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May 5, 2013

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 how to restore the metabolism

How to restore the metabolism

The metabolism may slow down for many reasons, among them - age, sedentary lifestyle, and some diseases. But whatever the reason, it is very unpleasant to constantly feel the lack of energy, and also have a normal growth for their calories and still gain weight. Slow metabolism in the long term can lead to many problems associated with obesity, including such as an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Fortunately, there are ways to restore your metabolism, making it work faster and therefore burn more calories.

One of the best ways is to exercise. You need both aerobic exercise helps to burn more calories in a short time, and strength training needed to stimulate muscle growth, whereby the metabolism is accelerated in a natural way. Since the muscles even at rest burns more calories than fat tissue, it is obvious that the more muscle you have, the faster your body will burn calories. It is believed that each kilogram of muscle tissue burns 35 kcal daily and the same amount of adipose tissue - only two kilocalories.

Refusing to strength training is not necessary for another reason. Although half an hour of aerobic exercise you take in more calories than a half-hour of strength training, the latest "disperse" a metabolism so that it is still a few hours after you leave the gym will run faster than usual.

Finally, a large amount of muscle tissue will allow you to eat more without gaining weight. This does not mean that you can in anything does not deny, but developed muscles still much easier to control weight.

Some women are afraid of too much "build muscle" and the loss of femininity, but experts say it is useless fears. Women do not have the hormones needed to build large muscles, so you can not be afraid of strength training. Women serious bodybuilders tend to take special supplements and hormones Hormonal treatments - not only contraceptives  Hormonal treatments - not only contraceptives
 And if you're not going to do that, then the mountains of muscles you do not get any.

 How to restore | How to improve metabolism and lose weight without dieting

Eat more, burn calories faster

Of course, the most coveted advice on diet, which wanted to get any woman is: eat more, losing weight effectively. But in fact, under the advice to eat more means more frequent meals to help your metabolism will continue to operate at high speed and, therefore, increase calorie consumption.

If between meals takes too many hours, it slows down metabolism - the body inhibits the metabolism to conserve energy. Moreover, if after a few hours of fasting, when metabolism significantly slows down, you eat a large portion of the food, the body will try to put a reserve as many calories received - in case of a new hunger strike.

Those who from time to time does not have time to eat anything between breakfast and dinner, there is nothing to fear. However, if such irregular meals became the norm, soon because of this it will be difficult to lose and maintain weight.

The study, which was attended by athletes, found that eating during the day three snacks (along with meals), the energy value of each of which is 250 calories, provides more efficient production and consumption of energy by the body, compared with the usual three meals a day . In addition, it was found that due to the volume of starters main dishes consumed by athletes declined. Metabolic rate increased in subjects that, along with a reduction in caloric intake, resulting in a reduction of body fat.

 How to restore | How to improve metabolism and lose weight without dieting

Products that burn fat

Few people have never heard about products that accelerate the metabolism and helps burn fat. A variety of articles and then talk about the supermodels who richly seasoned their food with red pepper, and movie stars, claiming to preserve the beautiful figure helps them green tea. But are these products have the stated effect?

Experts in nutrition say that in fact any of the products will accelerate the metabolism, especially in the first hours after a meal - this time the digestive system works particularly fast. It should also be borne in mind that the protein is required for processing, on average, 25% more energy than the other main nutrients (macronutrients). So - at least theoretically - food rich in proteins, stimulates metabolism, to a greater extent than carbohydrate foods such as calorie. However, scientific methods have not yet been proven that any of the products have the ability to greatly speed up the metabolism.

Some studies have shown that red pepper, very spicy food can increase metabolic rate by about 20%, and the effect lasts for about 30 minutes. It is not known whether this effect persists after half an hour.

In one small study involving Japanese women found that red pepper warms the body and metabolism after eating. But most of all, this effect was in the use of the red pepper, along with fatty foods, which itself is very high in calories, and can minimize the effects of pepper at the rate of calorie burning.

In a report on another study indicated that male athletes who added red pepper in a food rich in carbohydrates, your metabolic rate at rest and during physical activity increased approximately 30 minutes after ingestion. However, no evidence was found that this effect is maintained for a long time.

Similar results were obtained in the study of the properties of the green, which contains a substance called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) - a powerful antioxidant Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits  Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits
 , Which some attribute to an equally strong ability to burn calories, like red pepper. During the study, ten men were given 90 mg of EGCG and caffeine 50 mg with food. As a result, energy consumption in the next 24 hours was increased by 4% (at reception only caffeine similar effect was observed). However, it is unclear whether this is sufficient to increase the metabolic rate, to a large extent contribute to weight loss.

To obtain a dose of EGCG and caffeine from green tea, you have to drink it in very large numbers, and as a result the effect may be too small. Of course, drinking green tea is, but not for weight loss, as well as a drink with a variety of revitalizing effect.

The products described above may have little effect on metabolism, but its acceleration will be negligible compared to that which is necessary to reduce weight.

To consistently maintain a high metabolic rate, you need a set of measures: an increase in muscle mass, regular low-calorie snacks, protein meal The protein food - a source of strength for the body  The protein food - a source of strength for the body
 And as much movement.

 How to restore | How to improve metabolism and lose weight without dieting

Methods for recovery of metabolism

  • Breakfast

Every day, eat breakfast - one of the best ways to speed up metabolism. The best way to stimulate the metabolism in the morning with the help of products such as whole wheat bread, cereals, fruits and dairy products. Energize of such food enough for you until lunch. The peak activity of metabolism falls by about noon, but that at this time he really worked at full strength, you need a full breakfast.

  • An apple a day

Adage about an apple a day and a doctor without work probably know, each and folk wisdom wrong. Apples contain pectin, a natural - the same substance that is used as a thickener for jams and jellies. Pectin slows the absorption of glucose Glucose: The energy source  Glucose: The energy source
 , So you feel satiated longer. In addition, pectin stimulates the production of hormones in the body, so that you are not longer hungry, but feel a burst of energy.

  • Ice water

To metabolism working properly, you need every day to drink enough water - depending on the height and weight of 1.5 to 2 liters. Dehydration quickly leads to wasting. If you drink ice water, your metabolism will work even harder, because the body will have to heat the water to normal body temperature. Drinking several glasses of ice water a day, you can help the body burn calories faster, and eliminate toxins and other harmful substances.

  • Spice

If you add to soups, meat and vegetable dishes hot spices, the calories that enter the body with food, will be burned faster. Capsaicin, the most important component of hot peppers, has the property of lowering cholesterol levels and increase the production of fat-burning enzymes. Due spices temporarily increases body temperature, which also stimulates the metabolism.