For example, one student decided to try sex with your partner in a hot spring. On the big screen, it looks incredibly romantic and erotic. As a result, the skin is covered with multiple lovers turned out to be scratched because of the large sharp stones on the bottom. But these injuries were nothing compared to insect bites. The clouds of hungry mosquitoes and gnats could not believe his luck. Still, they found many white, soft, smooth and naked flesh that is so busy that he can not brush off and prevent them blood to drink.

 Sex in the bathroom: hazardous or not?

Possible disadvantages and consequences

Sex in the shower - a fairly common occurrence, but it is not always much easier to stand in the water with rocky shores and bottom. Modern bath in this sense is more convenient, especially those designed for two persons. However, if used as a lubricant soaps may arise the same problems that the chemicals in the whirlpool.

A bath, but no hot tub can be used for foreplay. Jacuzzi, flavored oils and foams, antiperspirants and other chemicals after sex can cause irritation in the same way as some detergents and conditioners, which are used for washing underwear.

When exposed to any chemicals in a woman's vagina can easily appear inflammation or irritation. Even if it is not caused by a secondary infection, it nonetheless causes considerable inconvenience. In the jacuzzi, besides, washed natural lubricant.

Taking a shower or bath together, use soap made with olive oil and lots of lubricant - water, even if it is not adding any chemicals, it makes intimate contact more stringent. When excited genital mucosa is more susceptible to irritation and infection than when you just wash and problems can not be exhausted to this. However, inflammation can begin cystitis Cystitis: urgently take action  Cystitis: urgently take action
   or the same yeast.

However, in most cases it is relatively easy to cure thrush. With her good job over the counter antifungal ointment. If this does not help, consult a doctor.

In men with sensitive skin prone to inflammation and irritation can also occur thrush. If it appears almost immediately, it is possible that there is an allergy. If the reaction appears a day or two later, most likely you have an infection. In this case, both partners need to be examined by a doctor.

Sex in the bathroom - it is rather an exercise in flexibility and the ability to maintain balance. Despite the fact that around the water, it is often dry. If you decide that your sex life is not enough sharpness, and you can try it, but it is better to give preference to experiments "on the ground" - you probably have not tried everything.

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