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May 20, 2013

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 repeated herpes

Repeated herpes

As in the first infection with herpes virus type ulcers appear not in all cases. The frequency of recurrence of herpes and the place that he strikes, it is difficult to predict. Despite the fact that the herpes simplex virus is transmitted primarily through sexual contact, the primary infection often goes unnoticed and asymptomatic, so the patient does not even always realize about the infection. Even years later, after several recurrences of genital herpes when the patient seeks medical help, the herpes can be mistaken for primary infection that leads to unfair charges of infecting aimed completely at those whom they should.

As in the case of herpes simplex Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple  Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple
   the first type, the virus remains in the body for all, after primary infection, HSV remains in nerve cells, waiting for the hour.

 Repeated Herpes | Genital herpes: eliminate sex

The clinical picture of herpes

The clinical picture of genital herpes often immediately clear, so there is no need for further analysis. If the diagnosis is unclear, take a swab from the infected area and send it to the laboratory for culture. Also in this case, the laboratory analysis of scrapings who viewed under a microscope, as well as do a blood test for antibodies Antibodies - "soldiers' immunity  Antibodies - "soldiers' immunity
   herpes simplex virus.

The best treatment of genital herpes Genital herpes - long treatment  Genital herpes - long treatment
   - Its prevention. Safe sex helps adults leading active polygamous sex life, prevent infection with herpes and other diseases that are transmitted through sexual contact. Those who are already infected, it is recommended to take oral antiviral medications that help reduce the appearance of herpes or the frequency of its occurrence. These drugs do not cure herpes and do not exclude the possibility of further transmission. However, they help to reduce the amount of virus secretions, as well as the duration of the period in which an infected person can transmit the virus to their sexual partners.

 Repeated Herpes | Genital herpes: eliminate sex

How do I know when the herpes simplex virus can be transmitted sexually?

Many people infected with the re-emergence of herpes preceded by a series of symptoms, such as itching, burning or tenderness areas where there appeared genital herpes. At this time, or during the actual manifestations of the hormonal herpes affected area of ​​the body should not be in direct or indirect contact with the body of other people, that is to exclude any sexual relationship Sexual relations: how to bring passion  Sexual relations: how to bring passion
 Including oral and genital contact. Condoms can prevent transmission of genital herpes to sexual partner, but even this method does not guarantee complete and absolute security.

But that's not all. Herpes simplex virus is transmitted even in the absence of symptoms or ulcers. In fact, in most cases, a herpes virus is transmitted in the absence of ulcers.

Genital herpes is especially dangerous for pregnant women. If at the time of the child's birth his mother is a carrier of active herpes virus, it may transmit it to the baby (at birth when it passes through the vagina). If this happens when the primary herpes infection, a child is in serious danger. Women who know or suspect that they are infected, should always tell the gynecologist to make the necessary analyzes and protect the child. Most transmission from mother to child helps prevent cesarean section. Newborns are very sensitive to the herpes simplex virus, even the genital nature. People suffering from any form of herpes virus should not be in contact with infants.

Genital herpes: eliminate sex - Prevention

May 20, 2013

  • Genital herpes: eliminate sex
  • Repeated herpes
  • Causes
  • Diagnostics
  • Prevention

 the prevention of genital herpes


Prevention of genital herpes in the case where there is no permanent sexual partner or a partner infected with the herpes simplex virus Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple  Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple
 - Not an easy task. However, it was found that if all of the prescribed rules, the risk of infection is much lower. But such full security guarantees no sex.

 Prevention | Genital herpes: eliminate sex

General principles for prevention of genital herpes infection

The primary means of prevention of genital herpes is the observance of sexual health. It is best to have a trusted sexual partner, and if this is not possible, then you need to at least limit the number of sexual partners. It is also important always to use a condom - it allows you to halve the risk of contracting genital herpes. Fully condom from the herpes virus does not protect, as does not cover all the genital organs. If a condom oral sex is no less important than the genital as an infectious agent may be a herpes simplex virus type I (HSV I), causing the "cold" on the lips.

Hygiene in the home is also important. Each family member must have a separate towel, bath accessories, a toothbrush. Women should not use someone else's lipstick. Children's better not to kiss on the lips, as most adults are already infected with HSV I and can pass it to the baby. The child is using dirty hands could carry the virus with blisters on the lips of the genitals.

When the first symptoms of genital herpes Genital Herpes - Symptoms of chronic viral infection  Genital Herpes - Symptoms of chronic viral infection
   you need to see a doctor for a complete examination and treatment. This is very important as it helps to prevent the development of complications.

 Prevention | Genital herpes: eliminate sex

If genital herpes sick one sexual partner

Patients with genital herpes should be aware that during the recurrence of the disease it can be a source of infection to your sexual partner, so in this period is best to avoid sexual contact. Unfortunately, the absence of recurrence does not guarantee the absence of HSV in the genital area of ​​the patient. So better to use a condom always.

Patients with genital herpes should tell your sexual partner. The latter should conduct periodic inspection, and the detection of HSV - treatment.

In order to reduce the risk of complications and a partner at home, patients with genital herpes should always take antiviral drugs. Today this purpose often assigned valacyclovir. Long-term use of this drug on prescription inhibits the development of disease recurrence and asymptomatic disease, which can lead to infection of the sexual partner. Valacyclovir take prescribed by a doctor, who picks up the daily dose. As a rule, long-term use of valaciclovir is safe and has no significant side effects.

 Prevention | Genital herpes: eliminate sex

Emergency prevention of genital herpes

If there was sexual contact with a partner or unfamiliar with a patient with genital herpes, in order to reduce the risk of infection, it is possible to carry out an emergency prevention betadine.

Betadine (Povidone-Iodine) - a preservative, which has, in particular, and antiviral effect. Available in the form of vaginal suppositories Vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation  Vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation
 , Disinfectant and ointment for topical and local application. In contact with human tissues Betadine released active iodine, which inhibits vital functions of herpes viruses.

For emergency prevention of infection with herpes betadine Betadine - use correctly  Betadine - use correctly
   It should be used no later than two hours after sexual intercourse. A woman enters the vagina candle betadine, and then all of the external genitalia and perineum treated with a solution betadine. Man treats genitals and perineum betadine solution. A quarter of an hour, the solution is washed off with Betadine genitals water. Do not use this betadine when individual intolerance, increased thyroid function, after the application of radioactive iodine and some skin diseases.

 Prevention | Genital herpes: eliminate sex

How to protect yourself from getting sick pregnant woman

Genital herpes is not dangerous for a pregnant woman only if it is caught before pregnancy, that is, if she has immunity to this infection. Infection during pregnancy is very dangerous because it can lead to miscarriage and intrauterine infection.

Therefore, if a woman is before pregnancy has not been infected with the herpes simplex virus, it should take measures to ensure that no infected during pregnancy. To this end, her sexual partner (if he is sick genital herpes) should use condoms consistently and take antiviral drugs on prescription scheme. Very dangerous oral-genital contact, so better to abandon them.

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