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May 15, 2012

  • How to prevent the sexualization of girls: the recommendations of parents
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 fashion and its impact on girls'

Fashion and its impact on girls'

American brand Abercrombie and Fitch periodically hits the pages of the tabloids are not due to fashion collections, and in connection with the sex scandals .  So, Abercrombie and Fitch created a push-up bras for girls seven years, but under public pressure as a target group were chosen twelve year old girl .  Child psychologists do not consider these bathing suits for children right .  They warn that this may induce children to believe that they have reached sexual maturity .  Most recently, Abercrombie and Fitch was at the center of another scandal because of the T-shirts for girls with the words «Who needs brains when you have these» (Who needs brains when you've got it) -, is very indicative situation is showing decline of morals in the industry Fashion .  In America alone girls aged seven to twelve years spent on underwear 1, 6 million dollars a year .  Even Victoria`s Secret produces a line of underwear for teenage girls and schoolgirls .  Previously it was thought that the girl had nothing to do in the Victoria`s Secret until then, until she graduated from high school .  But modern schoolgirl do not hesitate visit stores underwear, which picked birthday best friend .

As parents, you have to help her daughter understand that the clothes she wears - a kind of label. Our clothes can tell others about our character much more than we would have liked. So, if a girl wears revealing clothes that drew some parts of her body, such as the leg or chest area, it expresses its frivolity and positions itself as a sexual object. Looking for a style of dress through his fingers, parents contribute to the sexualization of girls. Moreover, many girls are still not able to understand the connection between their choice of clothing and the response of the opposite sex on the clothes. American Psychological Association study showed that girls earlier and earlier encounter problems of adolescence Transitional age - the period of emotional turmoil  Transitional age - the period of emotional turmoil
 To what they are not ready psychologically. They are unable to cope with these problems, as their cognitive development lags behind their emotional and sexual development. Let the girl to be a girl as long as possible.

US researchers conducted a study in which young guys asked questions about the style of clothes girls. The study showed that 85% of boys are tempted to imagine naked girl if she was openly wearing. The study also confirmed that the majority of men believe that women dressed so precisely in order to draw attention - they want men to imagine them naked. This study showed that less than 4% of girls dressed frankly do to get guys fantasizing about them.

The task of parents - to talk with the girl on the topic of her clothing style (perhaps several times), to remind her that the clothes can tell a lot about her character and behavior, and the "story" can be misunderstood. But do not impress a girl that is only allowed private and modest clothing. No, dressed in the fashion of possible and necessary, but it is not necessary to become a fashion victim and blindly follow fashion trends.

How to educate boys and girls: its complexity - Stereotypes

June 1st, 2012

  • How to educate boys and girls: their complexity
  • Stereotypes
 stereotypes in terms of the behavior of girls and boys

Stereotypes in terms of the behavior of girls and boys

There are other important differences between boys and girls .  It is believed that the boys have to experience yourself for strength .  A man would have to take risks: to climb the highest mountain and immersed in the biggest depth .  From the boys expect success and achievements, and although parents are equally worried about his son, and daughter, it is easier to "let go" into adulthood boys than girls .  These "signals" the boys clearly understand that is the main reason many differences .  In many ways, allowed the boys much more than girls, and in all spheres of life, because their parents and other adults responsible for their education, so easier and more convenient .  By the same token girls constantly watch over and protect .  Remember how many times you've heard as an adult female called "girl" .  And if you've heard at least once to an adult male was called "boy"? Here is the difference between boys and girls .

Communication. Women are often accused of a tendency to sort things out and scandals. Girls accused of excessive talkativeness. Therefore, parents find it difficult to bring up girls, because with them there is not a moment of peace and quiet. The paradox is that it is the development of communication and language skills, encourage the parents of the girls in the first place. Remember, you are encouraged and praised her daughter, when she began to speak, and rained down words like peas. With boys it is different: you have been happy if the son simply said "thank you." But all this talk unproductive, and it turns out that the girl, though, and do not stop for a moment, feel the constant need for attention, approval and support from adults, because they can not rely solely on themselves - they just do not teach this.

It is not necessary to oppose the boys and girls to find out who is more difficult to raise, but someone - easier. They are just different. But unable to reduce these differences parents minimized. To do this, you need to stick to a clear plan for education based on universal values ​​that are the same for people of both sexes, and not on gender stereotypes, and then both boys and girls will feel confident in various fields. Can you bring up a girl who is engaged in wrestling, and not shy about it, or the boy who says without embarrassment about their problems and not ashamed to cry. That would be good.

Most of the differences between boys and girls are not related to gender. Yes, the boys develop more slowly. However, they eventually catch up with the girls without social pressure differences between them are smoothed. If you look at this problem from a historical perspective, it is clear that most of the differences between the sexes are imposed by society and represent a long-outdated ideas about the roles of men and women in society. Fortunately, things are changing, and changing a lot faster than you think. Today, men and women - equal. As you know, evolution does not happen overnight, and it took more than a decade that changed the perception of gender roles.


Tips for parents

If you have children, it is important to review your own ingrained and often unconscious ideas of the education of boys and girls. Love them the same way you need it, without a doubt. It is also important to appreciate gender differences in children - but at the same time allow them to feel confident in their own abilities and constantly control their lives. Do not limit the scope of the child's gender. Yes, it requires patience and effort on your part and not by the child. In many families, children who are entitled to act on your own, no matter how much their behavior is consistent with a male or female stereotypes, with age becoming the quality of both sexes.

The bottom line is that the boys and girls brought up differently. However, with the passage of time inherent nature of the differences are erased, and the manifest differences, acquired in the process of education. And boys and girls have a "difficult" phase of development, when to raise them especially hard. So, if you ask parents raising five-year boy and a girl, most likely, they recognize that boys are heavier than educate. If you ask parents raising thirteen children, they will complain about the girls. Such fluctuations have little to do with sex and more dependent on the stage of development of the child.

In any case, we as parents must be happy with what nature has given us. We should be thankful and grateful for the fact that with the help of the children learn new life lessons. The ability to see in a child not just a boy or a girl allows us to educate them so that they grow up happy people and a happy life.

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