Exercises for the upper press: strengthens muscles

May 1, 2012

 Exercise upper press
 To proudly wear tight clothes and seductive bikini, you must have a slender figure Practical tips for a slim figure  Practical tips for a slim figure
 In the first place - an elastic flat stomach. How to achieve the desired effect? A balanced diet can help get rid of excess fat, and exercises for the upper press Proper strengthening of the upper part of the press  Proper strengthening of the upper part of the press
   make beautiful belly and fit.

Abdominal muscles need special attention. For beautiful press exercises must be chosen differentiated. Because for every area of ​​the abdominal muscles need your kind of load.

If you do not go into anatomical details, the external abdominal muscles are divided into direct and oblique. Direct muscles are located on the front of the abdomen and oblique - on the sides. Direct muscle can be divided into upper and lower abdominal muscles.

 Exercises for the upper press: strengthens muscles

If the goal is to work the muscles of the upper press, then you need to learn a few simple guidelines that will help in your job?

  • important thing is not the quantity but the quality of the exercise.
  • best rock press slowly than quickly.
  • It should not fall to the floor until the end, leaving the head above the floor.
  • at least - three sets of fifteen repetitions.

But do not forget that without proper diet and active lifestyle any exercise useless. Beautiful muscles can be seen only if a little fat on the body. Therefore, the general health status should be maintained in the norm. And not only during exercise, but also throughout life.

Start doing the exercises for the abs should be a warm-up. A few simple exercises for stretching and warming up: pull up, turns to the side, tilts.

During exercise the upper press need to watch his back, it should not be tense. This is in order not to damage the back.

The most basic exercise for the upper press well all know. For him the need to lie on your back, legs bent at the knees, his hands clasped behind his back. The head is pointed straight up. The palms of the neck support. It should be off the floor head, neck, shoulders and lower back pressed to leave the floor. Going down is not necessary to put his head on the floor. When performing exercises should stretch the muscles of the upper press, so you should make sure that the floor is not only detached neck, and shoulder blades.

 Exercises for the upper press: strengthens muscles

The complex for beginners

The most famous exercise for the upper press - "twist." Do this exercise is simple enough, but if you do everything right and not to be lazy, the effect is bound to be two or three weeks after the start of classes. Starting position - lying on a hard surface on the back, hands behind head, elbows out to the sides, legs bent, feet, not the floor. It should be off the floor head and shoulders, trying to reach the knee. It is important that the chin was drawn up, but remained lower back pressed to the floor. When performing exercises to linger for a few seconds with a strained abdominal muscles, it will become even more effective. It is enough to carry out two sets of ten to twelve repetitions.

Another exercise trains not only the muscles of the upper press, but the muscles of the shoulder and back. Starting position - lying on his stomach with a focus on bent elbows and toes. Hands should lie parallel to the hull. Straining abdominal muscles, you should raise the body, continuing to rely only on your elbows and toes. The body should be a straight line. This position should be delayed for ten to twenty seconds, then return to the original position. It should do two sets of twelve - fifteen repetitions.

Another exercise for the upper press also carried out on a solid surface. Starting position - lying on his stomach, toes rest on the floor, hands to pull out and clasped his hands behind his back "to the castle." On the inhale should be raised as high as the upper torso, caving in a waist. In this position, stand still, making five - ten deep breaths, then return to starting position. Exercise should be repeated eight - ten times.

 Exercises for the upper press: strengthens muscles

More complicated exercises

Over time, the abdominal muscles get used to the load, and regular classes do not bring satisfaction. In such a case, you should develop a more complex set of exercises.

Exercise "bent over backwards" can not be called simple, but it is very effective. Starting position: sitting on a solid surface, back straight, legs bent, feet flat on the floor, arms outstretched, palms up. Now we should imagine that the palm was a subject that in whatever was necessary to draw to itself. To do this, the hands bent at the elbows and move closer to the shoulders and the body leans back. It is important that this exercise be sure to stretch the muscles of the abdomen. Repeat these "bent over backwards" to be eight to ten times, you can start with five repetitions.

Another difficult exercise strengthens the muscles of the upper and lower press. Starting position - lying on his back on a hard surface, legs straight, arms extended along the body. It is necessary to lift the straightened leg about ten centimeters. Now we should slowly raise the torso while bending the left knee and right elbow. It should stand still for a few seconds with a muscle strain, pressing the wrist to the inside of the knee and return to starting position. Repeat exercise should be fifteen times in each direction.

Very effective exercises with dumbbells. As a rule, such exercises can not only simulate a flat stomach, but also to strengthen the thighs and buttocks. For example, the activity "lunges forward." Starting position - standing, feet shoulder width apart, right hand while holding a dumbbell in her lifted up. Now we need to move forward strongly left foot and sit to the left thigh was parallel to the floor. Hands do not change their position. Then return to the starting position, shift the dumbbell in your left hand and repeat the exercise with the right foot. Perform this exercise should be two sets of eight to ten times on each leg.

 Exercises for the upper press: strengthens muscles

There are many other types of exercises aimed at the elaboration of the muscles of the upper press.

Exercise 1

  • Lie on the floor on a blanket or a special sports mat.
  • Hands behind your head in the castle.
  • One leg is straight, the other bent at the knee. Drop foot is not lying on the ground, and raised over it.
  • Bend the knees pulled to the opposite elbow.
  • Knees should strive to cuddle the breast.
  • Turn the housing needs, not just the neck.
  • Counter performed alternately turns left and right. No need to hurry.

Exercise 2

For this exercise you will need a stable chair. Easy chair does not fit.

  • It is necessary to sit on a chair, back straight, not leaning against the backrest.
  • Hands cling to the sides of the chair seat.
  • Feet on the floor.
  • Exercise is pulling both knees to the chest, without changing the position of the body, the back is not rejected.
  • Knees to keep the breast for a few seconds. Lower.
  • Repeat fifteen times.

Exercise 3

  • Lie on the floor.
  • Straighten the arms along the body, palms down.
  • The legs are raised straight up, feet facing the ceiling.
  • Continuing to push the legs to lift up the thigh, hold for a few seconds. Lower the hips.
  • On lifting the thigh can be rotated left and right, one lifting on the turn. Repeat alternately on each side.

Exercise 4

  • Sit on the floor.
  • Feet placed shoulder-width apart, knees together.
  • Back straight, but laid back at forty-five degrees.
  • Direct hands in front of the castle.
  • From the position needs to be done right the slow turn towards with straight arms.
  • Rotate by abdominal muscles rather than the hips or back.
  • Return to the starting position.
  • Make a turn in the opposite direction.
  • Back to the center.
  • Repeat at least fifteen times.

Exercise 5

  • Lying on the floor.
  • Legs bent at the knees, feet in the air, calves parallel to the floor.
  • Hands behind your head in the castle.
  • Gently lift the body to the knees. First raises his head, then the neck, shoulder blades and waist.
  • Carefully lower the body on the floor in the reverse order, try not to lower his head.
  • Repeat fifteen times.

Variation 1

  • Lifting the body, pivoting body. Elbow is committed to the opposite knee. Repeat alternately on each side.

Variation 2

  • Bend the legs at ninety degrees to put on the floor on its side. Hands behind your head in the castle. When lifting the body to the thigh, which at the top, aims to the opposite elbow. Perform slowly. Then repeat on the other side.

Variation 3

  • Legs feet looking up. Hands behind your head in the castle. Raising and lowering of the body. Climbing is necessary due to the abdominal muscles, other muscles are not working.

Exercise 6

  • Lying on the back to connect the soles of the feet, knees, dissolve in hand.
  • Hands behind your head in the lock, the elbows out to the sides.
  • The body rises.
  • Only works your abs, neck straight, not tense.
  • Carefully lower to the ground starting from the waist, try to keep your head straight and not to lower the floor.

To do less approaches you can try to do strengthening exercises. To do this, you can take into the hands of dumbbells. Furthermore, it is possible both at home and in the gym use simulators and sports balls that can help increase the burden on the upper part of the press. The training should last for a while, but after a couple of weeks, the result may already be noticeable. To help her become a stronger press must not forget about the rest of the training, as it was during a break in the load muscles become stronger.

Maria Bykov

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