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June 15, 2008

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 Symptoms of syphilis

What are the symptoms of syphilis is characterized by

All stages of syphilis occur with different clinical manifestations. It is necessary to take into account the availability of diagnostic features that allow you to set the correct and timely diagnosis. The manifestation of syphilis can be detected for the first time after the end of the incubation period. On the site of entry of the pathogen into the body formed by erosion (or chancre). Most of chancroid is a single form, but can occur simultaneously ulcers in several places. Sometimes chancre are located at a considerable distance from each other, for example, on the lip and on the genitals.

The temperature does not rise in syphilis to high values, most often subfebrile. This non-specific reaction can be observed at this stage, when there is a reaction on the part of the regional lymph nodes. The initial stage of syphilis is characterized by the fact that conducted laboratory studies will give negative results. Production of specific antibodies Antibodies - "soldiers' immunity  Antibodies - "soldiers' immunity
   It begins much later after the appearance of the primary lesion of the disease, so this period is called the primary seronegative syphilis.

If during the incubation period to continue a close relationship with syphilis person, in addition there are new or successive chancres. They differ from each other in size and degree of infiltration of the underlying tissue, depending on the period of incubation. The way begins syphilis, is determined not only by the condition of the body, as well as the influence of living conditions and the environment. Localization of the chancre may be different, with its appearance of diversity. Most often, the primary focus of syphilis appears in the form of ulcers round or oval, which has a sharply defined edge. When identifying any sores on the genitals is first necessary to eliminate syphilis.

Polymorphic clinical symptoms can be characterized by a secondary period of the disease. In the human body rash appears in the form of spots or roseola, which do not rise above the surface of the skin, do not peel, may disappear when pressed. Itching in syphilis is a rare complaint. Roseola can be combined with the appearance of papules. Papular syphilis is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • papules are raised above the skin surface
  • They are dense to the touch
  • have clear borders
  • the color changes from pink to the color of ham

Extensive warts Warts - why kissing dangerous?  Warts - why kissing dangerous?
   syphilis may occur if papules localized on the genitals or around the anus. Papules are transformed into tumor formation, the surface of which the long-term healing. Warts in syphilis create discomfort, causing pain when walking.

The appearance of syphilis in the later stages of the disease, deserves special attention, as the disease can cause patient disability .  Death of syphilis occurs as a result of injury to vital organs, so it is important to quickly identify the presence of the pathogen and treat .  The last stage of syphilis leads to deafness, blindness due to nerve atrophy .  The most severe changes were observed in the nervous system .  The defeat of the nervous system in syphilis can be identified from the beginning of the onset of secondary fresh period of illness .  Characteristically, the disease tends to progression, even if there are periods of relative prosperity .  In carrying out specific therapy pathological symptoms regress, the patient is guaranteed safe from the late manifestations of the disease destructive .  Syphilis rough system can proceed on the background of systematic destruction of all the organs and body systems .

Syphilis - punishment Venus - Prevention

June 15, 2008

  • Syphilis - punishment of Venus
  • Steps
  • Symptoms
  • Prevention

 syphilis prevention

Syphilis: questions of preventive orientation

If we estimate the statistical data on morbidity, we can see a negative trend. Syphilis in Russia is one of the leading places among the venereal diseases. The number of patients is still at a high level. Epidemiology of syphilis identifies possible ways of infection, it is important to know that the only source of the disease is only a sick man. The origin of syphilis determines sure to observe preventive measures for the prevention of diseases that are transmitted during sexual intercourse. There are cases when one patient revealed multiple diseases from the group of sexually transmitted diseases.

Syphilis and gonorrhea Gonorrhea - self-ruled  Gonorrhea - self-ruled
   They differ in the length of the incubation period and clinical manifestations. The first symptoms of the disease when gonorrhea appear in three or five days, while the manifestations of syphilis detected in a few weeks. Allocation of syphilis are rare, most often it is a characteristic symptom of gonorrhea. Syphilis and gonorrhea can not be treated independently, as it can cause severe complications.

It is a mistake to think that syphilis can not be infected again. Reinfection can occur when a person is in a period of incubation of venereal disease. If a person has doubts about a possible syphilis through unprotected sexual intercourse, it is recommended to undergo preventive treatment. Repeated syphilis, therefore, can be reliably prevented, especially if a person has an ongoing relationship with a patient.

There are cases when there is a multiple infection. In humans, the immune system in syphilis retained only for the duration of the disease, that is, until the recovery. Launched syphilis, which occurs with the most severe clinical manifestations occurs with weak immune system response, however even at this stage of the disease can be observed early symptoms of syphilis in the case of repeated penetration of the pathogen in the body. After completing the course of specific therapy, when several years have passed, some patients revealed a positive reaction from the immune system. This feature, when in the organism Treponema persistiruemye cause an immune response, called true serorezistentnosti syphilis.

One of the possible causes of prolonged pathogen despite treatment is finished the cure syphilis. This concept may include a interrupt treatment or inappropriately selected dose. Serorezistentnosti syphilis is characterized by converting the treponemes in stable form, which lead to the production of specific antibodies and the appearance of the reaction by the immune system.

Syphilis often occurs without clinical symptoms of disease, wherein immunological reactions give a positive result. These features characterized by latent syphilis. Depending on how long has passed since the onset of the disease, are separated early and late periods. Late syphilis, if the disease initially occur without striking symptoms, can be diagnosed at the stage of the Tertiary period. If the man on the stage, latent syphilis does not know that he is sick, it is a potential source of infection for loved ones.


As syphilis infection in combination with other diseases

Largely for syphilis depends on the state of the immune system. If there are changes in the reactivity of the body, in the case where there are expressed immune disorders, diseases of character changing. As an example of this state may be called HIV, and syphilis. In patients with HIV infection occurs oppression cell immunity, thereby increasing the pathogenic properties of the pathogen. AIDS and syphilis, often occurs against the backdrop of negative serological tests, so it is necessary to confirm the diagnosis based on a biopsy.

All clinical symptoms of syphilis Symptoms of syphilis - it is important to recognize at an early stage  Symptoms of syphilis - it is important to recognize at an early stage
   in these patients appear early visceral syphilis will be more frequent due to more severe and rapid development of the disease. Syphilis organs from HIV-infected patients characterized by a variety of symptoms, including severe behavioral disorders. Treatment of these patients should be performed actively, in full.

The causative agent of syphilis can lead to changes in the properties of other pathogens that may occur for example, if a person diagnosed with hepatitis Hepatitis - the scourge of our time  Hepatitis - the scourge of our time
   C and syphilis. The spirochetes have the ability to absorb the viruses, so this is reflected in the results of laboratory diagnostics. Both diseases cause serious consequences, so it is important timely diagnosis.

Acquired syphilis is characterized by phasic flow. For each stage of its peculiar manifestations of what is used in the process of diagnosis. If enlarged lymph nodes should be deleted viral diseases. Lymph nodes in the neck and syphilis shows the progression of the disease, when the disease is already visceral. The spread of syphilis is often associated with late diagnosis, therefore, assess the nature of any complaints of a patient being given a lot of attention. There are four stages of the disease, syphilis stage 4 is considered the most complicated variants of the course.

Types of syphilis can proceed with the erased clinical picture. Acute inflammation in the oropharynx is possible at any stage of the disease, with angina Angina - is it worth it to carry "on their feet"?  Angina - is it worth it to carry "on their feet"?
   Syphilis is treatable only by specific means. Syphilis on hands often resembles psoriasis, so the diagnosis can be confirmed only by serology. Unlike psoriasis syphilis on the legs does not merge as in psoriasis. If the patient has relapsed syphilis, it is a sign transition to the second stage of the disease. Specific therapy provides effective removal of symptoms of the disease, with syphilis and alcohol is unacceptable to combine.

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