Aevitum face - will help solve many problems

May 27, 2012

 Aevitum face
 Aevitum - a drug that is orally or intramuscularly may be used only on prescription, since it contains a very large doses of vitamins can cause toxicity. However, this drug can be topically applied on their own - it is perfect to solve any problems of the skin.

 Aevitum face - will help solve many problems

Aevitum problem with oily skin of the face

For oily skin on the face appearing comedones - black dots, which are sebaceous plugs, bridging the opening of the sebaceous glands. The corked sebaceous glands begin to actively proliferate pathogens, and appears on the skin abscess. These are called juvenile acne pustules or pimples, there are metabolic disorders of the skin cells on the background of hormonal changes during adolescence.

Coping with the youthful acne is not so simple, it requires complex treatment. Appointed antibacterials agents uluchayuschie metabolic processes in the skin and so on. The structure of such a complex treatment often includes Aevitum that can be taken orally, injected intramuscularly or applied externally.

Inside and intramuscularly Aevitum allowed to take only 14 years old. Assign it on a tablet once a day for a month or into 1 ml intramuscularly. Repeat treatments may be twice a year.

Today, cosmetologists are increasingly began to appoint Aevitum externally contraindications for this application there but you are hypersensitive to its components. For oily skin components that make up the Aevitum (vitamins A and E) act locally, restoring metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
   in skin cells that leads to the normalization of the chemical composition of sebum - too high viscosity of sebum is the direct cause of the formation of comedones. In addition, Aevitum improve the local immunity of the skin.

For oily skin of the face Oily facial skin - a problem both sexes  Oily facial skin - a problem both sexes
   You can make such procedures: clean the skin using a fine-grained scrub, and then pierce the capsule and apply Aevitum oil solution on the skin, the skin is slightly pokolachivaya fingertips. Aevitum quickly absorbed and does not require removal of oil residues. Such procedures can be carried out every day in a row to 15-20, and then make a break for three months and repeat.

You can also make a potato mask for acne: a small potato, boil in their skins, peel, mash, add Aevitum of ampoules cool slightly (the mask should be slightly warm) and apply on face for 20 minutes, then wash with warm water without soap.

 Aevitum face - will help solve many problems

Aevitum for dry and aging skin of the face

When such problems Aevitum Aevitum - for the treatment, rather than prevention  Aevitum - for the treatment, rather than prevention
   also it helps: it improves protein and carbohydrate metabolism of skin cells, which leads to their renewal. Vitamin A also reduce the premature death of skin cells surface, which leads to its peeling.

The two vitamins (A and E) possess an antioxidant effect, which suppresses toxic effects on the cells of free radicals and prevents their aging.

For dry and aging skin can be to do the following mask Aevitum: egg yolk separated from the protein combine with a teaspoon of melted honey, a teaspoon of olive oil and add the contents of one ampoule Aevitum; apply the mask onto the face (after pre-purification and portions except around the eyes) and leave for 15-20 minutes, then wash with lukewarm water without soap.

It is possible to make the mask and clay. For dry aging skin masks fit of yellow clay, which can be bought in a pharmacy. To prepare the masks need to take a tablespoon of yellow clay, mix it with the same amount of warm milk, yolk of one egg, add two small fresh crushed mint leaf Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness  Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness
 All the ingredients you need to mix thoroughly, grind and apply on face for fifteen minutes, then wash with warm water without soap.

You can also prepare their own face creams:

  • Two tablespoons of butter are mixed with a teaspoon of beeswax thoroughly mixed and melted on a steam bath; constantly stirring the mixture, pour into it a tablespoon of olive oil, the contents of two vials Aevitum and a tablespoon of grated strawberries, then all carefully mixed and applied the cream on the skin for 20 minutes, then blot the face with a napkin;
  • prepare an infusion of zest of two lemons, the Gulf of her cup of boiling water; 100 g butter combine with three tablespoons of olive oil, one egg yolk and a teaspoon of liquid honey; stirring constantly, add dropwise to the mixture 10 drops of lemon juice, the contents of two gelatin capsules Aevitum and tablespoon mayonnaise, camphor spirit and lemon peel tincture; put the cream on the skin for 20 minutes a night, and then wet cloth.

Finally, if dry, shelled and cracked lips, they can lubricate Aevitum.

Aevitum well-suited for any skin type.

Galina Romanenko

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Aktovegin ointment - used for healing wounds, burns and trophic ulcers

May 6, 2012

 aktovegin ointment
 Aktovegin - a drug which activates the cellular metabolism of glucose and oxygen, both at the system and when used topically. Assigned locally as an ointment it promotes rapid healing of wounds, trophic ulcers, bedsores, burns, including radiation.

 Aktovegin ointment - used for healing wounds, burns and trophic ulcers

How does the ointment aktovegin

Five percent ointment aktovegin Aktovegin - without fear of negative consequences  Aktovegin - without fear of negative consequences
   intended for outdoor use and is discharged in tubes 20, 30 and 50 In 1 g of ointment contains 2 mg dry weight gemoderivat deproteinised calves blood. The ointment aktovegin include low molecular weight peptides and amino acid derivatives, which are physiological substances and therefore have practically not any side effects other than allergies. At the cellular level ointment aktovegin causes an increase assimilation and oxygen consumption (increased resistance to its shortcomings in a violation of the blood supply of tissues), increases glucose uptake and therefore the energy resources of the cell.

When applying ointment aktovegin on skin and mucous membranes, it promotes rapid epithelialization (proliferation of surface layers of the cover) of damaged surfaces.

This happens due to a faster flow of metabolic processes in the skin and mucous membranes, as aktovegin promotes better absorption of glucose by cells Glucose: The energy source  Glucose: The energy source
 . Glucose is the source of energy and its active assimilation increases the speed of all metabolic processes. Of particular importance is the acceleration of the oxygen assimilation cells - without oxygen may be cells of any tissue, including skin and mucous membranes.

Ointment aktovegin particularly effective accelerates the healing of ulcers of various origins, bedsores (they occur in malnutrition tissue), burns, radiation injuries sheets. Action ointment aktovegin local, general effects on the body, it usually does not have and does not have a toxic effect even at doses much higher than recommended.

 Aktovegin ointment - used for healing wounds, burns and trophic ulcers

In some cases, prescribe

Aktovegin prescribed ointment topically to treat the following diseases:

  • any wounds as deep and surface (eg scratches), including inflamed;
  • inflammation of the skin and mucous membranes;
  • burns of any origin - thermal, chemical, solar, radiation; including for the prevention of radiation injuries of the skin and mucous membranes during radiation therapy to cancer patients;
  • trophic ulcers occurring on the background of venous insufficiency Venous insufficiency - rapidly Youthful disease  Venous insufficiency - rapidly Youthful disease
   and stagnation of blood in the veins;
  • bedsores that developed in critically ill patients, long time conductor in the supine position; including the prevention of pressure sores in such patients;
  • pretreatment wound surfaces before skin grafting.

 Aktovegin ointment - used for healing wounds, burns and trophic ulcers

How to apply

Aktovegin has several dosage forms for external use. This is a 20% gel, 5% cream and ointment 5%. In the treatment of deep wounds and inflamed ulcers initially applied a 20% gel, which helps cleanse the wound. The treatment was then continued for 5% cream (it promotes healing of wounds).

5% ointment aktovegin applied at the final stage of treatment, as it promotes epithelialization (imperforate) wounds - it can be used for a long time.

When the pre-treatment of inflamed wounds and deep venous ulcers with inflammatory discharge is first conducted cleansing of the affected area of ​​the skin. To do this on the wound or ulcer is applied to 5% gel aktovegin, and on top - with ointment compress aktovegin. Such bandage needs to be changed once a day, but if the wound or ulcer strongly gets wet, it is possible and more often - as required. After cleansing the wound or ulcer treatment lasts 5% cream and after the inflammation subsides, a long time is prescribed ointment.

 Aktovegin ointment - used for healing wounds, burns and trophic ulcers

Contraindications for use and side effects

The only contraindication to the use of ointments aktovegin is hypersensitivity of the patient to its components. Aktovegin ointment can be applied to both adults and children, as well as during pregnancy and nursing Breastfeeding - a personal choice  Breastfeeding - a personal choice

Side effects ointments aktovegin known allergic reactions such as urticaria, contact dermatitis, and so on. Furthermore, in some cases, ointment causes local reactions such as burning and itching at the site of application.

Ointment should be stored at a temperature of 18-25 ° C. The period of her life - for five years.

Ointment aktovegin quite possible to have a first aid kit in your home and use for the treatment of minor abrasions and cuts, especially in children. Treat this salve the deep wounds and ulcers can only be prescribed by a doctor, while the ointment is applied as part of comprehensive treatment.

Galina Romanenko

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