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January 29, 2009

  • Crohn's disease - an inflammation of the bowel, is fraught with complications
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What is Crohn's disease and its causes

Crohn's disease - a chronic inflammatory bowel disease Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Symptoms and Treatment  Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Symptoms and Treatment
 It is affecting all of its layers. At the same time in areas lesions appear deep narrow ulcer with smooth edges that resemble knife cuts. It should be possible before the correct diagnosis and start treatment - the only way to prevent serious complications.

For the first time the disease manifests itself in the age of 15-35 years, the reasons for his not completely clarified until now. Some researchers believe that the cause is an infection (eg, tubercle bacillus or measles virus). But most experts believe that Crohn's disease is caused by various factors, which when exposed to the human body trigger the same universal mechanisms of autoimmune (allergic against its own tissues of the body) inflammation. Furthermore, there is an assurance that for there to Crohn's disease, genetic predisposition is necessary, which is manifested by defects of the immune system of the intestine.

The initial symptoms of Crohn's disease - it is cramping abdominal pain Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms  Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms
   (usually at the bottom right), rumbling, bloating, diarrhea. Man loses weight, it can be raised body temperature, general weakness, signs of a lack of vitamins, a variety of metabolic disorders Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
   (deficiency of essential nutrients and trace elements) due to violation of absorptive capacity of the intestine.

 Complications | Crohn's disease - an inflammation of the bowel, is fraught with complications


Complications of Crohn's disease may be local and general. The most common complications are irreversible changes in bowel: fistulas (channels or communication between the various organs and tissues, resulting from the disease) rectal abscesses in the soft tissues surrounding the rectum, anal fissures, narrowing (stricture) of the various parts of the intestine, abscesses (ulcers enclosed in a tight envelope) in the abdominal cavity, etc. Crohn's disease may also be complicated by massive bleeding during bowel perforation, and violation of its supply of blood vessels and peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneum). All of inflammatory complications of the soft tissue in Crohn's disease characterized by sluggish flow and slow recovery.

Common symptoms of Crohn's disease may be in the form of skin rashes, vasculitis (inflammation of the small blood vessels), the defeat of the joints (arthritis, lesions of the spine), inflammatory eye diseases, diseases of the liver and biliary tract, a variety of disorders of blood circulation, blood clots in the blood vessels, disorders of formation bone (osteoporosis), and others.

 Complications | Crohn's disease - an inflammation of the bowel, is fraught with complications

On what basis can confirm a diagnosis of Crohn's disease

The diagnosis of Crohn's disease can be confirmed by radiological and endoscopic studies.

When X-ray revealed an intermittent nature of the lesion small and large intestine with a predominantly right-sided localization process in the large intestine, the formation of deep ulcers, fissures, internal fistulas, abscesses and narrowing of the affected area of ​​the colon.

In endoscopy (colonoscopy, in which a special optical probe unit inserted into the rectum, and further to various parts of the colon) detected against unmodified ulcers of the mucosa. As the progression of ulcers increase in size. Alternating islands preserved mucosa with deep longitudinal and transverse ulcers, fissures created the painting "cobblestones".

 Complications | Crohn's disease - an inflammation of the bowel, is fraught with complications

Treatment of Crohn's disease

Treatment of Crohn's disease depends on the stage of the disease and the presence or absence of complications. The initial stages are treated conservatively (without surgery).

Of great importance is the diet - it should be mechanically sparing with the exception of sharp, salty, fatty foods, strong tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages. The food should contain high amounts of protein (meat, cheese). One method of treatment of Crohn's disease are the parenteral (injection of nutrients, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract) and enteral (via a tube or probe) power. They are used to remove underweight and stunting, as well as in preparation for surgery and in the postoperative period.

Assign various inflammatory and allergic manifestations reducing drugs (drugs are 5-aminosalicylic acid or 5-ASA, corticosteroids) and immunosuppressants - drugs that promote artificial immunosuppression (e.g., Remicade). All these drugs can, in turn, cause a number of complications, should therefore be pursued under the constant supervision of a physician and other research methods.

When septic complications of Crohn's disease (abscesses, fistulas) appointed antibiotics Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?  Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?

Surgical techniques are used only for the treatment of complications (intestinal obstruction, fistulas, abscesses, perforation, bleeding) that can not be cured with conservative therapy.

Crohn's disease - a serious illness, it requires constant care and monitoring in order to avoid all possible complications.

  Galina Romanenko

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Treatment of worms: each worm his medicine - Traditional Medicine

April 16, 2013

  • Treatment of worms: each worm his medicine
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 traditional medicines in the treatment of worms

Features of traditional medicine in the treatment of worms

The most common method of treatment for parasitic infestations considered prescription drugs, which have a detrimental effect on the parasite (antihelminthic action). But sometimes you may encounter a situation where drugs may be contraindicated in severe comorbidity. Used drugs in parasitology are quite toxic and may be poorly tolerated by patients. In this situation, you should use recipes that offers alternative medicine. We prove a number of herbal remedies have anthelmintic properties.

 Folk Medicine | Treatment of worms: each worm his medicine

The efficiency of these plants in the treatment of worms:

  • birch
  • tutsan
  • tansy
  • everlasting
  • valerian
  • Walnut
  • garlic
  • eucalyptus
  • nard

Recommended for use for therapeutic purposes medicinal collections, which contain the above-mentioned plants. Also, plants are used separately as anthelmintic.

 Folk Medicine | Treatment of worms: each worm his medicine

Wormwood, garlic, onion

Indispensable remedy is considered to be the wormwood. The plant has a specific taste bitter, so it is not recommended to immediately start taking large doses. First you try to swallow a flowered wormwood dry or fresh, previously holding it in the mouth and moistened with saliva. Every two hours during the day to be taken on one flowered later can increase the number of florets to two. Gradually, the dose should be brought up three or more flowers at the tip of a teaspoon. Herb Artemisia is sold in powdered form. Powder herb is taken in a maximum dose of one-third of a teaspoon. Multiplicity reception should be up to three times during the day on an empty stomach and once at night. To achieve the desired result it is necessary to continue to cure for at least two weeks, if necessary, you can extend the treatment for up to one month.

In parallel with the use of herbs inside the recommended topical treatment in the form of enemas. On the second day you start taking wormwood appointed enema. A teaspoon of wormwood pour water in a volume of one liter and boil, and then a little bit to keep the heat and allow to infuse for ten minutes. The final solution is filtered and in this form it is used for enemas. Enemas wormwood can make hot and heat overnight in a volume of 100 ml, to the best absorption occurred.

Instead wormwood enemas made from garlic Garlic health: almost a panacea  Garlic health: almost a panacea
   and onions. An equal amount of garlic and onions (enough to take a three-wave) to pour warm boiled water and leave to infuse for ten minutes, be sure to drain, squeeze through cheesecloth, folded in several layers. For enema should be prepared up to two liters of water and the volume of the solution prepared by infusion, adding a tablespoon of lemon. Before the procedure is necessary to ensure that the bowel was emptied, which is done enema if there was an independent chair. Only then can you make therapeutic enema of onions and garlic. Such an enema not only contribute to the destruction of the parasite, as well as help to eliminate the phenomenon of intoxication associated with worm infestation and enters the blood of waste products, toxic substances.

There are conflicting views about how to pursue a course of treatment, or enemas to refrain from this type of treatment due to the negative impact on the state of the intestinal microflora. If we consider that the helminthic invasion is a violation of the normal state of intestinal microflora, it can affirmatively say that in this situation, local therapy is justified and is an effective tool. Also wormwood used cloves Carnation: exquisite aromatherapy  Carnation: exquisite aromatherapy
   with antiparasite purpose. The plant should be well grind in a coffee grinder and take three times a day on the tip of a teaspoon before meals for two weeks. You can also apply for therapeutic purposes tincture of walnut walls. For its preparation will need a glass partition that you want to grind in a coffee grinder and pour a glass of vodka. Insist walls during the day, and then used for the drop by increasing the scheme to twenty drops. Infusion drink during the month, to be able to achieve therapeutic effect.

A prerequisite for carrying out a course of therapy is diet. It will help to strengthen the action of medicinal plants and help to achieve a positive result in a shorter time. Before therapy is necessary to keep a few days of hunger during this period drink juices and decoctions of medicinal herbs. In the following days, the food should not be oily, contain fruits and vegetables (vegetarian diet).

Marina Solovyov

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