Diet for a milk allergy - for mother and child

October 7, 2010

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 milk allergy diet
 Allergies to dairy products - a problem especially relevant for infants. At older ages, the milk can be successfully replaced by other, safe in terms of food allergy. Special diet for allergies to milk can help prevent allergic reactions for both adults and children.

 Diet for a milk allergy - for mother and child

Allergies and intolerances

Allergies to dairy products are often confused with intolerance to milk. It should be noted that milk intolerance - a phenomenon very common and to some extent caused physiologically. Nature was intended that young mammals must be fed only breast milk until the tooth, and then gradually move to solid foods. Man develops under the same laws: the older the child, the less his need for milk. Gradually, the mother's milk in the diet is replaced by the child adapted milk formula Dairy mixture - selection of useful power  Dairy mixture - selection of useful power
 And later - the milk of domestic animals, usually cows. Thus the years, many people lose their ability to digest cow's milk, especially milk sugar, as follows, and there is intolerance to milk. According to some reports, lactose intolerance suffer almost seventy percent of adults in the world. Interestingly, in the countries of Central and Northern Europe, where dairy products are traditionally served as food for children and adults, milk intolerance is much rarer than in America or in Africa.

Intolerance to dairy products in adults is expressed in a variety of dyspepsia, which are rarely severe. The solution is obvious: the rejection of milk or milk products the transition to low-lactose. The need for protein, calcium and vitamins contained in milk, it is possible to meet the expense of dairy products.

Much more difficult situation where lactase deficiency (lack of an enzyme called to break down milk sugar) affects children first year of life, for which the milk - a staple food. If a baby breast-fed, he appointed special preparations of lactase (enzyme), which are mixed with expressed breast milk, and breaks down milk sugar (lactose), while retaining all the properties of breast milk. Babies who are bottle-fed, appoint a special Low-milk mixture. Simultaneously, the treatment of intestinal dysbiosis Intestinal dysbiosis - how dangerous it is?  Intestinal dysbiosis - how dangerous it is?
 Which is effective in secondary lactase deficiency. Primary lactase deficiency persists for life.

Quite a different picture if you are allergic to milk. Allergic reactions occur, usually in the protein contained in milk - casein. Symptoms of such allergies can be a pain in the stomach, diarrhea, urticaria, and other skin reactions, breathing difficulties. Often allergy occurs only on one type of milk, more often - in the cow. In this case, a person can use other kinds of milk, such as goat or sheep without any unpleasant consequences for health.

 Diet for a milk allergy - for mother and child

How to eat if you are allergic to milk

If you are allergic to cow's milk was found in a child who is breastfed, nursing mothers should be excluded from their diet of a variety of products. You must give up all foods that have a high allergenicity: eggs, fish and seafood, honey, nuts, mushrooms, coffee, cocoa and red fruits and vegetables, tropical fruit. If the baby is bottle-fed, you should go to infant formula based on hydrolysates of milk protein or soy milk. Such mixtures contain a minimum of allergens and well absorbed by the body. With the introduction of complementary foods Introduce solid foods - how not to be mistaken with a choice of products?  Introduce solid foods - how not to be mistaken with a choice of products?
   also need to consider allergic to milk.

Treatment begins with an allergy of any non-allergen. Thus, the diet should be avoided entirely whole milk and products, which includes milk. There are many products. To use prohibited:

  • Any variety of cheese including the home;
  • Cottage cheese;
  • Cream;
  • Butter;
  • Sour cream of any fat content;
  • Evaporated, condensed and powdered milk;
  • Yogurt;
  • Cheese curds;
  • Mashed potatoes with milk;
  • Dairy soups and porridge;
  • Milkshakes;
  • Alcoholic drinks with cream (such as liqueur "Baileys" or some popular cocktails);
  • Milk chocolate;
  • Pastry cream made with cream, sour cream, butter, milk;
  • Baking, baked goods, recipes which involves the addition of dairy products - pancakes, muffins, waffles, pies, donuts, cakes, cookies, sweet biscuits;
  • Dishes fried in butter;
  • Food in breadcrumbs rusks;
  • Ice cream.

In addition, in severe cases it is often necessary to abandon the cereals are high in protein, fish, poultry, eggs and beef. When buying products, you must carefully study the label: dairy products often "hidden" in the sausages, candy, margarine and mayonnaise. Often milk is added to Indian cuisine, this should be considered when visiting Indian restaurants. Generally, when ordering food at any cafe or restaurant waiter is necessary to clarify the composition of foods.

If you have an allergy only one type of milk can significantly diversify the diet, using for cooking the milk of other animals. Otherwise it is recommended to use soy milk products, which can successfully replace cow's milk in the preparation of most dishes. In addition to cereals and soups, you can use vegetable broths that contain a lot of useful microelements. Also vegetable and fruit juice can be used for cooking pancakes, muffins, pastries. Desserts can be prepared from the fruit, dark chocolate also allowed Bitter chocolate: the benefits and harms health and beauty  Bitter chocolate: the benefits and harms health and beauty
 Prepared without the use of milk and milk fat.

Diet for diarrhea - removes the burden from the digestive organs

January 9, 2011

 Diet diarrhea
 As is known, cellulose stimulates intestinal motility and stool makes more fluid. That it often causes diarrhea. Therefore, the diet with diarrhea are encouraged to include as little fiber

The table lists the products with high and low in fiber. This information will help make a diet for diarrhea.

Food group

Foods high in fiber

Foods low in fiber


Virtually all fresh fruits and dried fruits

Bananas, canned fruit, baked fruit without a peel, fruit juices without pulp (apple juice, avoid, because it is a natural laxative)


Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, corn, peas, peppers, radishes Benefits and harms of radish: what you need to know about this vegetable  Benefits and harms of radish: what you need to know about this vegetable

Vegetables that are not listed in the list on the left. It is best if you have diarrhea transferred asparagus and beans

Bakery and Pasta

Whole wheat bread, brown risk, corn bread, any zleyu with dried fruit and nuts

Bakery products from white flour, white rice, cakes made from rice flour


Any whole nuts

Oils from nuts (e.g. peanut oil)


Lentils, beans, beans, peas, chickpeas, etc.


Meat, fish, eggs


All products of this group can be included in a diet for diarrhea

In addition, the diet of diarrhea Diet for diarrhea: basic principles  Diet for diarrhea: basic principles
   recommended to exclude fatty and fried foods, hot and spicy dishes, drinks containing caffeine, milk.

If severe diarrhea diet should consist of foods that are easy to digest, such as chicken, fish, eggs, pudding, mashed potatoes, cottage cheese. Since severe diarrhea the body loses a lot of liquid, it is recommended to drink a lot of water - perhaps even more than the recommended usual half a liter a day.

 Diet for diarrhea - removes the burden from the digestive organs

Sample menu diet for diarrhea

  • Breakfast: orange juice without pulp, one cup of dry breakfast cereal, rice, one cup milk 2% fat, one banana Bananas: the benefits and harms health  Bananas: the benefits and harms health
   medium size, decaf.
  • Lunch: a cup of chicken soup with rice, 80 grams of turkey breast, two slices of white bread, 1odna teaspoon of mayonnaise.
  • Dinner: 100 grams of salmon, half a cup of cooked white rice, half a cup of asparagus, the bottom of a teaspoon of butter, ½ cup fruit sorbet.

During the day you can eat vanilla yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, toast with peanut butter.

 Diet for diarrhea - removes the burden from the digestive organs

The principles of purpose diet for diarrhea

The basic principles of nutritional therapy for diarrhea:

  • providing the body with all necessary for normal functioning of nutrients;
  • Maximum load with lifting of the digestive system, which is achieved by a special selection of products and their cooking (food cooked in water or steamed, is given in a shabby);
  • improve the functional state of the digestive system through the gradual expansion of a diet with a decrease in symptoms of diarrhea.

Irritation of mucous membrane of the small intestine requires a neutral food that would not irritate her, but rather soothing and enveloping. Therefore, for any diarrhea patients prescribed diet number 4, which provides maximum mechanical and chemical shchazhenie intestines and reduced therein fermentation processes. As a result of fermentation processes (they occur when receiving large amounts of carbohydrates and fresh milk) released in the intestine of a large amount of gas, which stretch and irritate the intestinal wall.

The diet is characterized by restriction of carbohydrates and fats from the diet of unleavened except milk fat (in its many fruits and vegetables), spices, salt and smoked. In addition to diet number 4 has a diet №№ 4A (appointed by the predominance of fermentation processes in the intestine, so there's even more limited carbohydrates and protein products), 4B (administered in combination bowel disease with lesions of other organs of the gastrointestinal tract - the stomach, liver, biliary tract and pancreas) and diet 4B (it is prescribed in the period of recovery.

 Diet for diarrhea - removes the burden from the digestive organs

What can I eat a diet number 4

When diet number 4 is recommended to use: a stale white bread or croutons of white bread, milled lean meats and fish in the form of steam meatballs or souffle cooked meat, soups on weak meat, fish or vegetable broth with boiled cereals (such as rice) , freshly cooked, pureed through a sieve cottage cheese, boiled or cooked in the form of an omelette for a couple of eggs, mucous pureed porridge, gruel, cooked in water, weak tea, coffee, unsweetened and non-concentrated compote of dried fruit or fresh apples, jelly, mashed raw and baked apples.

According to the diet number 4 from the diet excludes foods that are able to strengthen the motor activity of the intestine: any flour products (other than permitted), fatty nourishing soups and soup with vegetables, strong broth of meat, fish, vegetables or mushrooms, fatty meat, oily fish, canned and smoked products, milk and dairy products (except cheese), some cereals (millet, wheat cereal), grains (beans, lentils, beans), pasta, vegetables, fruits and berries in the raw and shabby, all sweet, fizzy drinks , cold dishes.

All food should be boiled or steamed, then pureed. It is of great importance and diet: food should be taken frequently in small portions so as not to overtax the gastrointestinal tract. This is usually done every three hours with a break for the night. After each meal is better to make a little vacation.

 Diet for diarrhea - removes the burden from the digestive organs

An indicative list of foods that you can include in the diet of patients with diarrhea

When diarrhea during the day you can eat to choose from:

  • two soft-boiled eggs or scrambled eggs from two eggs, steamed, oatmeal, toast of white bread, weak black coffee;
  • cheesecake, half-diluted with water orange or apple juice;
  • boiled fish, rice soup with meatballs, chicken, steamed, mashed potatoes, pudding;
  • biscuit, pureed and baked apple;
  • Steam chicken cutlet with mashed buckwheat porridge, a cup of unsweetened broth hips;
  • Blueberry jelly Benefits and harms of blueberries: the health of the forest  Benefits and harms of blueberries: the health of the forest
 , Quince or pear.

After calming down of diarrhea diet should be expanded, appointed less strict diet number 4B. This diet is more varied menu allowed to include biscuits, bakery products made from unleavened dough nesdobnoe, dairy products, fresh fruit (normal tolerance).

But do not forget the main thing: if you have diarrhea should see a doctor.

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