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September 1, 2013

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 navel piercing care tips

Care Tips

Navel piercing, body piercing in general, many people consider a form of self-expression. Making steel piercing for several thousands of years ago, but he started to become especially popular since the early 1990s. Among the many kinds of body piercing navel piercing is one of the most popular - at least in women. It rarely leads to health problems, but the healing process punctured navel takes time.

There are cases where the consequences of navel piercing is becoming a serious complication - usually the cause of this is incorrect care. Piercing is contraindicated in people in a weakened immune system The immune system - how it works?  The immune system - how it works?
 For example, people with HIV / AIDS - is associated with an increased risk of infections.

Within a few weeks after the piercing was done, it is very important to thoroughly clean the navel and the skin around it to avoid falling into a fresh wound with potentially dangerous microorganisms. By virtue of the structural features of the umbilicus it is very easy to accumulate bacteria, which may lead to infections. Since the stomach is usually found under the clothes, the air flow is restricted to it - it's one of the reasons that a navel piercing is healing slower than, for example, a punctured ear. In addition, the earring at the navel can be engaged for clothing, it causes damage, irritation, and also slows down the healing process of the skin.


The day when you do a navel piercing

Care navel piercing Navel piercing - only for the most distinguished  Navel piercing - only for the most distinguished
   begins the day - after the wizard will make a puncture in the skin and insert the decoration, everything will depend almost entirely on you .  First of all you need to listen carefully to what the expert says - he will tell you in detail how to take care of the pierced navel, and what to do if there are signs of infection (it may be listed and the main symptoms of infection) .  Sometimes also give written instructions to care for piercings .  You have to follow it exactly .  Surely you know there are many well-wishers who are happy will present you a look at how to take care of the piercing, but the employee piercing parlors in the matter understands much better, and it is necessary to listen to it .  This, of course, provided that you do piercings in a good salon, which has a license, and in which compliance with all the necessary sanitary standards .  All of the following recommendations calculated on customers such salons .

Consequences of navel piercing made by amateurs, too unpredictable, and the standard recommendations herein may be useless.

Going into the piercing area, wear clothes that are not too tightly adjacent to the body at the navel. In addition, the piercing is best done after work or school, and the salon is recommended to go home immediately. Gym, dance classes and yoga classes set aside for another day.


Antibacterial soap

In the first weeks after the piercing is usually recommended several times a day to wash the navel and the skin around it with antibacterial soap. Very good choice, although quite expensive - Betadine liquid soap Betadine - use correctly  Betadine - use correctly
 . It can be bought in almost any drugstore. It contains the active substance betadine, so soap has a yellow-orange color, and gives a yellow foam. The reason for its effectiveness in that it kills significantly more organisms than usual antibacterial soap. It is characterized by a fairly high cost, but one bottle is enough for a long time, since it is generally used in very small quantities.


Avoid alcohol and hydrogen peroxide

One of the recommendations for the care of the navel piercings, which often sounds from the mouth of laymen - to wipe navel hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. This advice is seductive in its simplicity and low cost, but it does not need to follow in any case. Hydrogen peroxide causes irritation and dry skin. Alcohol has the same effect, not to mention the fact that he is a very strong burning sensation.

Use these tools can be used only if your doctor has recommended them. He can advise on the use of alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, for example, for the treatment of infections, but this usually appointed antibiotics Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?  Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?
   and antimicrobial ointment.


The healing properties of salt water

Salt water - especially sea water - is one of the best tools that accelerates the process of wound healing, which include a puncture in the navel. However, if you live in a warm region and close to the sea, not in a hurry to go soak punctured stomach into the sea in the sea water inhabited by many bacteria are in contact with the wound can cause an infection. In the first weeks after the piercing is not recommended to swim - or in open water or in swimming pools. Also, do not take a bath and Jacuzzi.

You can buy sterile seawater at a pharmacy or make your own saline solution. Soak a cotton ball in the water, and attach it to the navel for a few minutes. Repeat this procedure 1-2 times per day.


Neosporin - to use or not?

The answer to the question of whether to use Neosporin care pierced navel or not, largely depends on who it is asked. Some experts recommend the use of Neosporin for a few days or weeks after the piercing was done, others believe that it slows down the healing process of the tissue, preventing the access of oxygen to the skin. Generally, Neosporin copes well with a variety of bacteria, and it is often used to treat infections developing in the damaged skin.

However, in the instructions to this method it says that it is not intended for use on the stab wounds, and piercing, in fact, it refers to those and. For this reason, most experts still inclined to believe that the use of Neosporin care navel piercings should not be, but doctors may recommend it in case of infection.


Signs of infection

Piercing navel will heal within about six months, but sometimes the process takes up to a year, so do not be surprised if even a few months after the piercing in the puncture will be a slight reddening of the skin and release. As already mentioned, one of the main reasons for this is the location of the navel - it weighs clothes from time to time there is friction, limited oxygen supply, and so on. For these reasons, a punctured lung irritation navel - a perfectly normal phenomenon.

However, severe pain, redness, and a significant increase in its temperature, as well as the allocation of greenish yellow pus is a sign that you need to seek medical help.

Regular cleansing of the navel is usually avoids infections. Even if infection occurs, infection usually manage to cope pretty quickly. So take good care of the pierced navel, watch carefully for changes in the condition of the skin puncture, and if necessary contact your doctor - this will help prevent most complications.

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