How to lose weight - basic principles - Stevia

August 15, 2014

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 lose weight stevia

Stevia in the fight against obesity

If you are worried for their shape and can not resist the sweets, the new tool in the fight against obesity - Stevia Stevia: the secrets of the use of Indian grass  Stevia: the secrets of the use of Indian grass

Stevia has no calories and can be a substitute for sugar in many recipes. For example, if you put sugar in your tea or coffee, stevia can help reduce a few grams of quantitative carbohydrate content. Stevia can be used instead of sugar in the preparation of jams or lemonade.

Stevia extract, stevioside, its properties sweetener 100-300 times more sucrose (white refined sugar). For example: 1, 5 teaspoons of the ingredient replaced by a cup of sugar.

A person suffering from glucose intolerance Glucose: The energy source  Glucose: The energy source
 Sugar not converted into energy, and fats: thus postprandial this person wants to eat again. Replacing carbohydrate-rich foods with sweeteners to products, you reduce the risk of glucose intolerance, as the reduced amount of carbohydrates consumed.

The beverage containing stevia instead of sugar, equivalent to the water. That is the ingredient no way is the causative agent of appetite. But the addition of sweetening agents, natural or synthetic, is the desire to eat sweets. What solution? Change your eating habits and opt for stevia.

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How to lose weight - basic principles - Exercise

August 15, 2014

  • How to lose weight - basic principles
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  • Exercise stress
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 lose weight exercise

Dropping weight with the help of physical activity

By the choice of exercise should be approached individually, because for some people walking and walking will load and the other will help only intensive training in the gym. It depends on the fitness, age and health.

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, start with just walking, gradually increasing their length and walking speed. Over time, the short distances can be replaced by a run. This will be the first period - the period of adaptation to physical stress. Once you feel that you have become such loads familiar and enjoyable, you can go to the second stage - accession exercise.

A set of exercises can be carried out 2-4 times a week, but they have to go at least an hour. In any complex exercise load on the muscles must alternate with breathing exercises, as well as brisk walking and jogging.


Offering a set of exercises for weight loss

Breathing exercises are carried out before a complex exercise, after each exercise, intended to support the muscles and at the end of lessons. The most important thing in these exercises - the sequence:

  • after full exhalation slowly fill the lungs with air, starting from the lower divisions (bulging belly), then the middle and upper sections (gradually expanding the chest); breath occurs on the 1-2;
  • hold your breath for the count of 3;
  • at the expense of 4-5-6-7-8 exhale while first exhaled air from the lower lung (drawn abdomen), after which a "blown off" the chest;
  • hold your breath for 9-10 account and start the exercise again.

Breathing exercises can be performed independently, and can be combined with jogging or walking, it will be more effective. They combine well with light exercise Myths about exercise: do not believe  Myths about exercise: do not believe
 For example, these: breath - at the expense of 1-2 to raise their hands through the sides up, on the count of 3 hold your hands up, at the expense of 4-5-6-7-8 exhale - put your hands down.

Exercise can be chosen freely, focusing on those that strengthen muscles in problem areas (such as the abdomen, thighs, and so on).

If you strictly follow all of these recommendations, it is sure to drop the weight.

Spices - a delicious way to lose weight - What to eat

October 7, 2007

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The benefits of spices

However, fans of diets are unable to grow aromatic plants at home, do not despair; on the market today, you can easily find the most popular in cooking and herbal medicine Phytotherapy and menopause - without the side effects  Phytotherapy and menopause - without the side effects
   herbs: parsley Parsley Health and Beauty  Parsley Health and Beauty
 , Cilantro, basil, rosemary, tarragon, chives and others. The secret spice is simple, but amazing. Spices turns ordinary healthy low-calorie meal in a gourmet delicacy. Taste familiar to us from childhood food, soup and crackers, chicken, pork, lean beef, yogurt, low-calorie vegetable pastes and becomes much more intense if the cook them properly selected spices.

Basil is very popular condiment, usually served with fresh tomatoes - a classic dish of many national cuisines. Young basil leaves not only refresh the taste of lettuce with tomatoes, but also other dishes with fresh green vegetables or vegetable salads. Basil is used to make spicy pesto, the famous condiment, which includes finely chopped in a food processor basil, shabby grated cheese, olive oil and nuts (usually pine nuts (pignoli)) and some fresh herbs.

 What to eat | spices - delicious slimming

What serves pesto?

This diet can be spread on the sauce low calorie crackers, rye toast and pita. Spoon the pesto, you can spice up cold cuts. Pesto makes an ordinary soup into a true gastronomic delicacy.

Nutritionists recommend to diversify the menu a variety of spices that can be used in salads, and in the second dishes. Use seasonings and spices instead of salt - it is healthier and, in addition, they are an excellent substitute for high-calorie sauces containing large amounts of sodium.

Spices flavor marinades spicing up, make them more appetizing. In addition, food, garnished with a sprig of fresh herbs look more aesthetically pleasing as if inviting us to taste delicious and flavorful dishes.

In any store you can easily find spices in great numbers, but for weight loss need special herbs. If you are going to go on a diet, find out what spices are best combined with your chosen dishes and experiment to see what flavor combinations like you. In addition to basil and tomatoes, there are other traditional flavor combinations.

 What to eat | spices - delicious slimming

What do you eat

  • Basil is best combined with meat - beef, lamb, pork and game, with the majority of fruit and vegetables with pasta, egg dishes and pastries.
  • Bay leaf perfectly complement the taste of marinated beef, barbecue sauce and fish dishes.
  • Chervil is often used in the preparation of salads, poultry, eggs. Chervil is simply indispensable in the preparation of a variety of fillings and pastes.
  • Dill is especially good with cucumbers (pickled), dishes from vegetables and eggs, some dishes of beef, lamb and pork, cheese (particularly cheese) and bread.
  • Marjoram (a relative of sage) - a mandatory ingredient of dishes from poultry and shellfish, vegetables (especially cabbage) and cheeses. Marjoram is also used in marinades and oil with herbs.
  • Mint enriches the taste of cucumbers and beans. This is a classic condiment for meat and most vegetables. Peppermint is often added to various beverages, especially tea and cocktails, such as a cocktail with cognac or whiskey, water, sugar, ice and mint Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness  Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness
  • Oregano - classic Italian seasoning, which is used to make the majority of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. This is a good addition to most vegetables, especially beans. Oregano enriches the taste of eggs and sausages.
  • Sprigs of rosemary adorn holiday casseroles, baked chicken, beef, pork and lamb. Rosemary "friends" with the majority of vegetables (try it with grilled vegetables, drizzle with olive oil) and simply inseparable from sauces.
  • Sage is traditionally used for stuffing poultry and perfectly reveals the taste of egg dishes. Sage - the perfect seasoning for meat, poultry and meat.
  • Savory (summer and winter) - the traditional seasoning for beans and bean soup - it eliminates gases.
  • Tarragon - seasoning for fish and shellfish; it is also widely used for cooking sauces and marinades. This universal seasoning that goes well with cheeses, all types of poultry, beef, pork and lamb, and most vegetables.
  • Thyme - a classic seasoning for beef goes well with lamb, pork and poultry. Thyme also added to the dish of root vegetables, pumpkin and beans.