Relaxation in dentistry - dental treatment without stress

June 30, 2014

 Relaxation in dentistry
 In order to make the patient relaxed and felt comfortable during any dental procedures now used by doctors became relaxation. It can be any audio or video technology to help patients relax.


Relaxation in dentistry

Most people do not like to go to the dentist for a simple reason - because of the fear of pain. Sometimes even one type of dental furniture, tools, and the smell of drugs can lead a person horrified by what he had to endure in the dental chair. In this regard, many patients generally prefer to be treated by a dentist under general anesthesia, to feel nothing and did not remember afterwards. But not everyone can use anesthesia. There are many people that it just is contraindicated.

It is well known that in times of stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
   in humans there are certain changes in the body, the so-called fight or flight response. This changes the heart rate, blood pressure Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing?  Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing?
   and respiratory rate, and some people may even be observed muscle spasms. All these reactions lead to increased levels of cholesterol, violate the gastrointestinal tract and suppress the immune system.

And when people feel relaxed backward state. That is, lowered blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm of breathing, the muscles relax. This state of relaxation can be achieved with some relaxation techniques such as meditation Meditation - treats the body and the spirit  Meditation - treats the body and the spirit
   and progressive muscle relaxation. Most often, these techniques are used in order to relieve stress.

But recently, they were also used to reduce sensitivity to pain.

Therefore, many dental offices began to use relaxation techniques Relaxation and stress - calm, not panic!  Relaxation and stress - calm, not panic!
   for their patients.


Soothing action

Many people tend to feel like they have lost control of themselves when they are in the dental chair. In this case, the doctor must tell you about the procedure, which he is going to hold the patient, so that he, too, as it has become a member. This helps to reduce the anxiety of the patient, since he knows what he will do, and it will thus be able to control the situation.

Worried patients need a doctor who will be able to calm him down. The dentist should be compassionate and sensitive to the patient feel safe.

If the patient can not calm down, the doctor should recommend him to focus on your breathing. In a state of anxiety and stress in human breath is shallow and rapid. So is the reaction of fight or flight. Therefore, it is best to breathe deeply and less frequently to get out of this state.

It is also necessary to try to escape. It is best to think of something pleasant, for example, about the upcoming holiday or on vacation on your favorite couch.

To help calm down the patient, the doctor may suggest to him to listen to relaxing music or watch TV. You can offer the patient to wear dark glasses, if the light is too bright look to it. In some dental offices even have blankets in case if the patient is cold stress. You can also light the scented candles, which also help to calm down. The more the patient will feel right at home, the better.

But sometimes it happens that all these measures are not enough to calm the troubled patient too. In such cases, can be used nitrous oxide, or laughing gas just. It has a soothing and calming effect on the patient and he calmly moves all dental procedures. It can also be used for soothing medications such as Valium. But doctors have resorted to such measures rarely.

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Sapphire braces: beautiful bite correction

November 10, 2013

  • Sapphire braces: beautiful bite correction
  • Orthodontic treatment

 sapphire brackets
 Many give up the dream of a beautiful smile, just because of the fact that for occlusion Malocclusion: beauty for all ages  Malocclusion: beauty for all ages
   they will have to wear braces. But thanks to modern technology developed special braces that are almost invisible on the teeth. Sapphire braces - one of the most comfortable ways to align the teeth.


What are braces

Braces - special dental devices that are intended to correct the bite. Metal system - less aesthetic and the oldest version of the braces. They are inexpensive, and there is a wide range of designs. Also, these braces are less susceptible to mechanical damage.

Lingual braces also made of metal, but unlike classic disposed on the inner surface of the teeth, and therefore invisible to others. But wearing them is often violated diction, difficulties with oral hygiene Oral hygiene - not only in the dentist's chair  Oral hygiene - not only in the dentist's chair
 And the period of adaptation of this design usually takes a long time.

Ceramic brackets are attached to the outside of the tooth. The color of the ceramic structure can be matched to any shade of tooth enamel, and so they are hardly noticeable. They can accumulate plaque, which then easily colored.

Another type of braces - plastic. Color Plastics group selected under natural tooth enamel, there are also colored braces which can be decorated with a pattern. These braces are stained easily influenced by food, coffee or smoke.


What sapphire brackets

They consist of special arc on which are mounted artificially grown sapphire. These crystals do not cause allergies and are completely harmless to the human body.

In order to grow a sapphire single crystals artificial stone was placed in a special container and heated to very high temperatures, and then begins the process of crystallization. The resulting sapphire hardness second only to diamonds.

Braces sapphires are the most aesthetic of all vestibular systems (those that are installed on the outer surface of the tooth). They are transparent and are refractive index close to that of the saliva, so they are virtually invisible. Braces Inspire ICE, which produces the American company Ormco, are very popular and are considered the most reliable. They help to cope with problems such as:

  • Overbite;
  • The curvature of the teeth;
  • Sparseness of the teeth;
  • Torsion teeth;
  • Deformations of jaws.


Advantages and disadvantages

Sapphire braces have many positive characteristics. Among nor are the following:

  • They can be seen only at close range;
  • The high degree of reliability;
  • They are not deposited food particles and plaque. Artificial crystals do not react chemically with alcohol and tobacco smoke;
  • They do not interfere with speaking, diction do not break and do not hurt the mouth;
  • To install them, there is virtually no contraindications, and can be used at all, except for children under eleven years of age and people who suffer from periodontal diseases.

But there are some disadvantages sapphire braces. These include:

  • The need for careful attitude, as this design is quite fragile. Braces have a very high hardness, but their use requires caution. There are no restrictions in food there, but to avoid undue stress on the teeth;
  • The high price compared with braces made of other materials;
  • When wearing their teeth alignment process takes more time than using metal braces. For sapphire systems are characterized by an increasing friction between the slot bracket Braces: Proper installation - a pledge of a beautiful smile  Braces: Proper installation - a pledge of a beautiful smile
   and an arc on which he will move and drag the tooth.


As set sapphire brackets

Only an experienced dentist should establish sapphire brackets. The crystals were placed into a dental crown or bonded to the tooth with a special adhesive that contains fluorine. When patients need to remove the braces, it can easily be done using a special solvent.

Immediately after installation bracket system can cause a little discomfort when eating, talking, and brushing teeth. But after about two weeks it goes.

The duration of the installation brackets in the dental office is about two hours. Then you need to visit the doctor about every thirty days to inspect and change the position of the arc. This is necessary to ensure that the alignment process is quick and efficient.


How to care

Sapphire braces do not require complex care. Teeth should be cleaned after each meal or at least rinse your mouth. It is necessary to design special cleaning brush to clean, which can be bought in a pharmacy. It is recommended to brush your teeth How to brush your teeth: interesting facts  How to brush your teeth: interesting facts
   at least two minutes, and at the same time try to reach all the spots where the brackets are located. You can use the irrigator oral, it will greatly facilitate the cleaning system.

The food at the time of treatment has its own characteristics that must be taken into account. It is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  • Do not abuse the solid food, with biting which have to make considerable efforts. For example, you can not crack nuts and crackers. Especially dangerous soft foods, which are solids (chocolate with nuts or bread with seeds);
  • Hard vegetables, fruit and meat should be cut into small pieces;
  • From potato chips, candy, candy is to give as much of these foods remain on teeth and bracket system will be difficult to clean them;
  • Excess carbohydrates in the diet increases the risk of tooth decay, which is already increased during orthodontic treatment.

Despite the fact that the cost of treatment sapphire braces high, they are very popular. They were easy to care for, and they are almost invisible on the teeth.