Hidden causes of chapped lips: what to look for

January 18, 2013

 causes of chapped lips
 Unlikely in the world there are many people who have never cracked lips. Most often this happens, and especially - in the cold season. However, there are many reasons for the appearance of cracks in the skin of the lips, which have nothing to do with the cold weather, but are symptoms of various disorders.

 Hidden causes of chapped lips: what to look for

Often chapped lips can not be cured by any balms and oils. This problem can be many reasons.

  • Check for abscesses or periodontal disease. Deep cleaning of the oral cavity, which can lead dentist (sometimes under anesthesia), in some cases, helps solve this problem.
  • Musicians playing the clarinet, lips can crack with the places where they come into contact with the tool.
  • The substance propyl gallate, which is an ingredient of some lipsticks can cause an allergic reaction, which resulted in the crack lips.
  • The reason may be chapped lips toothpaste containing guaiazulene and / or sodium lauryl sulfate. The latter may cause not only an increased dryness and damage to the skin of the lips, but also skin irritation and perioral dermatitis.
  • Poorly known and rarely called violation of granulomatous cheilitis can cause cracks in the lips; in this disease, it is usually necessary to conduct a biopsy to determine the exact diagnosis.
  • In some cases, the cause of cracks in the lips is allergic to nickel. Do not use metal objects to his lips, with the exception of cutlery.
  • The juice of citrus fruits can cause irritation and lips, and an allergic reaction, causing the lips crack.
  • Figs can cause mild allergic and cracks in the lips.
  • Phenyl salicylate, an ingredient of various cosmetic products for lip care, may be one reason for chapped lips Chapped lips - lips look after properly  Chapped lips - lips look after properly
  • When taken with vitamin B12 supplements a person may develop an allergy to cobalt. Because of this, his lips from time to time begin to crack and swell for no apparent reason. It is important to understand that the applicator test for vitamin B12 in this case may give a negative result, despite the presence of allergy.
  • One of the side effects of the drug propranolol used to control blood pressure, may be chapped lips.
  • Prochlorperazine medication can cause side effects such as dizziness and chapped lips.
  • Patients with Down syndrome have a genetic predisposition to the appearance of cracks in the lips. For treatment typically use thyroid hormones Thyroid hormones: mechanism of action and physiological effects  Thyroid hormones: mechanism of action and physiological effects
   and strong steroid ointment for topical application.
  • With long-term exposure to sunlight on the skin can develop a precancerous condition such as actinic cheilitis. For the treatment may be used preparations for topical use containing chemotherapeutic agents such as 5-fluorouracil.
  • Red dyes in candy, gum, toothpaste and some other products are sometimes reasons that the lips dry out and crack. The same effect can have cinnamates - ingredients that give flavor of cinnamon various products.
  • Do you snore? Enlarged tonsils, adenoids, or sleep apnea Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   It may be caused by cracking of the lips. Chronic exposure to breathing warm overnight deprives moisture lips, whereby they may crack. If necessary, consult a doctor - he will recommend a special device to help prevent snoring.
  • You have psoriasis or lichen planus? In rare cases, these disorders affect the lips, because of what they look cracked.
  • You just peel and crack corners of her mouth? This condition is known as angular cheilitis (or - Zayed, with the accent on the first vowel), and it is caused by a fungal infection. In some cases, the infection is completely amazing lips. For the treatment used prescription oral antifungal medications. Especially prone to this disease with diabetes - they can develop it often, even long after successful treatment.
  • You have lupus or in your history have an autoimmune disease? Because of this sensitivity to light lips can be enhanced, and you should each time before leaving the house to use a lip balm with an SPF of at least 15.
  • Do you suffer from dry eyes or the mouth? Perhaps you have an autoimmune disease called Sjögren's syndrome, one symptom of which is chapped lips.
  • Your history has thyroid disease? Hypothyroidism can cause dryness of the skin, including - lips.
  • Excess vitamin A - as in food supplements or prescription drugs such as Accutane, and in the diet may lead to peeling of the lips. If you take vitamin supplements, carefully read the composition. If the content of vitamin A in a single dose greater than 25,000 IU, you probably found the cause for which you have cracked lips.
  • Do you have the habit of licking or biting the lips? Frequent contact of the lips with saliva causes them to dehydration and irritation because saliva contains enzymes designed to facilitate digestion. Many people are not aware of such acts, so it's worth a watch. People often bite or lick their lips under stress; If this applies to you, look for other ways to manage stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis

Still do not understand why crack your lips? Make an appointment with a dermatologist, and is careful not to do the following:

  • Do not hold in the mouth metal objects such as paper clips;
  • Do not wet the adhesive strip envelopes language;
  • Do not use lipsticks that contain potential allergens and irritants; If you are a man - do not kiss on the mouth of girls with painted lips.

Prepare to be that identify the cause of your problem will not be easy. The doctor may ask you to give up a variety of foods from the funds for the care of the skin on one to determine, because of which of them have cracked lips. Please be patient - after all, beautiful and healthy lips worth any effort.

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Lipstick, increasing the lips instant transformation

March 17, 2013

 increasing the lipstick lips
 Plump lips are not for nothing called the sensual - is that they show about sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality  Nine ways to experience their sexuality
   its owner. Not surprisingly, many women want to make their lips fuller and more attractive. Lipstick, increasing the lips - the perfect solution for those who are not willing to go under the surgeon's knife for the sake of change facial features.

 Lipstick, increasing the lips instant transformation

Change with lipstick

If a woman is unhappy with, say, the shape of your nose, it's only one way to solve this problem - plastic surgery. In the case of the lips, everything is much simpler: their shape can always be corrected with the help of makeup. Women have long been used in cosmetics not only to mask the shortcomings and emphasize the merits of a person, but also for the correction of its features. A little skill - and others do not guess about the issue.

For visual lip augmentation is suitable not any lipstick. It is better to abandon superstoykih lipsticks that are held for a long time, but very dried and tightening the lips. It is much more preferable option would be moisturizing lipstick with a satin texture or nutritional fatty lipstick.

It is known that the dark and dull color to visually reduce the volume. Consequently, owners of the thin lips of those colors should be abandoned. Not the best option will be too bright lipstick - red or pink. It is better to give preference to lighter natural shades - corporal, caramel, honey, pale pink, pale lilac. It is advisable to choose a shiny lipstick can be a pearl or reflective particles. If you want to use a matte lipstick is applied to the center of the upper lip a little sparkle - it will make lips relief. Another simple trick that gives lips volume - put on the skin around the mouth foundation Tone Cream: a pledge perfect makeup  Tone Cream: a pledge perfect makeup
   a half-tone darker than the one that applied to the entire face. Boundaries must be carefully shaded so they were not visible. But to trace the dark lip pencil has long been out of fashion - the pencil should be a maximum of a half-tone darker than the lipstick. This pencil line should be carried out carefully outlining the lip contour to the outside.

 Lipstick, increasing the lips instant transformation

Wonder lipstick

Of course, makeup technique is of great importance, but the best results can be achieved by using a special lipstick to increase. The composition of such lipsticks usually include silicones, the tiniest wrinkle on the lips and gives the skin smoothness; hyaluronic acid, filling the skin with moisture; active ingredients that improve circulation. Of course, the effect of applying a lipstick is not comparable to the effect of plastic surgery, but with the help of this tool it is possible to augment the lips How to increase the lips are different ways  How to increase the lips are different ways
   fifteen - twenty percent without any harm to health. These tools are completely safe - the concentration of active ingredients in them are too small to cause any health hazard. However, before purchasing it is necessary to carefully read the composition of lipstick - it contains natural essential oils and plant extracts may cause an allergic reaction Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat  Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat

Most lipsticks to increase take effect immediately, as soon as they put on the lips; others have a cumulative effect - they must be used continuously for a long time, but then keep the sensual fullness of the lips for a few days, or even weeks, even without lipstick. Self-respecting manufacturers write recommendations for optimal use of funds for the package. After applying lipstick possible tingling or burning sensation - this is normal. Usually, such events have been held for one hour after the use of the funds.

Equipment applying lipstick, bulking, no different from the usual technique applying makeup with one exception: it is not necessary to apply a lipstick or a foundation or moisturizer or balm. All of these tools can reduce the effectiveness of lipstick. For make-up remover can be used conventional milk or lotion to remove makeup, increasing the lipstick does not require any specific tools.

Maria Bykov

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