Sex-charge: the most enjoyable fitness

June 1, 2008

 sex charge
 If normal charging helps to improve the health and quality of life in general, the sex charge allows you to make sex life and feeling brighter: the so-called Kegel exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the pelvic region, not in vain are populyarnoostyu - they really help to learn to feel your body and make orgasms stronger.

 Sex-charge: the most enjoyable fitness

Sex Charge: basic techniques

During sex, the main "work" performed pelvic muscles, and it is their aim to strengthen the so-called Kegel exercises .  Perform these exercises can be anywhere - at home, at work, in cafes: contraction of these muscles around quite considerably .  Technique Kegel exercises is very simple: you just need to contract and relax the pelvic muscles .  It is very important to work only the muscles of the pelvis - and no other muscle, neither the press nor the muscles of the thighs or buttocks do not have to strain .  No less important is the number of cuts: first, you must perform twenty pelvic muscle contractions in a row, and then gradually on the basis of individual characteristics, increase the number of "approaches" to forty, keeping the muscles under tension for a few seconds .  And the results of regular performance of sex charge you will notice very soon - just three weeks is required in order to truly develop the pelvic muscles .

 Sex-charge: the most enjoyable fitness

Exercises on the thighs and buttocks

During sex, the muscles of the buttocks and thighs do not work less intensively than the muscles of the pelvis - in fact, it is these muscles and bear the main burden .  Performing exercises on the muscles of the thighs and buttocks - even when no problems with a figure not - you can increase muscle endurance, improve flexibility and mobility - and this, in turn, will make sexual life more varied and try those poses that previously It seemed inaccessible .  This is not necessarily written to the gym every day and spend an hour of intense exercise - enough to learn how to do a simple exercise on the muscles of the hips .  To perform this exercise, you must take the starting position: stand up straight, spaced shoulder-width apart legs slightly bent at the knees, put your hands on your hips .  By adopting such a position, you need to slowly rotate the pelvis in a clockwise direction, "writing" Eight hips or circle .  This unpretentious exercise there is one trick: that it is most effective, both need to stretch the muscles of the pelvis - to reduce the inhalation, exhale - relax .  As is the case with Kegel exercises, number of sets should be minimal at first - you should start with twenty-rotation of the hips, gradually increasing this number to forty .  The result was not long in coming: strengthening the thigh muscles, you can increase endurance and thus improve the quality of sex - and improve the flexibility and mobility allow to take even the most seemingly complex postures .

 Sex-charge: the most enjoyable fitness

Development of flexibility

Just how diverse is your sex life, how good is sex, is largely dependent on the plasticity and flexibility of the body .  For this reason, it is important to improve the flexibility of using special exercises .  Perform these exercises are very simple: take a starting position on the floor on all fours, leaning on her knees and hands - so that his hands were placed shoulder-width apart and knees - the width of the hips .  Belly need to draw .  During the exercise, inspiratory need to raise your buttocks slightly upward at the same time as low as possible bending the spine - with the head should not fall down, look to be pointing up .  By adopting such a position, it is necessary to stay in it for a few seconds, and then return to the starting position, exhale .  This exercise allows us to develop the flexibility in record time - and hence the ability to make even the most complex, "acrobatic" sexy pose .  If time allows, to improve flexibility, you can do yoga - yoga exercises develop both flexibility and agility, and endurance .  In yoga there is another distinct advantage: breathing techniques taught in yoga help enhance sensation during orgasm .

Tatiana Smirnova

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The benefits of swimming

November 25, 2007

  • The benefits of swimming
  • Water exercise

 swimming lessons
 Golfing can be viewed as a fascinating hobby, a way to diversify your spare time, and as an effective way to strengthen the health and correct some figure flaws. In swimming lessons, regardless of which style you prefer swimming, a lot of advantages - they are no less useful than exercise, and at the same voyage - much more gentle to the body burden.

 The benefits of swimming

Golfing and health promotion

Enjoy swimming in the pool or open water for human health is priceless: swimming not only helps strengthen the muscles, allowing the load on all muscle groups, increase flexibility and endurance, but also normalizes the number of body systems .  First of all, swimming lessons most favorable impact on the health of the respiratory system: swimming helps develop the correct breathing rhythm, "loads" respiratory muscles and, eventually, even allows you to increase the amount of light due to the need to do more deep breaths .  Regular practice of swimming enhance ventilation and increase the mobility of the chest .  No less useful and swimming lessons for strengthening the cardiovascular system - in fact, swimming can be considered as a gentle but very effective alternative to cardio .  Regular swimming lessons can help reduce pressure, normalize the functioning of the cardiovascular system, and the massage effect resulting from the soft water resistance when swimming, increases blood circulation .

Golfing is equally useful for both adults and children - particularly in cases where at an early age, developing conspicuous violation of posture Violation of posture - not just a cosmetic defect  Violation of posture - not just a cosmetic defect
   or musculoskeletal system. When in the water reduces the load on the spine, and the particular position of the body, "expelled" out of the water buoyancy force, allows you to correct incorrect posture and prevent flat Flatfoot - help physiotherapy  Flatfoot - help physiotherapy
 . Useful lessons in swimming and in cases where young children are observed violations of the skeletal system: regular swimming promotes proper formation of bones in young children and at the same time improves the mobility of joints, eliminating the risk of injury.

 The benefits of swimming

Golfing and slimming

Swimming in the pool or open water - one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to lose weight, get rid of a few extra kilos and at the same time tighten the muscles. Interestingly, most of the pool begin regular walking is a woman trying to get rid of excess centimeters at the waist and hips. Such interest in swimming lessons is understandable - after losing weight, engaging in diving, is much easier and more enjoyable than a strict diet or exhaust yourself intense exercise Myths about exercise: do not believe  Myths about exercise: do not believe
 . Besides water perfectly removes nervous tension, which is especially useful in the case where the increase in body weight - just an attempt to "jam" the stresses that accompany the person all the time.

One of swimming allows to burn sufficiently large number of calories: only thirty minutes can burn about four calories and eliminate the consequences of malnutrition, and are accustomed to permanent employment, the duration can be increased up to sixty minutes. Thus, in just one month, regularly engaged in swimming in the pool or open water, you can become a happy owner of a slender, flexible and toned figure. In addition, unlike some exercise provided for fitness or aerobics, swimming does not act negatively on the joints and ligaments, eliminates the risk of sprains, muscle overload or dislocation Dislocation - Prevention and Treatment  Dislocation - Prevention and Treatment
   joints. Catching swimming to lose weight, you must take into account the fact that different styles of sailing involve different muscle groups. For example, brass - perfect style swimming for those who need to get rid of excess centimeters on the hips: the style of "load" the muscles and inner side of thighs, helps get rid of cellulite and tighten your leg muscles. But this style of swimming as crawl, primarily uses the muscles of the thighs and buttocks.