Diet for gallbladder removal - the more the better

December 19, 2010

  • Diet for gallbladder removal - the more the better
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 Diet gallbladder removal
 Gall bladder - an organ located under the liver. It stores bile - a substance produced by the liver needed for processing fat. Violations of the gallbladder may be associated with inflammatory processes, abscess, cholelithiasis. Typically, these violations are amenable to medical treatment, but sometimes required cholecystectomy - surgical removal of the gallbladder. To compensate for the absence of the gallbladder requires various changes in the diet.

 Diet for gallbladder removal - the more the better

Limiting fat consumption

For the first time after the removal of the gallbladder patient may be recommended a liquid diet; as the recovery of the body, you can switch to a more conventional diet. It is necessary to limit the intake of fat - they should have no more than 30% of all the calories you consume. Saturated fats and trans fats should make up no more than 7% and 1% fat intake, respectively. For example, if the day you get 2000 kcal, you can consume all food fats 67g, 16g of which - saturated fats and 2 g - trans fats.

Avoid fried foods, give up fatty gravies and sauces; cook food on a grill or in a double boiler, bake in foil.

 Diet for gallbladder removal - the more the better

Lean proteins

Lean proteins - an important component of the diet after gallbladder removal. Include in the diet meat, in which less than 15% fat. More often eat fish, seafood, chicken and turkey without skin. Avoid sausages, fast food, canned meat and fish products. If you do not eat meat in the diet include sources of protein such as tofu and legumes.

 Diet for gallbladder removal - the more the better

Dietary fiber

The use of dietary fiber, which is rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains, facilitate the work of the digestive system after the removal of the gall bladder, and provides a feeling of satiety, despite the limitations of the diet. Eat whole wheat bread, pasta and brown rice. If you are plagued by abdominal bloating and flatulence, instead of fresh fruits and vegetables eat them cooked or baked form.

 Diet for gallbladder removal - the more the better


Every day you should drink at least 1, 5 liters of water and fresh juices. If you do not have lactose intolerance, drink skim milk, buttermilk or yogurt. Abstain from alcohol - it may increase the burden on the liver, which is already significantly increased after the removal of the gallbladder. Avoid any carbonated beverages and other beverages, which cause pain and bloating Bloating - if you are bursting inside  Bloating - if you are bursting inside
 , Flatulence, discomfort, and diarrhea Diarrhea (diarrhea) - a familiar nuisance  Diarrhea (diarrhea) - a familiar nuisance

Potato diet - a little on the benefits of plain potatoes

July 19, 2009

 Potato Diet
 The well-known potato has not very good reputation among those who have to maintain a normal weight in trying to stick to a diet: it is believed that the potato starch has too many connections - carbohydrates, which the body converts the fastest into body fat. Meanwhile, the potatoes may be independent basis short diet: besides carbohydrates, potatoes contain a number of vitamins and minerals useful - particularly vitamin C, and fiber required for the normalization of the digestive system.

 Potato diet - a little on the benefits of plain potatoes


Since the potato diet refers to a mono-diet - that is, diets that provide for the use for a certain period of time only one or two foods, it has all the main shortcomings of mono-diet. The main drawback of potato diet - lack in the diet of some important vitamins and minerals, diet, suggesting the use of only the potato does not provide sources of vitamins A, E and K, minerals calcium and villages, essential fatty acids. Thus, in order to avoid the unpleasant consequences of deficiency of vitamins and minerals to comply with potato diet for a long time can not be: it's recommended duration is between four and seven days.

However, the disadvantages of the potato diet easy to handle, but its advantages are obvious: the potatoes quite hearty, so from hunger characteristic of many mono-diet, a person who has decided to stick to the potato diet will not suffer.

 Potato diet - a little on the benefits of plain potatoes

The four-day potato diet

Short potato diet helps to four days to get rid of one or two extra kilos. However, all the weight, you will lose four days, following the rules of the potato diet - is, by and large, only the excess fluid stagnates in the body and to "ensure" a few extra kilos on the scales. Power Mode, the estimated four-day potato diet is extremely simple: the menu - only dishes from potato, boiled in their jackets. Breakfast - one glass of low-fat yogurt, dinner - mashed potatoes without salt (to improve the taste in the finished dish, you can add finely chopped greens), dinner - salad of boiled potatoes with chopped boiled egg and greens.

 Potato diet - a little on the benefits of plain potatoes

The seven-day potato diet

The seven-day potato diet differs from the four-day, in fact, only its duration - for a whole week is only allowed to use the same dishes from boiled potatoes (the day you can have seven or eight medium sized potatoes). The salt from the diet is necessary to eliminate completely - it provokes a salt fluid retention in the body, so eating boiled potatoes with salt, much to lose weight fail. But the greens in ready-made meals of potatoes should be added as much as possible - this will help to compensate for some deficiency of vitamins, which is formed with such a monotonous diet. A very important rule potato diet regardless of its duration - to use as much of the liquid (ideally - up to two liters of still water or green tea promotes weight loss, per day).

 Potato diet - a little on the benefits of plain potatoes

Record duration: sixty-day potato diet

In November 2010, American Chris Voigt set a record - for sixty days in order to lose weight, he ate only dishes from potato. Radical potato diet, it would seem, it was to be completely insane now - but with such a strange diet was able to enter and lose weight by nine kilograms, and lower cholesterol How quickly reduce cholesterol eleven tips  How quickly reduce cholesterol eleven tips
   in blood. At the same time an American to save on food - in fact for two whole months, he, using only twenty potatoes a day spent on the purchase of products of a penny. Surprisingly, however, it is not - but that is not consuming any vitamin supplements and actually eating only potatoes to go in to the diet felt almost better than before it began. Of course, no nutritionists, monitor the state of the American nor the Chris Voight stick potato diet for such a long period of time is not recommended.

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