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December 22, 2012

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 how to defrost reheat frozen breast milk

How to defrost and reheat frozen or refrigerated breast milk

High temperatures can destroy enzymes contained in milk, white blood cells White blood cells as the basis of immunity  White blood cells as the basis of immunity
   other useful components, so it requires careful handling and after suffered more or less long-term storage.

Defrost milk in warm running water or milk, put the container into the cup with hot water. When the water cools, pour it and pour warm water; Continue in this manner until the milk is warmed up to body temperature.

Do not heat breast milk on the stove - so it is very easy to overheat. In no case do not boil it!

Do not heat or thaw the milk in a microwave oven. Firstly, it any products are heated uniformly, and secondly, there is the breast milk loses much of its beneficial properties.

Human milk, as well as any other milk not specially treated, including homogenization, during storage fibered - collected on the surface of the cream. If this happens, simply shake the bottle - milk quickly becomes homogeneous.

In breast milk is often light blue tint, some do not have homogenized cow milk - it is absolutely normal and does not indicate improper storage.

 Defrost | How to store breast milk: regulations

Storage times of breast milk

The above information applies to the table when it comes to feeding healthy children born at term. If you feed your baby, born prematurely or having a serious illness, ask your doctor how best to store the milk intended for him.


Storage temperature

Shelf life

In place at room temperature

15 C

24 hours

In place at room temperature

19-22 C

10 hours

In place at room temperature

25 C

4-6 hours


From 0 to -4 C

8 days

Freezer on the cooling chamber

2 weeks

Freezer at the refrigerating chamber (with a separate door)

3-4 months

A separate freezer for deep freezing

-19 C or lower

6 months or more

 Defrost | How to store breast milk: regulations

Stored or disposed of?

Type of milk

Stored or disposed of?

Why is that?

The milk left in the bottle, from which the child has drunk

Used during the next feeding, otherwise - throw

During the feeding milk could get bacteria from the mouth of the child. If this milk will stay too long, bacteria will begin to actively proliferate, and their number would be dangerous for the baby (it's worth noting that the research on this topic was not, so the given information can only guess)

Thawed milk

Keep in refrigerator for up to 24 hours after thawing, and then, if it is not used - throw

Frozen milk has lost some of the immune properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria in the milk, fresh or chilled

The milk is stored in the refrigerator for 8 days

Put in the freezer, or throw

Milk gets smells and tastes food stored in the refrigerator, as well as, in some cases - the material from which made the milk container

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