Pills "Lida," or the beauty demands victims, but what?

March 8, 2009

 Pills Lida
   More than ten years ago in the roar of funds were the Chinese slimming capsules «Li-Da», ensure rapid weight loss without stress, anguish and exhausting diets. Such promises handed out almost all manufacturers of tablets, capsules, pills and other miracle cures for weight loss. However, the pills "Lida" - a special case: they really work. "With" Lida "I lost weight in the past month to 10 kilograms! "- Are easy to find reviews on any women's online forum, and not all of them custom-made. It would seem - that's it, the panacea for the global epidemic of obesity! But it is not so simple…

 Pills "Lida," or the beauty demands victims, but what?

The composition of the tablets "Lida", declared by the manufacturer

Inspired by reading the rave reviews, many holders of lush forms in a hurry to buy a tool called "Lida" in the hope of once and for all get rid of the hated kilograms. Still, after that Chinese medicine works wonders, heard many. Manufacturers 'Lida' claim that their products - the result of millennial experience of the use of unique plants growing in Yunnan, and today's complex technologies. No side effects, no harm, but the effect - stunning: not less than three kilograms per week. No need to stick to a diet, do not necessarily go to a fitness club: just one capsule a day for half an hour before the morning meal - and a month later the dream of a slim waist, flat stomach and buttocks tightened become a reality.

And really, what harm can be from chrysanthemums, Jerusalem artichoke, purple, gold, tangerine, sweet, bitter orange, coleus, and crassifolia fortunelly kokosovidnoy porii? Restorative properties of these plants have long been known, and their extracts are included in many phytotherapeutic preparations. Even a plant with a mysterious name pahima cook, according to the manufacturers, for many centuries used by Chinese healers, and its fat burning properties are widely demanded in modern cosmetology. A small "fly in the ointment" as part of pills "Lida" for people with cardiovascular problems may be cola, guarana and Garcinia: it is known that they contain caffeine, tonic effect is not everything is beneficial.

 Pills "Lida," or the beauty demands victims, but what?

To contraindicated "Lida"

Indeed, a careful reading of the instructions to the drug it appears that persons with cardiac and circulatory problems, the drug is still contraindicated, as, indeed, and the elderly, young people and all those who are aware of their individual intolerance of separate components of the drug. That is not quite correct application by the manufacturer, can lead to poor health, dry mouth, cramps in the eyes, jumps in blood pressure. In all other cases, a dry mouth can be the biggest trouble, receiving concomitant pills "Lida," but you can deal with it, keeping an adequate drinking regime - 8-10 glasses of pure water a day (a standard recommendation for the majority of funds to help solve the problem overweight).

It would seem that everything is transparent, clear and obvious: those who do not have serious health problems and is not allergic to the listed plant components, can safely gain in the Internet search engine the two magic words: "pills Lida", choose the best for the price offer and to register your purchase. But there it was! Sellers of this magic bullet vying recommend to buy them, "Lida" the so-called old structure. Hence, there is also some other new members?

 Pills "Lida," or the beauty demands victims, but what?

"Lida," the old and the new members of the - what's the difference?

By selling on the territory of Russia allowed the biologically active food supplement "Lida", which included - L-carnitine L-carnitine - gives the body energy  L-carnitine - gives the body energy
 , Plantaginaceae alisma rhizomes, seeds and leaves of Cassia torus Indian lotus. But where are gone all the other unique Chinese plants? They stayed in the so-called "old" Lida "except cola, guarana and Garcinia, which it will likely never existed: no chemical analysis is not found in" Lida "even traces of caffeine. But it showed a very different, very unpleasant surprise - a chemical substance sibutramine Sibutramine - effective but not safe  Sibutramine - effective but not safe
 , Known for its anorexigenic (appetite-suppressing) effect. That is the secret of the "old" Lida.

But wanting to lose weight at any cost, this "discovery" does not stop, so they persistently seek and find "Lida" the old structure, the implementation of which in Russia, as, indeed, and in many European countries is prohibited. No itself sibutramine in RF is allowed to use. But in order to use it as a means to lose weight, have to visit the doctor and get a prescription for the German drugs Meridia, obestat Reduxine or Russian, the main active ingredient which is sibutramine. Implementation of these drugs is only permitted in the pharmacy network. Why such severity?

 Pills "Lida," or the beauty demands victims, but what?

Carefully, sibutramine!

US regulatory authorities registered 49 deaths somehow associated with disturbances of the heart in people of different ages, but some of them were not even thirty. What unites these people? What they all take sibutramine. Currently, the US investigated 54 cases of premature birth, stillbirth, birth defects in children whose mothers took during pregnancy drugs containing sibutramine. Experts of the European Medicines Agency also found the drug sibutramine, the harm of which significantly exceeds the benefit, so Italy and the United Kingdom have imposed a complete ban on its use.

Then what about the positive feedback about the pills "Lida"? Finish reading them to the end: "From" Lida "lost 10 kilograms in two weeks, but now a year'm registered at the cardiologist, and the excess weight back again", "The first week I felt a burst of energy, but then came the nausea, constant headache. Soon I again become slim and beautiful, but it left me a husband, because taking "Lida," I became a complete hysterical "," I lost weight, but were terrible acne on the back and on the face, on which I can not rid ... "

Insomnia, depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood
 , Psychosis, seizures, headaches, serious heart rhythm abnormalities, endocrine disruptions, exacerbation of chronic diseases - a list of the side effects of sibutramine is quite impressive. After leaving for a while with excess weight, can be patient for a long time therapist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, psychiatrist ... Is it worth sacrificing for the sake of momentary effect your health?

As much as it may sound corny, but our body is given to us, and one for all life. And it must be love. He who loves himself will not have recourse to dubious means. The desire to lose weight at any cost only kill the body, and moderate exercise and proper nutrition Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food  Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food
   make it beautiful and healthy. However, let every choice makes itself.

 Pills "Lida," or the beauty demands victims, but what?

How true the composition indicated on the package of Lida and what side effects

The fact that the pills Lida - this is not a drug and a dietary supplement (BAA), so they are not subject to the rules of pharmaceutical control. This means that no one really can not say what they contained. Thus, in a number of areas (eg, in Blagoveshchensk, Murmansk) tablets Lida was discovered sibutramine, and therefore import and distribute them in Russia was banned.

 Pills "Lida," or the beauty demands victims, but what?

Lida or sibutramine?

All medicines based on sibutramine you could buy in a pharmacy only by prescription. And Lida you can buy in the first place is much cheaper, and secondly without a prescription, but then who can assess the contraindications for taking this drug? And who make claims in case of complications that arose while taking this drug. And the side effects of sibutramine may include the following:

  • the nervous system and sensory organs: insomnia, headache, dizziness, anxiety, paresthesia ("goose bumps" on the skin), change in taste, in rare cases - seizures, acute psychosis;
  • on the part of the cardiovascular system and blood: heartbeat, increased blood pressure, redness of the skin with a feeling of warmth, blood clotting;
  • on the part of the gastrointestinal tract: dry mouth, loss of appetite, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, exacerbation of hemorrhoids, changes in the liver;
  • With the genitourinary system: in isolated cases - nephritis (kidney inflammation), glomerulonephritis (infectious aleergicheskoe kidney disease).

And that's just what concerns sibutramine. And who investigated how the sibutramine in combination with Chinese herbs listed on the packaging? That's right, no, it's not a drug.

Chinese - the ancient wise nation. Lida Also they have a wushu gymnastics and secular principles of nutrition, taking into account the quality and quantity of food intake. And Lida - it's for "suckers."

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