Cream of psoriasis - what to choose?

January 4, 2014

 cream for psoriasis
 Cream of psoriasis should be selected on the recommendation of a doctor, and then verify whether it is suitable for you. Likewise, it should be selected ointments, lotions, sprays and other pharmaceutical preparations for external use for psoriasis. Today, it produced a large number of such drugs - choose a few.


Types of psoriasis creams

Cream - a dosage form for external application, which includes the active substance, oil, water and an emulsifier, which allows the active agent fall within the skin. From ointment cream characterized in that it will penetrate the skin and cause moknutija oily film on the skin surface.

All ointments and creams for psoriasis are divided into hormonal and non-hormonal. Non-hormonal cream for psoriasis - is:

  • tsinokap (zinc) - has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal activity;
  • Dayvoneks (with calcipotriol - ointment and cream) - is intended for long-term maintenance treatment of psoriasis vulgaris; It has a direct impact on the mechanism of the development of psoriasis;
  • losterin (urea and naftalan) - is designed for daily care of dry skin of patients with psoriasis;
  • Skin-Cap (with zinc) - quickly removes the burning, itching and dryness of the skin, has an antiseptic effect, is not addictive, can be applied on the face and skin folds;
  • psorilom (homeopathic cream with herbal extracts) - suitable for daily skin care, relieves itching, dryness and peeling of the skin, has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and epithelizing action;
  • topikrem (urea and beeswax) - suitable for very dry and rough skin; moisturizes, nourishes and restores the protective fatty film on the skin, can not be used on the face and damaged skin;
  • Zorka (veterinary cream floralizinom) - Zorka in psoriasis cream softens the skin and has anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates the regenerative processes in tissues; It can be bought in veterinary pharmacy;
  • Chinese psoriasis cream PSORIASIS CREAM (extracts of Chinese herbs) - relieves itching, gently cleanses the affected skin, stimulates skin regeneration, has a slight, pleasant odor.

Hormone creams for psoriasis - a lot of them: triderm Triderm - care for skin diseases  Triderm - care for skin diseases
 , Betaderm, elakom, advantan and so on. Hormonal cream is the latest generation advantan. Active ingredient of this cream is a corticosteroid hormone methylprednisolone atseponat. Advantan also available in the form of ointments, fatty ointments castor oil and emulsions. When applied to the skin advantan hardly enters the bloodstream and has significantly fewer side effects than hormonal creams and ointments past generations.

What is the best cream for psoriasis? Practice shows that the best is the one cream that is best suited to the patient's skin.


Lotion for psoriasis

The lotion contains a water-alcohol solution containing the active substance. The lotion dries rash elements and tones the skin, promotes rapid penetration of active substances in the skin. Hydroalcoholic lotion suitable for the treatment of seborrheic psoriasis Seborrheic psoriasis - correct diagnosis is important  Seborrheic psoriasis - correct diagnosis is important
 Which combined with increased production of sebum. For the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris Vulgar psoriasis - the most common form of the disease  Vulgar psoriasis - the most common form of the disease
   not suitable lotions alcohol and any other solvent.

All lotions for psoriasis are also divided into hormonal and non-hormonal. Hormonal lotions - is Elokim Elokim - relieve inflammation and itching  Elokim - relieve inflammation and itching
 , Belosalik, Diprosalik. Nonhormonal lotion for psoriasis - Dayvoneks, their composition is calcipotriol - an analog of vitamin D. It stimulates and inhibits the proliferation (multiplication) of cells of the surface layer of the epithelium, has immunomodulatory properties. It is used by simply Dayvoneks psoriasis and psoriasis of the scalp.

Ksamiol Lotion - a combined tool, which consists of corticosteroids and calcipotriol.

Available as Chinese lotion for psoriasis pure body. This non-hormonal agent, which comprises flyuotsinonid, hydrofluoric acid, salicylic acid, Bornean camphor, ethanol and other substances. Lotion can quickly relieve itching, peeling and dryness of the skin. Lotion for psoriasis pure body is advertised as a tool that can completely clean the skin from psoriatic plaques, which certainly raises strong doubts about the quality and reliability of its products (the Chinese pharmaceutical company Shenyang Dongling).

Currently available drugs for a variety of outdoor applications from psoriasis. Choose the means that will be right for you to be on the recommendation of a doctor and then checking its individual tolerance.

Galina Romanenko

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Keloid scar - develops its own laws

September 19, 2011

 keloid scar
 Keloid scar can not be confused with anything. The appearance of his character: red, brilliant and constantly increasing. He brings a lot of trouble for both patients and doctors, and the latest is not always to blame for his appearance.

 Keloid scar - develops its own laws

What is a keloid scar

We know that the scar (or scars) appear on the skin after the violation of its integrity. It is a connective tissue that grows instead of skin replaces the resulting defect. The process of forming scar called scar maturation. By the end of maturing (which lasts a few months), the scar becomes pale and not very noticeable on the skin. And over the years he did it almost drained.

But in some cases, especially after burns, normal maturation of the scar is broken, it is long preserved blood vessels and appear atypical chemical composition and structure of collagen fibers that is formed tumor proliferation of connective tissue, called a keloid.

The reasons for the formation of keloid to date not well understood, but it is believed that the main cause of keloid scar in place is usually genetic, inherited features of connective tissue. These features are "forced" connective tissue cells actively proliferate in response to any injury, including a very small. These people often find a variety of hormonal changes, metabolic disorders Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
 , Chronic infections (such as tuberculosis), chronic non-specific foci of infection (eg, chronic gynecological infectious and inflammatory diseases, chronic tonsillitis).

Keloid scar can be true and false.

 Keloid scar - develops its own laws

True keloid scar

True keloid appears without any reason. Often it occurs in men at the front surface of the chest in the form of a small tumor-bright pink shiny formation. Sometimes on the surface of the keloid visible streaks of blood vessels (telangiectasia). At the touch of this formation is a dense, elastic and completely painless. Keloid begins to grow rapidly, more in length, its height (elevation above the surface of the skin) is typically about 5-10 mm. From the side surfaces of the scar often depart branches, making a scar-like claws of cancer. But the general state of human keloid scar is not reflected, representing only a cosmetic defect.

 Keloid scar - develops its own laws

False keloid scar

False keloid scar may appear on the skin after an injury (such as a gunshot or knife wounds, burns, and even just a scratch). It can occur in the place of usual scar after pustular skin diseases Pustular skin diseases - it is difficult to get rid of hard to live  Pustular skin diseases - it is difficult to get rid of hard to live
 , Venous ulcers.

If there is a keloid scar on the place of usual, the growth of its first imperceptible. There is a feeling that scar just inflamed, but in fact no pain or any other sensation in this area often does not happen. Gradually the rumen grows by connective tissue, it becomes bright (pink, red or bluish) and brilliant, towering above the skin. Then gradually scar fades and becomes normal color of scar tissue.

False keloid can have other forms, for example, in the form of point proliferation of connective tissue at the site of acne Acne: facial trouble  Acne: facial trouble
 Arising in the hormonal surges of adolescence on the chest, back and face.

 Keloid scar - develops its own laws

Diagnosis and treatment of keloids

Keloid scar (both true and false) have a very distinctive look, however, they must be distinguished from ordinary too overgrown (hypertrophic) scars, and skin cancers. Sometimes it is taken for further diagnosis piece of scar tissue for histological examination.

Keloid scar typically not removed, as this may lead to further widening. Conservative treatment is to improve the metabolism. For this purpose, patients are administered vitaminoterapiyu (A, E, C, B group), macro- and trace elements (particularly iron preparations). For the connective tissue resorption topically administered enzymes (lidazu, chymotrypsin) or by injection in the form of electrophoresis.

Assist physiotherapy: electrophoresis with potassium iodide, ultrasound with glucocorticoid hormones. In some cases, help to mud Mud - a pleasant and useful procedure  Mud - a pleasant and useful procedure
 , Thermotherapy (ozokerite).

If after surgery you had a keloid scar, do not rush to blame the surgeon to operate you will most likely cause of keloids are the individual characteristics of your own body.

Galina Romanenko