Sex after birth - when the situation has not

March 12, 2007

  • Sex after birth - when the situation has not
  • Why women give up sex?

 Sex after childbirth
 Sex after childbirth - not a fantasy but a reality. However, we must be prepared for the fact that vaginal pain and cachexia affect on your libido, and in between sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   feeding and sex - the last thing you think. However, the intimacy needed for you and your partner. Learn how to change your sex life after the birth and how to renew intimacy with loved ones.


How soon after birth can have sex?

Regardless of whether you give birth naturally, on their own, or by caesarean section, your body needs time to bounce back. Many doctors recommend waiting four to six weeks before the first sexual intercourse after childbirth. During this time, the cervix is ​​closed, stops postpartum hemorrhage, any fractures or wounds heal.

But the question "how soon after delivery you can have sex? "Every woman should answer yourself. Some women feel ready for the resumption of sexual relations Sexual relations: how to bring passion  Sexual relations: how to bring passion
   a few weeks after birth, while others need a few months, or even longer to get back into the zone of psychological comfort. Constant fatigue, postpartum depression, body changes - all these factors have a negative impact on sexual desire.


How painful is sex after childbirth?

Due to the hormonal changes increased vaginal dryness and sensitivity, especially if you are breastfeeding. To reduce discomfort, and discomfort during sex, do not rush. You need a long prelude. Start with a gentle embrace, kissing or massage, gradually increasing the intensity of the stimulation. If vaginal dryness Vaginal dryness: Causes and Symptoms  Vaginal dryness: Causes and Symptoms
   is a serious problem, use a cream or a special lubricant. Find the most comfortable position to avoid pressure on sensitive areas and control the penetration. Tell your partner that you like what excites you, and that - no.

It is also important to focus on what is happening at the moment. For most women, sexual response captures the whole brain. Think of yourself and your partner, rather than diapers, laundry, cleaning and other household chores.

If sex is painful and after several sexual acts, consult your doctor. In some cases pain helps remove vaginal cream with a low content of estrogen Estrogen - the key to bone health  Estrogen - the key to bone health
 But it can disrupt the production of milk if you are breast-feeding, so use it with caution.


Will the sensation of sex after childbirth the same as before?

After vaginal (natural) birth worsening vaginal muscle tone, which can reduce the pleasurable sensations during sex and affect arousal. As a rule, these changes are temporary.

In order to improve the tone of the muscles of the vagina, doctors recommend doing Kegel exercises, based on the principle of sequential compression-relaxation intimate muscles. Imagine that you need to stop the process of urination and then resume it. Squeeze the muscles for five seconds, then relax. Repeat four or five times in a row. Gradually increase the muscle contraction and 10 seconds at an interval of 10 seconds. When learn to stretch and relax the muscles, perform at least three sequences of 10 Kegel exercises daily.


Do I need to protect?

Contraception during sex after birth is required, unless you do not aspire to become pregnant. Safe sex is necessary, even if you are breast-feeding. At first, doctors recommend the use of barrier methods of contraception, such as condoms and spermicides. If you are breast-feeding and prefer to hormonal contraception, it is important to choose the method that will not affect milk production. Talk to your doctor, ask him to recommend a contraceptive before resuming sexual relations with a partner.


What if sex does not interest me?

Loss of interest in sex - is normal. Proximity is not limited to sex, especially when you are adjusting to life with a child. If you do not feel sexy or worried that sex will be painful, discuss your concerns with your partner. Be sure to discuss how things have changed and will change your life after giving birth.

As long as you are not ready for full sexual intercourse, find other ways to show love for your partner. Spend time together (without children), even if it is only a few minutes in the morning and in the evening when the baby is asleep. Most favorite call during the day. Look for other ways of expressing love. Do not let go off spark that kindled the flames of your passion.

If communication with your partner does not help, look at me: you may have postpartum depression? If you are always in a bad mood, nothing brings joy or not the strength to start a new day, contact your doctor.

Sexual response in women: Women's secrets

May 15, 2012

 women's sexual response
 Whether all women are equally responsive to sexual arousal? Scientists answer this question clearly: no, sexual response in women takes place individually. It is proved that the libido in women depends on many factors. If you are experiencing at least some interest in sex, preferring other pleasures, others simply obsessed with sex, showing tremendous sexual appetite. But in the last fifty years the perception of female sexuality has changed radically. In the middle of the twentieth century in the scientific and medical community about the conventional wisdom that women are mostly not very interested in sex, and a strong libido and sexual desire in women - the exception rather than the rule.

But the XXI century, everything changed, including the attitude towards women's sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality  Nine ways to experience their sexuality
 . Modern media cultivate the belief that women have a heightened sexuality, easily excited, are always ready for sex, and unwillingness to instantly go to the sexual contact or lack of interest in sex - more deviation than the norm.

In fact this is not true. Studies show that although the majority of modern women are much more "open" in sexual matters, and are ready to have sex, they need time to learn how to enjoy it.

It turns out that a significant number of young women (18-25 years) have almost no interest in sex and the desire to engage in them. Moreover, their knowledge in this field ridiculously small. Many of them have not learned to reach orgasm. However, research has shown that with age, increasing sexual experience, and growing interest in the vicinity, and with it sexual liberation.

 Sexual response in women: Women's secrets

How to learn to reach orgasm

Scientists have found that young women often have no real knowledge about the process of sexual arousal. In particular, women often need help to learn how to achieve orgasm.

Unlike men - most of which are experiencing difficulties with orgasm after they reach puberty - women need to experiment a few years before they finally "rasprobuet" sex and learn to enjoy it and to reach orgasm every time.

But it is necessary for women to get rid of complexes and overcome inhibitions, they begin to enjoy sex, and respond to sexual stimuli as quickly and strongly as men.

 Sexual response in women: Women's secrets

What kind of sexual response in women occur?

The first reaction of women to sexual stimulation - is usually spread all over the body a pleasant warmth and relaxation, which increases as the woman is subject to request.

This woman pulse quickens, pupils increased, displacing the iris. By the way, dilated pupils make women more attractive to men. In the old days women are allowed on all sorts of tricks to make your look so "floated" and languid, and even used to this drug, especially belladonna.

 Sexual response in women: Women's secrets

What happens with the sexual organs of a woman when she is excited?

Laboratory studies have shown that the thought of sex (unless, of course, sex does not cause unpleasant emotions woman) stands out in the vagina natural lubricant (the female equivalent of an erection Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man  Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man

Reason for selection Discharges in women when there is cause for concern  Discharges in women when there is cause for concern
   moistening and vaginal lubrication to the woman to prepare for a possible sexual intimacy.

At the same time, the following occurs:

  • clitoris - the most erotically sensitive part of a woman's body - swells from the rush of blood;
  • labia also swell to slightly open the vagina and prepare it for the sex.
  • the vagina is slightly opened, freeing up space for the penetration of the penis.

 Sexual response in women: Women's secrets

What happens next?

When the excitement builds woman, her breasts swollen, nipples are raised and become more sensitive. Breathing quickens woman becomes intermittent, it begins to literally gasp with desire. Looking woman becomes a "glass", it can lick your lips - firstly, they dry up, and secondly, because it tends to make them even more attractive to a partner.

If a woman has light skin at the base of the neck and chest appears redness resembling a rash.

Finally, a woman reaches orgasm - the climax of sexual intercourse. As a rule, an orgasm is a series of waves of increasing pleasure, until, finally, a woman is not sweeping the most powerful, the peak wave - "The Ninth Wave" - ​​and she almost faints from acute pleasure.

At the moment of climax almost all women cry - sometimes very loud. The muscles of the face and body strong (but very nice) are reduced (sometimes a woman's body is shaking in most of these convulsions) - and after some time relaxing.

 Sexual response in women: Women's secrets

This is the end?

No, not at all. Today, most women could - if they want - to experience multiple orgasms. But this is possible only if:

  • woman happy and relaxed;
  • skilful lover continues to stimulate erogenous points;
  • woman learned to experience several orgasms in a row (ie, mastered the technique of multiple orgasms).

That this is the main difference between the sexual responses of women and men, because men are incapable of multiple orgasms.

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