Diet for pregnant women: the right to gain weight!

September 29, 2011

 Diet for pregnant women
 Pregnancy - this is an important period in the life of a woman. In order to give birth to a healthy baby, the expectant mother must adhere to certain rules, but from something to give. Equally important is the specific diet for pregnant women. Such a diet is not aimed at weight loss and preservation of the figures, and to ensure the future of his body and the baby all the necessary building materials, minerals and vitamins. The recommendations that the expectant mother must have "for two", outdated, and the energy value of food pregnant women should be increased by only three hundred calories. It should be noted that during pregnancy equally harmful as excessive weight gain, and a shortage of body weight.

 Diet for pregnant women: the right to gain weight!

What is dangerous excess weight gain?

Excessive weight gain increases the risk of the following conditions:

  • Preeclampsia (late toxicosis)

Manifested by increased blood pressure Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing?  Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing?
 , Proteinuria (protein in the urine), edema. As a consequence, disrupted the internal organs (especially liver and kidney), premature aging of the placenta develops. The first sign of preeclampsia are hidden edema, which are diagnosed by excessive weight gain.

  • Fetal hypoxia

Acute hypoxia of the fetus is a consequence of the aging of the placenta and preeclampsia.

  • Large fruit

Great weight of the fetus is fraught with the development of complications in childbirth and various diseases of the newborn.

  • Anomalies labor

Overweight violates the processes of labor (the weakness of tribal forces, post-partum bleeding).

  • Gestational diabetes Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease  Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease

 Diet for pregnant women: the right to gain weight!

The rate of weight gain

The rate of weight gain during pregnancy is individual for each woman and depends on her constitutional features. To this end, the body mass index is calculated: the weight in kilograms women must be divided by height in meters squared. Normal values ​​of body mass index varies between 19, 8-25, 9. Accordingly, the greater the body mass index, the less a woman should gain weight during pregnancy. A woman who had a normal weight before pregnancy, during the first trimester weight gain should be one and a half - two kilograms, in the second trimester - hundred - four weekly programs, and in the last four weeks of pregnancy - no more than one kilogram.

 Diet for pregnant women: the right to gain weight!

The ratio of nutrients in the diet of pregnant women

The daily diet of an expectant mother should include about a hundred - a hundred and twenty grams of protein, of which seventy - ninety grams should be of animal origin (meat, fish, eggs, milk products). Fat intake should be at least eighty - one hundred grams, twenty of them - are fats of vegetable origin. Daily carbohydrate intake no more than three hundred and fifty - four grams.

The basic rule power of a pregnant woman is a frequent meal (four - five times a day) small portions. Distribution of calories daily diet: Breakfast - thirty percent, lunch - ten, lunch - forty percent, an afternoon snack - ten percent and dinner - ten percent. Breakfast not later than an hour after awakening, and dinner no later than two to three hours before bedtime Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 . Preference should be given steamed, boiled and baked dishes. The amount of liquid is six liters per day.

 Diet for pregnant women: the right to gain weight!

From what you must give up the nutritional pregnant?

A number of products that should be excluded from the diet of pregnant:

  • Fresh bread, bakery products (pastries, cakes), sweets;
  • ice cream, milk shakes;
  • fatty meats, fish and poultry;
  • spicy, fried, smoked foods;
  • fast food;
  • preservatives, colorings, flavor enhancers (sodas, semi-finished products);
  • mushroom dishes;
  • alcohol;
  • strong tea and coffee (replace green tea or herbal decoctions);
  • dairy products with high fat content (cottage cheese, sour cream, cream, cheese).

 Diet for pregnant women: the right to gain weight!

Useful tips on nutrition for pregnant

It is important to daily and weekly food variety. Each meal should consist of two or three dishes. Eat desirable wholemeal bread (a high content of vitamins and fiber). Daily need to consume fresh fruits and vegetables. Pregnancy - is not the time for vegetarianism, the expectant mother should eat fish every day, meat or poultry. Salads need to fill with vegetable oils instead of mayonnaise. The amount of salt should not exceed five or six grams per day.

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Anti-cholesterol diet - to whom it should be observed?

September 12, 2014

 anti-cholesterol diet
 Anti-cholesterol diet - a diet with which one can get rid of excess cholesterol in the blood and to prevent or retard the development of cardiovascular diseases, which are based on atherosclerosis - deposition of atherosclerotic plaque on blood vessel walls. On this diet, you can also lose weight How to lose weight - basic principles  How to lose weight - basic principles


To comply with anti-cholesterol diet should be

Anti-cholesterol diet is not so different from a healthy diet Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating  Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating
 Recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) to the entire population. It is desirable to observe life, including his younger years. And it will be the best prevention of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

But for some people, with individual predisposition to metabolic disorders, such a diet is not enough, and the appearance of high cholesterol in the blood they need more rigid therapeutic diet. But this diet is full, it can and should be followed consistently.

If this is not done, cholesterol is deposited in the blood vessel walls, this will reduce blood flow to various organs and tissues, and vascular spasms that occur due to stress and do not notice the healthy people, lead to the development of cardiovascular disease. For example, ischemic heart disease (angina pectoris and myocardial infarction), stroke (ischemic stroke), peripheral circulatory disorders (tissue necrosis limbs) and so on.

The principle of anti-cholesterol diet is that of the maximum daily ration excluded products which include cholesterol (animal fats) and products that may interfere with the metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 , Thereby increasing the deposition of cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels (sweets, pastry products, fried, smoked and so on).

The only exception to this rule is fish oil Fish oil - so whether it is useful to think?  Fish oil - so whether it is useful to think?
 That contains fats, hindering the development of atherosclerosis. Therefore, in patients with atherosclerosis menu sometimes be present oily sea fish.

In the presence of atherosclerosis matters and overweight - the fuller person, the more the body produces too much cholesterol, especially if a person leads a sedentary lifestyle.


Table anti-cholesterol diet

The table reflects the anti-cholesterol diet foods that are recommended to be used on a daily basis in an unlimited number of products that you can use, but to a limited extent and restricted products.

Foods that are recommended for use every day in unlimited quantities

Products that can be consumed, but to a limited extent

Prohibited Products

Vegetables, fruit, berries, vegetable oil, low-fat dairy products, sea fish, including oily, seaweed, oatmeal on the water, drink plenty of liquids (mineral water of low mineralization, fruit juice and fruit drink without sugar)

White chicken, lean beef, secondary broth of lean beef or chicken, river fish, stale bread or crackers made of flour, meal, buckwheat porridge on the water without butter, boiled potatoes (pre-cleaned soaked in water for an hour), mushrooms, nuts, ketchup, mustard, soy sauce, tkemali, adjika, vinegar, spices, herbs, weak tea without sugar, alcohol (vodka, brandy, whiskey, dry wine)

The eggs, mayonnaise, animal fats, margarine, coconut and palm oil, pork, lamb, bacon, smoked meat, sausage, fatty or concentrated meat, fish and mushroom broth, offal (liver, kidney, brains), the legs and the skin of poultry, sturgeon roe and liver of fish, crayfish, crabs, shrimp, bread, pasta, sweets, cocoa, chocolate, organic coffee, sodas, beer, sweet fortified wines, liqueurs

Anti-cholesterol diet for a week includes daily use products from 1 counts, twice during the 5 days of the menu included foods from 2 counts.

Anti-cholesterol diet Sample menu:

  • 7.30. - Scrambled egg whites, oatmeal porridge water, tea;
  • 10.30. - Vegetable salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, seasoned with vegetable oil;
  • 13.30. - Vegetable soup with barley in vegetable oil, white chicken meat, steamed with vegetables, the dried rye bread;
  • 16.30. - Apple, berry juice with no added sugar;
  • 19.30. - Baked fish with a side dish of rice, tea;
  • At night - low-fat yogurt.


Recipes anti-cholesterol diet

Vegetable soup: one medium zucchini, two potatoes, one small carrot, onion, boiled in water, beaten in the blender, season with yogurt and herbs. Polenta with pumpkin

Polenta with pumpkin: 1, 5 cups of chopped pumpkin and two medium diced apple bake in the oven; cook cup of corn grits, add two cups of water; before the end of cooking to put into porridge baked pumpkin and apples, stir and bring to a boil.

Anti-cholesterol diet - a diet as close to healthy food.

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