The warts are dangerous - a lot of reasons

April 20, 2013

 dangerous than warts
 The warts are dangerous? After all, in most cases, they are painless, and if you are located in hard to reach places (eg on the cervix), the person may not even suspect that the ill. Nevertheless, it is proved that warts can be very dangerous disease.

 The warts are dangerous - a lot of reasons

Danger One - malignancy

Malignancy called any tissue degeneration into a malignant tumor. Some types of warts malignancy occurs very frequently.

Warts can be pointed and flat. And those and others are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), but its various types. Genital warts are caused by types 6 and 11, and flat - 16, 18, 31, 33 and 35. It is most inclined flat warts in malignancy, therefore the most dangerous in respect of cancer are types 16, 18, 31, 33 and 35, and from the entire group more dangerous types - 16 and 18, which cause the vast majority of malignant tumors.

Flat warts are distinguished by the fact that they are very noticeable and therefore are not always detected in time. This is due to the growth of flat warts - they differ endophytic growth, ie do not grow out as genital warts, and within the tissue.

A favorite subject of the location of flat warts is the cervix in women and the head of the penis in men. Are located in these areas are flat warts in the depths of the epithelium and can merge with it so that even an experienced physician may not notice them. Since flat warts are considered a precancerous condition, for their identification have been developed special rules.

First of all, a suspected flat warts women spend colposcopy Colposcopy - how to prepare it properly?  Colposcopy - how to prepare it properly?
   - Study of the vagina and cervix with an optical apparatus capable of increasing the surface considered several times. With this increase can be considered flat warts and take a piece of tissue with its surrounding tissues of cervical mucosa for histological examination.

The aim of this study is the identification of cells infected with HPV, as well as the identification of dysplasia Dysplasia - what is it?  Dysplasia - what is it?
   cervical and determining its extent. Cervical dysplasia is called a change in the cells of the basal layer of the epithelium it. Dysplasia may have an initial character to be more or less pronounced. When significant dysplasia epithelial cells transformed into cancer cells. But quite often the histological studies do not show dysplasia. From the presence of dysplasia, and the degree of its severity depends on the treatment of flat warts Flat warts - the most dangerous form  Flat warts - the most dangerous form

By maligizatsii inclined and some kinds of genital warts, for example, the giant warts, which are also called tumors Buschke-Lowenstein.

 The warts are dangerous - a lot of reasons

Risk of second - lowered immunity

Warts always begin to grow on the background of reduced immunity. But also the human papilloma virus reduces immunity. As a result, people can often get sick with colds, it constantly recur chronic infectious-inflammatory processes. All this weakens the body and contributes to the emergence of new warts even after surgical removal.

Local immunity and tissue is broken and it facilitates the introduction of micro-cracks on the warts bacterial or fungal infection Fungal infection: to prevent and defeat  Fungal infection: to prevent and defeat
 . This complication is often develops in the rapidly growing and merging with each other genital warts. Especially prone to infection giant warts - Buschke-Lowenstein tumor. The appearance of giant warts can be very unpleasant: they tend to be imbued with fistulas - the channels through which the outflow of inflammatory fluid get wet, emit an unpleasant odor and completely deprive the patient of normal life.

 The warts are dangerous - a lot of reasons

Danger third - organ dysfunction

The function of genital warts are usually violated. This occurs when they are rapidly growing and occupy large portions of the integument. Such "thickets" of genital warts in the genital area can completely disrupt sexual function, with the development of genital warts in the urethra disturbed function of the urinary tract, and in the area of ​​the anus and anal canal - the digestive tract.

Genital warts can also occur in the mouth, breaking the process of eating and speech, in the throat - there are constant scratching a sore throat and cough intrusive. But the most dangerous proliferation of warts in the larynx and vocal cords - they can cause respiratory disorders.

Therefore, each person today should know what warts are dangerous, and when they appear immediately contact a doctor.

Galina Romanenko

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Extensive warts - one of the many manifestations of syphilis

April 21, 2013

 extensive warts
 Extensive warts - are manifestations of syphilis, which is best known, the most difficult and the most multifaceted venereal disease. Its three stages are manifested in very different ways, and each of them can be confused with many other diseases. Thus, the existence of the second stage of syphilis (secondary syphilis) can be quite confused with the manifestations of HPV infection - genital warts.

 Extensive warts - one of the many manifestations of syphilis

The main stage of syphilis

Syphilis is a genital infection, the microorganism causes its spiral - pale treponema. Infection occurs mainly sexually, but also through everyday. When ingested, the causative agent of syphilis at the site of its introduction (often it happens genitals, but may be any other portion of the mucous membranes or skin microtrauma) about a month there manifestations of primary syphilis chancre. It is a small round surface painless ulcer with smooth edges. A week later, increasing the nearby lymph nodes, and a month later - all of the lymph nodes.

If syphilis Syphilis - punishment of Venus  Syphilis - punishment of Venus
   Left untreated, the chancre is healing slowly and goes without a trace, but there are various types of skin rashes - a sign that an infectious agent has multiplied in the blood in sufficient quantities to cause systemic disease. One of the manifestations of secondary syphilis Secondary syphilis - can proceed unnoticed for several years  Secondary syphilis - can proceed unnoticed for several years
   They are extensive warts. Also affects the internal organs and the nervous system. The appearance of blood in a large number of pathogens cause an immunological response - there is a large number of antibodies Antibodies - "soldiers' immunity  Antibodies - "soldiers' immunity
 That suppress the symptoms of secondary syphilis and they disappear.

But as the causative agent is not destroyed completely, relapses of secondary syphilis appear again and again, until syphilis goes into the Tertiary period, when new lesions (bumps or gumma), which already do have consequences, and leaves scars on the skin, internal organs . Always there are also heavy damage to the nervous system.

 Extensive warts - one of the many manifestations of syphilis

How does extensive warts

Extensive warts - a consequence of proliferation moist papules, located on the skin and mucous membranes in places of constant friction, usually in the genital area. They arise as a result of permanent soak and exfoliating the skin and have a tendency to constant growth and mergers in plaques krupnofestonchatymi edges. On their surfaces are constantly separated serous exudate containing a large quantity of pale treponem, so patients in this stage are very contagious.

Under the influence of constant irritation can grow moist papules (vegetate). Their surface becomes uneven, rough, scaly and greyish adhesive coating. Vegetating papules are called wide or syphilitic warts.

Most often, when viewed from the patient can see the mushroom-shaped growths, sitting on the wide leg. In contrast to the manifestations of primary syphilis, extensive warts disappear spontaneously and do not sometimes reach large sizes. They are located in mezhyagodichnoy folds to the labia, at the root of the penis, scrotum, anus, navel, under the breasts, in the armpits and interdigital folds feet.

 Extensive warts - one of the many manifestations of syphilis

The extensive warts differ from other diseases

First of all, extensive warts should be distinguished from genital warts. Genital warts - an infection caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, is transmitted primarily through sexual contact. Genital warts are located on the genitals, have thin legs and a soft appearance can resemble a cauliflower. Usually, genital warts are not inflamed and painless. At the same broad base of genital warts is always extensive and they always can be seen inflammation.

Extensive warts also should be distinguished from the symptoms of external hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids - a shameful disease  Hemorrhoids - a shameful disease
 . External hemorrhoids are located around the edge of the anus, is clearly visible in the drawing apart the buttocks, his units occupy the entire circumference of the anus (anus). Often, external hemorrhoids looks bahromok due to tight folds of the anus in the form of petals or dense skin polyps woody consistency. Basically it zapustevshie hemorrhoids. During exacerbation of hemorrhoid formation inflamed and become painful, bleed.

Extensive warts sometimes difficult to distinguish from other illnesses. The final diagnosis can be made only on the basis of laboratory studies. For the differential diagnosis is carried out serological blood tests - Wasserman, it is positive in syphilis.

Syphilis - a serious disease that can be completely cured only in the initial stages. Why so much importance is its timely detection.

Galina Romanenko

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