Grapefruit diet - interesting information about the properties of the fruit

December 11, 2014

 grapefruit diet
 The fact that the grapefruit diet is very helpful, knows probably everyone who has ever tried to deal with the extra (or not entirely superfluous) kilograms. Many people have long seen this as an axiom, although the studies that led to the well-founded conclusions that grapefruit can really help to lose weight, have been carried out a few years ago.

The first diet, which can be categorized as the Grapefruit Diet, appeared in the 1930s in the United States - when it was known as the Hollywood diet. There are two basic versions of it for a duration of seven days and 21 days. Both diets were very low calorie: a person who has chosen this diet could eat only a few products other than black coffee and grapefruit - for example, fresh vegetables and a little meat without visible fat. The results of such diets are not allowed to reveal any properties grapefruit diet - people who hold such a rigid eating plan, lose weight would be in the case if, instead of grapefruits they ate apples, oranges, and other fruits.

Diet of the Great Depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood
   It bears little resemblance to the modern grapefruit diet - for example, the fact that now they do not involve the use of unlimited coffee.


How useful grapefruit diet?

Firstly, it is necessary to dispel a very widespread and seductive myth about the ability of grapefruit to burn fat deposits. In fact, the grapefruit does not burn fat, so you should not rely solely on losing weight at him.

Second, he can still contribute to weight loss, which was confirmed by the results of several studies. In 2004, an experiment was conducted, which lasted 12 weeks. It was attended by 91 people; Researchers subjects randomly divided into four groups. Members of the first group throughout the study before every meal took a placebo capsule Placebo - an effective tool for self-hypnosis  Placebo - an effective tool for self-hypnosis
 And drank 200 grams of apple juice, the members of the second group received capsules with an extract of the seeds and peel a grapefruit, and washed down with them 200 grams of apple juice, the members of the third group took a placebo and drank 230 grams of grapefruit juice before meals, and the subjects of the fourth group received a placebo and ate half a fresh grapefruit. By the end of the twelfth week of the subjects that are in one way or another took grapefruit, it was noted a significant reduction in weight than those that took a placebo and drank apple juice. At the same time the most weight decreased in those who before meals ate fresh grapefruit. During the study, patients did not change their diet, but they had to make a half-hour walk, at least three times a week.

There have been other studies, during which it was confirmed that grapefruit helps to lose weight. But how does it work? Most researchers believe that the composition of grapefruit have unique chemical compounds which reduce the level of insulin in the blood. The relationship between insulin levels and obesity is complex, multifaceted and, probably, scientists have yet to learn about it a lot.

According to date data, elevated insulin levels The principles of action of insulin - the science of saving lives  The principles of action of insulin - the science of saving lives
 Firstly, it may mean that the body is not effectively using sugar as an energy source, because of which increases the likelihood that he will be postponed "in reserve" as subcutaneous fat. Secondly, because of the high levels of insulin hunger comes more quickly and is more powerful than people with normal levels of the hormone. Finally, elevated levels of insulin slows lipolysis. Putting all these factors together, it is easy to see why the lowering of insulin promotes weight loss. However, it is not known what kind of substances in grapefruit encourages weight loss, and at this point his ability to influence the level of insulin - just one of the most likely theories.

It is indicative that while experts do not rush to recommend the grapefruit as a means for the prevention of diabetes and alleviate symptoms of the disease, which would be expected if its ability to affect the production of insulin has been proven. Instead, they warn against premature and overly optimistic conclusions.

There are also opinions that grapefruit helps to lose weight just because it contains a lot of water and fiber, and at the same time - very few calories. After eating half a grapefruit or before a meal, a person partially saturated, as a consequence - eat less and therefore lose weight. This is often explained by the effectiveness and popularity in recent recommendation eat grapefruit diet overnight. Obviously, he does not burn fat deposits, while the person is sleeping, but it helps to moderate your appetite and avoid high-calorie snacks at night, which, incidentally, leads to excess weight faster than a hearty breakfasts and lunches.

Be that as it may, even if there is no magic in grapefruit substances that reduce insulin levels, the experience of thousands of people confirmed in the course of scientific research shows that grapefruit diet more effective than the same diet without grapefruit.


Safety measures

Those plans do not just include grapefruit in your normal diet, and for some time to adhere to the grapefruit diet is recommended to consult a doctor. This is especially important for adolescents, people with liver or kidney disease, eating disorders, people who have recently had surgery, and all those who need to lose weight for more than fourteen kilograms.

It should also be borne in mind that, as shown by several studies, grapefruit juice can interact with certain drugs. People who take any of the following medications, you should consult with your doctor before in any form to include grapefruit in your meal plan.

Medicines that can interact with grapefruit:

  • Calcium channel blockers (used to treat hypertension);
  • Immunosuppressants;
  • Statins (drugs to lower cholesterol);
  • Antiretroviral drugs;
  • Antihistamines;
  • Antiarrhythmic agents;
  • Sedatives, hypnotics and tranquilizers;
  • Birth control pills;
  • The drugs used to treat impotence Impotence - a female perspective on the problem  Impotence - a female perspective on the problem
  • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors;
  • Some medicines used to relieve the symptoms of migraine.

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L-carnitine for weight loss - how effective fat burner?

December 24, 2013

 l-carnitine for weight loss
 L-carnitine for weight loss comes in the form of chewable tablets, oral solution, dry nutrient mixture in batches. This means for correcting metabolism, promotes the normalization of protein and fat metabolism through the use of energy produced by the decay of fat. That is why it is called a fat burner and is used for weight loss.


L-carnitine - it promotes weight loss

L-carnitine and L-carnitine - a vitamin-like (acting as the B vitamins), a natural substance, is actively involved in metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
 . This substance helps to mobilize fat from fat depots and use it as a source of energy. At the same time inhibited the formation of energy from carbohydrates.

Features of action of levocarnitine is that simultaneously with the intensification of the process of obtaining energy from fat suppressed toxic effect of the decay products of fats and increases the tissue tolerability of action of toxic substances. That is a partial transition to energy from fat (normal energy derived from carbohydrates and fat - it is the body's energy reserves in the event of famine) has no negative effects on the body.

L-carnitine is capable of lowering the content of cholesterol in the body and slow down the formation of vascular atherosclerotic plaques. In addition, it promotes the formation of liver lecithin, which actively removes cholesterol from atherosclerotic plaques. This makes L-carnitine useful for weight loss is not only young people and middle-aged people, but also for the elderly are prone to be overweight and various diseases on the background of atherosclerosis Atherosclerosis - a chronic disease of the arteries  Atherosclerosis - a chronic disease of the arteries
 . L-carnitine also helps strengthen the immune system Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system  Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system
 That is also important, as different diets for weight loss, on the contrary, contribute to its reduction.

L-carnitine weight loss produced by different pharmaceutical companies in the form of chewable tablets, oral solution, dry nutrient mixture in batches. Preference is given to drugs that use high quality raw materials. A leading provider of high quality raw materials for the production of levocarnitine is a Swiss company Lonza, which guarantees the total absence of undesirable D-carnitine form in the final product. This is possible thanks to a unique patented method developed by Lonza in which to produce pure L-carnitine used cultures of microorganisms.

One of the companies that use raw materials companies Lonza for levocarnitine, is a Russian corporation varnish. L-carnitine L-carnitine - gives the body energy  L-carnitine - gives the body energy
   Slimming produced by this company in the form of solutions of different concentrations for ingestion.


Who and how to apply l-carnitine

20% solution of levocarnitine (available in vials of 50 ml) is recommended:

  • healthy people as an additional source of carnitine - 1 scoop per day (1 scoop contains 300 mg of carnitine);
  • people with excess body weight - 1-3 scoops a day;
  • people who adhere to a vegetarian diet - 2 scoops a day;
  • with frequent use of different diets for weight loss and starvation - 1-3 scoops a day;
  • athletes (carnitine increases stamina, increases the pain threshold during exercise and speeds up muscle building) - 3 teaspoons a day under the supervision of a physician (in a teaspoon - 1 g of carnitine);
  • people with high physical activity, - 3 scoops per day;
  • people with high neuro-psychiatric and mental load and stress (carnitine speeds up the flow of oxygen to the brain cells, helps improve concentration and memory) - 2-3 scoops a day;
  • children over three years with stunted growth and underweight - on doctor's advice to 2 scoops a day;
  • for the prevention of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases - 2-3 scoops per day;
  • older people (they have the ability to produce carnitine reduced) - one scoop per day.

Yet most of levocarnitine dose adjusted individually. Clinical trials have not identified the maximum allowable dose of carnitine, as this drug is a naturally occurring substance produced by the human body. It is safe, has no side effects and contraindications. Therefore, the dose of l-carnitine can be very different, depending on the physical and neuropsychiatric loads, as well as the general condition and age of the person.

L-carnitine - a drug that will not only reduce weight, but improve the whole body.

Galina Romanenko

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