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December 9th, 2014

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 losing weight after giving birth for nursing mothers recommendations

Losing weight after giving birth for nursing mothers - Recommendations

After delivery, most women are faced with another problem - excess weight gain during pregnancy, which wants to get rid of as soon as possible to re-feel slim, light and attractive.


Pay attention to what the body wants

When you have a desire to eat, ask yourself - do you really hungry? If yes, eat something useful and tasty. But maybe you're just tired, or you get bored - it can also cause food cravings. In this case, take the time to relax a bit (for example, when the child is asleep), to read, to call a friend or go for a walk with your child. The main thing - do not eat just because you do not find other ways to cope with fatigue and boredom, or the fight against excess weight can greatly delayed.

Another question to ask yourself more often - what you want to eat? Answer this question honestly, if your home is not what you want, go to the store for a desired delicacy. This advice may surprise you - how can you allow yourself to what you want, if you need to lose weight? The fact is that in some cases is really worth to concede to his wishes. If you want ice cream, but the day-to eat instead something more useful (for example, yogurt or nuts), come a time when you finally do not soak and eat ice cream (very likely that a large portion) - after the yogurt nuts, and not in lieu of them.

Another important question - whether appeased your hunger? Most people do not ask themselves about it - they just eat until they devastate his plate. However, experts recommend stopping every 5-10 eaten pieces, ask yourself this question, and once you find that you are full, get up from the table, even if your dish is not quite empty.


Watch the portion sizes

Many of us are accustomed to the very large portions - both food and drinks. Meanwhile, psychologists have long known that the amount of food eaten not only depends on how hungry people sat at the table, but also on how much food he sees before him. Apply the food in small portions and do not leave on the table in front of a whole package of cookies, boxes of chocolates, and so on. Put on a plate as much as you plan to eat, and the rest is clean. If you do not naedites, take a small supplement.


Avoid strict diets

We have already talked about the fact that the rigid diet deprived of essential nutrients both the mother and her child. In addition, many diets - usually one of the most effective - greatly restrict the intake of carbohydrates, including complex carbohydrates. Nursing women are diet absolutely contraindicated. Start refrain from carbohydrate foods, and soon you will have lethargy, drowsiness and fatigue, bordering on exhaustion. However, if you want to lose weight as quickly as possible, you can opt out of such sources of carbohydrates like white bread, pasta, chocolate, white rice. However, in no case do not give up on complex carbohydrates - without them, your body will not get enough energy.

Also, remember that too rapid weight reduction can negatively affect milk production. A nursing mother should not lose weight by more than 0.5-1 kg per week.


Do not demand too much from yourself

Many women go for a year, and sometimes more, to lose weight, recruited during pregnancy - this is perfectly normal. During this time, there is a lot of events, and you have to almost completely rebuild your lifestyle. So do not blame yourself - and let do it to someone else - if after 9-12 months after delivery you have not returned to the weight that you had before pregnancy. It is much better to lose weight gradually, albeit very slowly, pace yourself than a rigid diet and hard training.


Select the appropriate exercise

Find time for sports for nursing mothers - often almost impossible task. Especially hard it is for the first six months, when due to regular feeding woman can not afford to go to the gym or to the nearest park for a jog. However, in order to lose weight, the load required, and you will have to allocate time for them. While the body has not fully recovered from childbirth, try as often as possible to make at least a short (15-20 minute) walk. Then start four to five times a week to do stretching, simple strength and cardio.

Allocated to each workout for at least half an hour - preferably when the child is asleep. By the way, some of the exercises you can do with your child, such as squats, holding him in her arms. Finally, you can find a fitness club with special classes for mothers with young children (including exercise in the pool). In these sessions you will not only bring the figure in order, but also to meet new people - it is also very important, as nursing mothers often lack the communication outside the home.


Try to sleep more

Yes, to a nursing mother in the first months of life eight hours of sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   daily (not to mention the eight hours of sleep in a row) often - a luxury. However, because of the constant lack of sleep, you will be much more difficult to lose gained during pregnancy weight. According to one study, nursing mothers who slept an average of five or fewer hours per day, they could not lose weight for longer than those who managed to sleep at least seven hours. With regular lack of sleep and fatigue in the body produces cortisol and some other hormones associated with stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
 And promote weight gain. Besides, tired and not enough sleep difficult for women to find the strength to play sports and watch your diet.

You probably heard advice to "sleep when your baby sleeps." This is - really good advice. Cleaning or cooking dinner can wait (or these things can handle other family members) - sleep is more important to you.

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