Prevention of prostatitis - is it every man should know

January 19, 2014

 prevention of prostatitis
 Prevention of prostatitis should be carried out throughout the life of the man. And it's not so hard when a young man to lead an active healthy lifestyle, exercise, maintain a regular sex life (better than one partner), to eat right, do not supercool, but do not try to keep their sex organs in a constant heat - these are the basic principles prevention of prostatitis.


Why appears prostatitis

The most frequent causes of prostatitis is stagnant in the prostate gland and genital infections or sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Genital infections usually affect the vulva and only then, as a complication, apply to the internal genital organs, including the prostate gland. But prostatitis develops not all men recover from STIs. In most cases, it develops when in the prostate have congestion.

The cause of infectious prostatitis Infectious Prostatitis - the result of sexually transmitted infections  Infectious Prostatitis - the result of sexually transmitted infections
   may be not only sexual infections, but also any other pathogens are constantly living on the mucous membranes of the genital tract, or the men got into the prostate through the bloodstream from distant foci of infection (eg, chronic diseases of upper respiratory tract).

Stagnation of blood and lymph flow in the prostate and pelvic organs, as well as violation of the outflow of its prostate secretion causes impaired microcirculation of blood out of the capillary liquid part of blood and swelling of the breast tissue. Developed noninfectious inflammatory process, which may at any time to join the infection.

The formation of stagnation in the prostate contribute to a sedentary lifestyle, irregular sexual life, long-term abstinence, interrupted sexual intercourse (if practiced often), as well as overly intense sexual life. Not least important are obvious and individual features of the structure and functioning of the prostate.

Prostatitis contagious? Infectious prostatitis caused by sexually transmitted infections, of course, is contagious. Bacterial prostatitis caused by conditionally pathogenic microflora of nonspecific, constantly live in the human body (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, Proteus and so on) are usually not contagious. Do not contagious and not infectious prostatitis is stagnant Non-infectious prostatitis - a result of hormonal disorders and sedentary arr  Non-infectious prostatitis - a result of hormonal disorders and sedentary arr


How to prevent prostatitis

In order to avoid the development of prostatitis, it is necessary:

  • fully fed correctly - at the heart of this disease are metabolic disorders;
  • play sports or perform special exercises to strengthen the muscles of the perineum and improve blood circulation in the pelvic area and prostate;
  • Avoid as hypothermia, as a permanent location in the heat of genitals;
  • Avoid crowded bladder;
  • not wearing too tight underwear;
  • Avoid as sexual abstinence and irregular sexual life, and excessive sexual activity, as well as broken or artificially tightened sex;
  • as far as possible to have one sexual partner - it is the prevention of sexually transmitted infections;
  • to abandon the regular use of alcohol, strong coffee, and tea, as well as any other caffeinated beverages;
  • try not to include in your diet (or include as little as possible), fatty meats, fried, spicy, pickled and smoked food;
  • take care of the regularity of the chair - constipation contribute to the stagnation in the prostate;
  • Avoid injuries of the external genitalia and perineum;
  • avoid stress and stressful situations related to sexual abilities.


Drugs for preventing prostatitis

Prevention of prostatitis often is conducted using biologically active food supplements (dietary supplements), designed specifically for this purpose. Available are many dietary supplements that target prevention and treatment of prostatitis Treatment of prostatitis - not an easy task  Treatment of prostatitis - not an easy task
 . Badam These include:

  • With Palmetto supplements company NSP (USA) - normalizes the function of the prostate and urinary system work;
  • About the company BAA Formula NSP - provides power to the prostate, normalizes its function, activates the immune system;
  • Supplements Men calipers companies Vitalayn (Russia) - stimulates centers of erection Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man  Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man
   in the spinal cord, the secretion of male sex hormones and sperm production, exacerbating sexual feelings;
  • BAA Prost Plus Company Vitalayn - normalizes hormonal balance in the male body, prevents the development of prostate cancer, increasing male potency, eliminates urination disorders.

Sometimes the doctor may prescribe pills for prevention of prostatitis, such as an extract of prostate glands of cattle (vipaprost, samprost, prostatilen). Developed special exercises for the prevention of prostatitis.

Prevention of prostatitis in men should be prolonged and regular.

Galina Romanenko

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Ursosan contraindications: accept with caution

January 8, 2012

 ursosan contraindications
 Simultaneous reception Ursosan and other drugs is contraindicated. Not recommended Ursosan combination with colestyramine, colestipol and antacids, which include aluminum hydroxide and (or) smectite (aluminum oxide), since such preparations bind ursodeoxycholic acid in the intestine, slowing the absorption of the active substance Ursosan and reducing the effectiveness of its actions. If the use of these drugs is needed, then they should take at least two hours prior to receiving Ursosan or two hours after administration.

The active ingredients that make up Ursosan can accelerate the absorption of cyclosporine in the intestine. In simultaneous treatment with antibiotics cyclosporin Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?  Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?
   and ursosan require regular checking the content of cyclosporine in the blood and a corresponding change in the dosage of antibiotics.

 Ursosan contraindications: accept with caution


Admission Ursosan in hard capsules containing two hundred and fifty milligrams of ursodeoxycholic acid, is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • In acute inflammation of the gall bladder Gall bladder: structure and function  Gall bladder: structure and function
   or biliary tract;
  • When biliary tract blockage (occlusion of the common biliary tract or cystic duct)
  • With frequent colic (attacks of severe pain in the right upper quadrant, arising from violations of the outflow of bile from the gall bladder)
  • In the presence of radiopaque calcified gallstones
  • When violations of the contractility of the gall bladder
  • When hypersensitivity to bile acids or ingredients in a preparation

 Ursosan contraindications: accept with caution

Ursosan during pregnancy and breastfeeding

As confirmed by medical research data on the impact of ingredients Ursosan fetal development there, taking the drug in capsules is not recommended during pregnancy except in cases of extreme necessity. Women of childbearing age take ursosan possible only in the case of reliable methods of contraception Contraceptive Methods: Ten myths about contraception in the mirror of facts  Contraceptive Methods: Ten myths about contraception in the mirror of facts
   - Best nonhormonal contraceptives or oral contraceptives with a low content of estrogen Estrogen - the key to bone health  Estrogen - the key to bone health
 . When receiving Ursosan to dissolve gallstones recommended effective non-hormonal methods of contraception because hormonal contraceptives can increase bile litiaz (to speed up the formation of gallstones).

It is not known whether ursodeoxycholic acid enters the breast milk, so when feeding gudyu ursosan better not to take. If treatment is necessary ursosan, breastfeeding the newborn is recommended to refuse.

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