Family Dentistry: for her future

July 6, 2011

 Family Dentistry
 Today we gradually returns the idea of ​​family medicine. This was once here, but in other countries and now all are treated by family doctors, which is very convenient, because there is a specialist in charge of the health of the entire family. Dentistry could not stay away from the demands of the time and now have clinics that can provide any dental service to all family members.

 Family Dentistry: for her future

The comfortable family dentistry

Family dentistry - it's not just one person who treats everyone. Today, dentistry - a few different specialties, which suggest the presence of a dentist-specific knowledge and skills. Therefore, the dentist - a podiatrist can treat teeth, dentist and general profile of their prosthesis. It is considered as a separate specialty and children's dentistry Pediatric Dentistry: to teeth do not hurt  Pediatric Dentistry: to teeth do not hurt
 And orthodontics, engaged in deformity correction dentition.

In modern dentistry clinic family should have all these experts, as well as the ability to carry out all necessary diagnostic tests (at least, the general blood tests and x-rays). In addition, good family dental clinics have a pediatrician and an otolaryngologist, because dental problems in children The teeth in children - any abnormalities need treatment?  The teeth in children - any abnormalities need treatment?
   often arise because of some common violations or because of ENT diseases. No less important and consultation maxillofacial surgeon - children often have congenital anomalies of dental system, which can only be corrected by surgery.

Finally, the family should have a dental clinic or a dental laboratory, or the possibility, in accordance with the contract the services of a dental laboratory in another clinic.

Thus, a family dentist - a clinic, you can go to any dental problem with the whole family and at the same time you will not be sent for further examination or treatment outside the institution (well, except, of course, in-patient treatment if the need arises).

 Family Dentistry: for her future

What can offer general dentist

The specialty "Dentistry" includes therapeutic and surgical dentistry Oral surgery: the removal or retention?  Oral surgery: the removal or retention?
 That is, a general dentist can, how to treat and remove teeth. But today these two specialty clinics usually separated and have separate offices Dental therapist and dental surgeon. And so correct, as it is in general, several different specialties requiring grinding certain skills.

Typically, the patient first gets to the dentist-physician, who carefully examines it and captures the state of its dental system in the medical card (today it is most often a computer version of the documentation) to subsequently be able to notice any changes. Then the therapist or solve all the problems of the patient himself, or encourages him to turn to other experts here in the clinic.

Since the main purpose of a family clinic - a long period of observation and treatment of all family members, the task of the dentist-therapist - prevention of dental disease and tooth decay in the first place. To this end, it recommends that their patients undergo check-ups at least twice a year. During such inspections revealed the very first slight signs of caries (stage stain), which can be treated conservatively with the help of applications solutions of mineral salts. During a routine inspection carried out as professional teeth cleaning, which prevents the occurrence of tooth decay and gum disease. In addition, the results of the inspection dentist makes recommendations for the care of teeth. This approach to treatment of teeth with time yields the results: the number of cases is significantly reduced caries.

If the patient is addressed with advanced tooth decay, then it will be provided to qualified help. Pain while he will not feel at all - a modern dental equipment and anesthetics for topical application allow you to take any pain. If a person can not tolerate drugs prolechat teeth under general anesthesia.

Specialist treatment of periodontal tissue (periodontist) to help cope with the disease of the gums and deeper tissues surrounding the tooth.

 Family Dentistry: for her future

What can offer a children's dentist

Children's dentist - a very special profession, which is closely related to pediatrics, as many diseases can affect the child's state of his teeth. An experienced pediatric dentist will draw parents' attention to certain symptoms that may indicate the presence of a child of a common disease, and recommend them to turn to the pediatrician or otolaryngologist.

Children's Dental Clinic in the family - is also primarily prevention. In order to prevent tooth decay, teeth cleaned, is applied to them special facilities with mineral salts and varnishes, sealing fissures (cracks) in the teeth - that's where most of the bacteria fall and cause cavities.

Children dentist advises, even infants, treatment of the milk teeth Milk teeth - how they are formed?  Milk teeth - how they are formed?
   is best done in 2-3 years, but you do it before.

 Family Dentistry: for her future

Orthodontics and prosthetics

The orthodontist's office time to identify and correct all violations of the structure of dental system of the child. And if such a correction requires an adult, it is also not a problem - modern techniques can help, and such patients.

Modern prosthetics can be carried out according to the wishes of the patient in very different ways. Prostheses can be both removable and non-removable, and techniques - traditional and novel.

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Aesthetic filling - like new teeth

October 14, 2010

  • Aesthetic filling - like new teeth
  • Modern materials

 aesthetic filling
 Aesthetic filling is recommended for caries, tooth discoloration Teeth Whitening - miracles are possible, but whether it is desirable?  Teeth Whitening - miracles are possible, but whether it is desirable?
 , Cracks in the teeth, and some other problems. Until recently, only the fillings made of amalgam - they were strong, but very noticeable. Aesthetic filling allows you to cure your teeth so that others never guess that you have had some problems with his teeth. The main materials for aesthetic fillings are a composite resin and glass ionomer cements.

 Aesthetic filling - like new teeth

Composite resin

Composite resins having a complex molecular structure was first introduced in 1960; Since then, their strength, color stability, aesthetic and other quality continuously improved. A wide range of colors allows you to choose a seal, which will naturally look to the teeth. For aesthetic filling posterior teeth using the most durable composite resin.

However, the composite resin is not as strong as amalgam. Furthermore, the seal of the composite resin can be reduced over time, and between a tooth and a gap seal, which will further the development of caries. Over time, the color of the seals may vary under the influence of drink and food that the patient consumes.

 Aesthetic filling - like new teeth

Glass ionomer cements

This material is often used for aesthetic filling baby teeth. Seals of glass ionomer cements contain fluoride, which strengthens teeth and prevents them from further destruction. The negative reaction to such a seal is very rare.

However, glass ionomer amalgam significantly inferior in strength, so they are used when the load on the tooth with the seal will be minimal.

However, the materials used for aesthetic sealing, are constantly being improved, and in many cases the seals are good for many years.

 Aesthetic filling - like new teeth

The procedure

Aesthetic filling is performed using local anesthesia. Primarily the doctor removed the damaged and demineralized tissue, and then to put seals.

As a rule, the procedure of aesthetic fillings lasts longer than the installation of conventional seals. The exact duration of the procedure depends on whether the number of teeth in need of restoration. For example, to seal a four-six teeth, it may take five to seven hours. Approximate duration of the procedure, of course, need to be discussed beforehand with the doctor, the patient can modify their schedule.

After sealing the patient may experience pain in the gums; the gums may bleed for a short time. On the same day it is not recommended to use products that can change the color of teeth, such as blueberries Benefits and harms of blueberries: the health of the forest  Benefits and harms of blueberries: the health of the forest
   and red wine.

Patients who make aesthetic fillings Tooth filling - do not fear the dentist  Tooth filling - do not fear the dentist
 It does not require any special care of your teeth. It is only necessary to regularly clean the teeth How to brush your teeth: interesting facts  How to brush your teeth: interesting facts
   and once in 6-12 months held dental examination.