The black dots on the face: how to get rid

August 1, 2011

 The black dots on the face
 Ugly black dots make the person unattractive, especially if a lot of them. The appearance of such points is characteristic of adolescence. It was at the age of thirteen to eighteen begin the most unpleasant skin problems The most common skin problems and their solutions  The most common skin problems and their solutions
 . This happens under the action of hormones.

 The black dots on the face: how to get rid

Why are there black dots on the face

The black dots on the face (comedones) appear on the site of the blockage of the sebaceous glands. Outwardly, they look very unattractive and can significantly spoil the appearance. But that's not all: on the basis of their almost always develops an inflammatory process, ie pustules appear on the skin - acne, because in the sealed space begins to multiply rapidly pathogenic microflora.

Most often this occurs when sebum changes its chemical composition and becomes more viscous. This occurs, for example, a teenager under the influence of an excess of the male sex hormone testosterone Five myths about testosterone  Five myths about testosterone
   (excess testosterone can be not only for boys but also for girls).

Furthermore, the reason for the appearance of black spots on the face can be congenital predisposition, in this case, formation of black dots features contribute metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
 , Resulting in the formation of increased viscosity of sebum and clog the sebaceous ducts.

Another fairly common cause is poor diet: eating large amounts of fatty, fried and spicy foods, alcoholic beverages (including beer). All this can also cause a violation of the composition of sebum.

Finally, the cause may be high neuro-psychological load and stress, because of the condition of the nervous system depends on the state of the endocrine glands and skin.

No less important are local factors, skin irritants: the constant exposure to the sun, windy weather, dust environment - all this creates the preconditions for the formation of black spots on the face. Irritate and stimulate saloobrazovaniya may incorrectly picked up cosmetics.

 The black dots on the face: how to get rid

How to get rid of blackheads

It's not that it's easy, it's not purely a cosmetic defect, it is based on the violation of the immune system and metabolism, which in turn are the result of hormonal or genetic disorders. Therefore, the struggle for clean face without the black dots to start with proper nutrition Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food  Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food
   and exercise.

The diet should be excluded fatty, fried, spicy, smoked or salted food, sweets, pastries, sodas and alcohol. It is also advisable to quit smoking.

Physical activity contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes, thereby stabilizing and hormones. Teenagers are prone formation of comedones and acne, recommended exercise.

Treatment black chutes actually better to start with a consultation dermatologist - cosmetologist who will prescribe the correct staged treatment. But at home, you can do something.

Goal number one - to reduce saloobrazovaniya in the skin. To do this, every morning and evening to wash with a special cosmetic for oily skin. Soap is better not to use. After washing the skin is applied day or night cream for oily skin.

Task died two - make the skin thinner, it allows you to quickly get to the comedones, and sometimes he himself "get out" on the surface of such procedures. Will it make a special cosmetics - facial scrubs, creams and lotions with AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids are present in many cosmetic lines). Houses can also thin the skin with a mask with clay or concoctions.

There are specific dosage external means, for example, skinoren. This medication is available as a cream, gel and helps to exfoliate the surface layers of the skin, causing the skin becomes thinner and the black dots "out" on the surface. Furthermore, skinoren improves the chemical composition of sebum and kill pathogens; long-term use (over several months) skinoren can eliminate the black dots.

Another tool - baziron speakers, it comes in the form of a gel, having the ability to dissolve dead skin cells, improve blood circulation in the skin, reduces sebum and kill pathogens. This drug is also necessary to apply a long time, at least three months.

Independently squeeze the black dots on the face of it is not necessary, as a result of a manipulation of the skin can get infected, get rid of that will not be easy. In beauty salons today are doing this procedure is quick and painless.

The black dots on the face - this is the result of violations that occur throughout the body. Therefore it is necessary to treat them with the utmost seriousness, be sure to consult with your physician and follow all of the destination.

Galina Romanenko

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Chemical hair straightening: science in the service of beauty

May 27, 2010

  • Chemical hair straightening: science in the service of beauty
  • Subtleties procedures

 chemical hair straightening
 Owners use curling straight hair and even sleep in curlers to gain coveted curls. Those who donated hair curly nature, often spend a lot of time and money to straighten it. If you are tired every day to mess with the hair iron, it is worth thinking about the chemical straightening.

 Chemical hair straightening: science in the service of beauty

Consultation with a specialist

Chemical hair straightening - a simple procedure, but it requires a detailed understanding of the process, including how it is affected by the chemicals on the hair. Therefore it is very important to find a good specialist - ask the advice of friends, read regional forums and you will surely find someone who you need.

This expert will tell you about all possible risks associated with the procedure, as well as appreciate the texture and condition of the hair. The latter is necessary to select the best relaxer. For example, a thin, brittle and / or colored hair fit the softest relaxants. The strongest relaxants are used for straightening curly hair strongly Caring for curly hair - a remedy is right for you?  Caring for curly hair - a remedy is right for you?
 ; it is very important to have healthy hair.

Before performing chemical straightening hair relaxer was tested on the same strand. It will identify possible adverse reactions and to ensure that the relaxer is selected properly - or the correct choice.

 Chemical hair straightening: science in the service of beauty

The procedure

For chemical hair straightening is usually used following chemicals:

  • Relaxators;
  • Neutralizer;
  • Cream-based petroleum jelly;
  • Shampoos specifically designed for use with the relaxation oscillator;
  • Air conditioners, hair straightening.

The procedure consists of three basic steps:

  • On the scalp and hair cream is applied on the basis of Vaseline Vaseline: old friend  Vaseline: old friend
   (it is less dense than regular petroleum jelly). This is necessary to protect the weak and damaged hair. If your hair is in good condition, they immediately applied relaxer.
  • After about 5-8 minutes relaxer wash off with warm water. On the hair applied converter - it nourishes the hair and restores the oxygen pH. High pH, ​​resulting from exposure relaxants, makes hair brittle.
  • In hair conditioner applied. It establishes the results and nourishes the hair. Sometimes air conditioning is also used before the strike relaxer. This is necessary if the hair is badly damaged, but in such cases is usually recommended to recover the hair before making the chemical straightening.

 Chemical hair straightening: science in the service of beauty


Sodium hydroxide - the strongest of the three most frequently used relaxators. When applied to the hair sodium hydroxide penetrates the cortex - a second layer structure of the hair and destroys the protein compounds. Cortex provides strength and elasticity of the hair, as well as determine their texture. Depending on various factors, including the condition of the hair, the concentration of sodium hydroxide employed may range from 5% to 10%. The stronger solution, the higher the pH, and the more rapid and noticeable results provide sodium hydroxide. Of course, the higher the concentration of the active substance in a solution, the greater may be damaged hair.

Guanidine relates to a non alkaline hydroxide relaxer and is less damaging to hair. However, this substance may disturb the production of oils in the scalp, due to which the hair may become more dry and brittle. Before and after applying relaxators based on guanidine hydroxide is necessary to use air conditioning.

Ammonium thioglycolate is not acting as the previous two substances. He straightens the hair, destroying the cystine bond. The risk of damage to the hair ammonium thioglycollate essentially lower than using sodium hydroxide.

 Chemical hair straightening: science in the service of beauty

Hair Care after chemical straightening

After chemical hair straightening is necessary to exactly follow the instructions for the care of hair, which will give you a hairdresser. Exposure to harsh chemicals make the hair fragile and brittle, so you need to use special shampoos and balms, which saturate the hair fibers, making them stronger. Within a few weeks, it is strongly recommended to avoid hair coloring Hair coloring - Beauty lossless  Hair coloring - Beauty lossless
 . If possible, dry your hair naturally

Depending on the speed of hair growth two or three times a year will have to undergo treatments to maintain the result (otherwise your head will decorate the hair with curly hair at the roots and tips straight).