Treatment of prostatitis at home - why not?

January 21, 2014

  • Treatment of prostatitis at home - why not?
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 prostatitis treatment at home
 Treatment of prostatitis at home is necessary. The most common prostatitis is treated on an outpatient basis, but only on prescription. In severe prostatitis, as well as when the patient requires special diagnostic or therapeutic manipulation, the patient should be treated in a hospital.


Is there a cure prostatitis at home

How to cure a prostatitis at home? They want to go to the hospital, not all men, especially if they are of working age. Moreover, the prostate rarely runs hard, its symptoms are usually softly pronounced.

Yet prostatitis should be treated according to the rules, otherwise the complications will arise. One of the serious complications of acute prostatitis is an abscess Abscess - why it is so dangerous ulcers?  Abscess - why it is so dangerous ulcers?
   prostate cancer, and chronic - persistent violation of urination, severe pain and impotence. That is why the treatment of prostatitis should begin with a survey, since only after correct diagnosis doctor can prescribe appropriate treatment.

Preliminary diagnosis may be the man to put himself and himself on the basis of characteristic symptoms: frequent painful urination, pain in the abdomen and perineum discomfort after sexual intercourse and sexual disorders. This should be a cause for seeking medical attention and complete examination.

Diagnosis of prostatitis at home does not mean there should be an incomplete examination. Survey urologist includes medical examination and rectal (finger through the rectum) of the prostate - this will allow the doctor to diagnose pre prostatitis. But prostatitis can be different and it will need to be treated differently, so more research: laboratory tests (urine, semen, prostatic juice, the blood taken from the urethral smears to detect infection), ultrasound of the prostate. If necessary, as the detection of complications, and conducted other studies, but they usually may well be carried out in an outpatient setting.

How is the treatment of prostatitis at home? In the usual way, developed to treat this disease. If prostatitis is an infectious origin, antibiotics will likely not be avoided. Appointed and other medications and treatments. To remove the stagnation in the prostate massage is performed, at home it is quite possible to do microclysters. Adjuvant treatment can be dietary supplements, homeopathic remedies and some other treatments. So, treat prostatitis home.


BAA prostatitis

Supplements - (biologically active food supplements) - are natural or identical to natural biologically active substances that are vital to the body, but which is usually lacking in the diet. At various diseases and conditions, a person at different ages require different biologically active substances, so dietary supplements are produced not only for the supply of healthy people, but also for the prevention and treatment (in the complex therapy, as an additional source of essential body substances) of various diseases. All dietary supplements are divided into nutraceuticals (dose thereof does not exceed six human daily requirement) and parapharmaceutical, the dosage which is higher than that of the nutraceutical, but lower than that of drugs.

Including dietary supplements and are available from prostatitis. One Badami prostatitis cure is not possible, no matter what advertising promises, however, quality dietary supplements are a good tool in the treatment of this disease. But appoint them must still be a doctor.

High-quality dietary supplements to prevent and treat prostate produces, for example, the company NSP (USA). The direct impact on the mechanisms of the disease, the lack of side effects and quite effectively, allow the use of dietary supplements of NSP, both for prevention and for the treatment of prostatitis.

With Palmetto supplements of NSP normalizes the function of the prostate gland, retains full reproductive function of women, normalizes the urinary system The structure BUD includes fruit saw palmetto or dwarf palm that grows on the eastern coast of North America. They contain steroid components, has a tonic effect on the reproductive system. With regular reception from Palmetto observed stimulation of the male sex hormone - testesterona and increases synthesis and sperm quality. BAA also contributes to the overall strengthening of the body especially after an illness and heavy loads. Take Over Palmetto 1-2 capsules twice a day with meals.

Supplements of NSP Pro formula provides nutritional support for the prostate, normalizes the functioning of the prostate and urinary system retains full function of the male reproductive system, anti-inflammatory effect. With byada composition contains extracts of ginseng, saw palmetto, and the bark of the tree ant. In addition, dietary supplements containing parsley leaves, Vitamin E, which have antioxidant (inhibit the activity of toxic free radicals produced during metabolism) properties. Part of the BUD zinc is essential for normal functioning of the prostate is an important element in shaping the immune system, strengthen muscles and bones, which is important for older people.

Supplements Pro Formula is recommended for men as a prophylactic measure after the age of 40-45 years. He was appointed as a part of complex treatment of acute and chronic prostatitis Chronic prostatitis - every man should know his signs  Chronic prostatitis - every man should know his signs
   and violations of potency. Take one capsule a day with food.

From domestic dietary supplements can be recommended for prostate dietary supplements company Vitalayn. Supplements Men calipers companies Vitalayn incorporates a complex of plant extracts to stimulate the male potency. It stimulates the erection center in the spinal cord, exacerbating sexual feelings, stimulates the secretion of testosterone and spermatogenesis (sperm synthesis), regulates blood circulation in the male genitals, increases libido, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. Apply BAA Myung caliper on 1-2kapsuly once a day for half an hour before meals for two - three months. This dietary supplement is contraindicated in severe diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Arginine supplements Vitalayn company is composed of natural amino acid. It enhances spermatogenesis, restores the immune system, activates the metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
   and a positive effect on the function of the cardiovascular system. Used 2 capsules three times a day for half an hour before meals for a month. Arginine supplements contraindicated in herpes infection.

BAA Prost Plus Vitalayn companies recommended in the complex treatment of acute and chronic prostatitis. It has anti-inflammatory effect, normalizes hormonal balance in the male body, prevents the development of prostate cancer, increasing male potency, eliminates urination disorders. Apply BAA 1 capsule 3 times a day for half an hour before a meal one month, repeating a course 2-3 times a year.

Produced and many other dietary supplements, which include popular folk remedies for treatment of prostatitis: the bark and buds of aspen, pumpkin seeds, celandine Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries  Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries
   and others.

Stagnant prostatitis - the result of poor lifestyle

February 1, 2014

 congestive prostatitis
 Stagnant prostatitis is often the result of hormonal disorders Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous  Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous
   and a wrong way of life, when a man moves a little, is overweight, does not live a regular sex life, properly nourished and feels irrationally high nervous and mental load. All this leads to stagnation of blood and lymph circulation in the pelvic organs and the stagnation in the prostate secretion of the gland.


What is congestive prostatitis

Stagnant (noninfectious, congestive) prostatitis - an inflammation of the prostate gland that occurs without an infection. The mechanism of this disease is not yet fully understood, but many experts are inclined to believe that at the heart of stagnant prostatitis is a lack of male sex hormones. Have the meanings as disorders of the autonomic nervous system (activation of the sympathetic division of the ANS) and the state of immunity Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults  Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults

The combination of these reasons, a way of life, leading to blood circulation in the area of ​​the prostate gland, and causes congestive prostatitis. Factors contributing to the development of congestive inflammation of the prostate gland, are unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress, heavy loads, irregular sexual life, long-term abstinence, interrupted sex, too frequent sex. Contributing factors to the development of stagnation in the prostate gland are also varicose veins, and infectious and inflammatory processes in the pelvic and rectal area.


Symptoms of prostatitis is stagnant

Stagnant prostatitis is prolonged and early unnoticed by the patient. Men should pay attention to the periodic appearance of pain of different character (usually aching) in the groin, perineum, lumbar, sacrum, inner thighs. There are also frequent urination and pain at the end of the act. Particularly the increasing pain at night, after a long walk or stay in the upright position.

Since pain and voiding during the first years of the disease are usually non-intensive nature of the sick as if "get used" to them and delaying access to a doctor. But this is a very dangerous condition as the stagnation in the prostate gland makes it very vulnerable to any infection. Very often stagnant inflammation becomes infectious process after hypothermia, injuries of the mucous membrane of the urethra during urological examinations and procedures, transferred acute illnesses, operations and so on.

Danger stagnant prostatitis in the fact that the prostate gland gradually loses its function due to the proliferation of connective tissue in it, replacing the glandular (sclerosis).

One of the functions of the prostate is a barrier - a barrier to entry into the prostate infection.

Reduced function of the prostate is manifested in the fact that there are fewer active substances, the correct operation of the genitourinary system, including hormones.

Also violates the separation process prostatic secretions into the urethra (the secret stagnates in the ducts of the prostate that supports the inflammatory process and formation sposobstvu3et prostate stones). To strengthen the stagnation in the prostate is also reducing the tone of smooth muscles of the urinary tract. It is also very dangerous as it contributes to the development of reflux (urine thrown at the reverse), stagnation of urine in the ureters and kidneys, which sooner or later will lead to impaired renal function.


Treating congestive prostatitis

Inflammation is removed with the help of anti-inflammatory purpose, diuretics, antihistamines. Some experts consider it necessary to prescribe antibiotics Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?  Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?
 Despite the fact that the infection has not been identified.

To remove a spasm of skeletal muscles of small pots prescriber group of muscle relaxants. To remove the spasm of smooth muscles of internal organs and blood vessels prescribe antispasmodics, increased activity of the sympathetic nervous system (which causes the smooth muscle spasm) is removed using drugs from the group of alpha-blockers.

After the removal of acute inflammation of the complex treatment administered physiotherapy, prostate massage physiotherapy and reflexology sessions Reflexology - a policy of non-drug therapies  Reflexology - a policy of non-drug therapies

Much of the treatment of congestive prostatitis depends on the patient: it should increase its motor activity, eat right, do not abuse alcohol, maintain a regular sex life, avoid hypothermia, overload and stress.

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