Festal - instruction: how to help digestion

April 27, 2013

 festal guide
 Festal - this enzyme drug that improves digestion. Depending on the circumstances festal (instruction allows you to do this), or you can take a one-time courses. For example, if overeating or eating fatty meat, this drug can take a one-off - it will help to avoid unpleasant consequences. And in diseases of the digestive system can be used festal courses.

 Festal - instruction: how to help digestion

The mechanism of action festal

Festal - a combined drug, which is composed of pancreatin, dried extract of bovine bile and hemicellulase. Available in enteric coated tablets Festal international pharmaceutical company SANF-Aventis.

The mechanism of action is determined mainly festal pancreatin - a complex enzymatic means, which is composed of pancreatic enzymes that break down proteins (proteases), fats (lipases) and carbohydrates (amylase). These enzymes promote rapid digestion and its complete absorption in the small intestine, as well as activate the secretory function of digestive organs involved in digestion.

Hemicellulase enzyme helps break down plant fibers - it reduces the risk of increased gas (flatulence), due to which some people can not tolerate raw vegetables.

The extract stimulates bile secretion of bile bull, is involved in the digestion of fats, improves the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, activates its own enzymes digest fats.

In the complex all included in the festal components facilitate the process of digestion and stimulate the secretion of the body's own digestive enzymes, contributes to the timely removal of feces from the body.

 Festal - instruction: how to help digestion

Indications and contraindications for use festal

Festalum applied in form of a course of treatment with the complex treatment of the following diseases:

  • chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by disorders of the digestive system;
  • chronic diseases of the pancreas Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know  Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know
   (eg, in chronic pancreatitis and cystic fibrosis), accompanied by a decrease in its functions;
  • chronic diseases of the liver and biliary tract, accompanied by violation of the formation and excretion of bile;
  • with a decrease in the function of the digestive system after complete or partial removal of these organs, radiation therapy, or in old age;
  • for violations of the digestion of food associated with impaired chewing function or in patients with long-held stationary;
  • when errors in the diet of healthy people - overeating, eating large amounts of fatty, fried foods, as well as a large number of fiber;
  • when sedentary lifestyle, contributing to digestive disorders, including during pregnancy;
  • to prepare a diagnostic tool to study the digestive system (helps remove gas from the intestines).

Contraindications festal are acute pancreatitis and exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis, severe liver disease with impaired its function, acute hepatitis, cholelithiasis (including complicated obstructive jaundice associated with occlusion of the stone of the bile duct), abscess (empyema), gall bladder, intestinal obstruction .

Be wary appointed festal in cystic fibrosis Cystic fibrosis: early diagnosis - the key to recovery  Cystic fibrosis: early diagnosis - the key to recovery
   - The dose chosen individually and dependent on the amount of food intake. During pregnancy and nursing Breastfeeding - a personal choice  Breastfeeding - a personal choice
   breast festal recommended with caution and strictly according to indications.

 Festal - instruction: how to help digestion

Side effects festal

Festalum well tolerated, however, side effects he still can be:

  • from the gastrointestinal tract - nausea, abdominal pain Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms  Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms
  • of the liver and biliary tract - reduce the formation of bile acids;
  • long-term use at high doses - increase in uric acid in the blood and urine; children festal large doses can lead to irritation of the skin around the anus;
  • It is also possible (very rare) allergic reactions.

Festal - this enzyme drug, which for a long time has been used successfully to treat various diseases of the digestive system. This drug can be in the home medicine cabinet and take in the event of a diet or a fatty meal. But if the cases digestive disorders occur frequently, you should see a doctor and get tested to identify in a timely manner may be a serious disease of the digestive system.

Galina Romanenko

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Chronic dysbiosis - how to fight?

May 21, 2014

 chronic dysbiosis
 Chronic dysbiosis - a misnomer, as the goiter is not a disease, but is a violation of the relationship between the normal and the pathogenic microflora of the intestine. In most dysbacteriosis is a symptom of a chronic gastrointestinal disease.


Why develop chronic dysbiosis

Causes of dysbiosis may be different: error in the diet, frequent inappropriate use of antibiotics, stress, bad ecology, industrial hazard, chronic infectious and inflammatory diseases, congenital enzyme deficiency and so on.

But for a long period of dysbiosis (the so-called chronic goiter) often develops on the background of some other diseases of the digestive system. This can be a disease of the stomach, bowel, pancreas or liver.

In young children, long flowing dysbiosis often starts on the background of artificial feeding when the parents do not fulfill the recommendation of a pediatrician on child nutrition.


Chronic dysbiosis - Symptoms

Symptoms of chronic dysbiosis depend on its degree. So, at 1 degree of dysbiosis body deals with infringements in the digestion caused by insufficient intestinal microflora. Therefore, such a goiter is usually asymptomatic and is called compensated.

At 2 degrees of dysbiosis disorders already have more pronounced (subcompensated goiter) and are manifested in the form of disturbances of appetite, metallic taste in the mouth, periodic bloating accompanied by intestinal cramps and acute paroxysmal pain, nausea, sometimes vomiting, diarrhea, constipation or a combination thereof.

When dysbacteriosis of 3 degrees can develop inflammation of the intestinal wall (enterocolitis and colitis). At this stage of dysbiosis almost always suffers the whole body, which is manifested malaise, headaches, irritability, weakness, sleep disturbances Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 Sometimes subfebrile temperature.

Children under one year the most characteristic feature of dysbiosis Signs of dysbiosis - depend on the localization process  Signs of dysbiosis - depend on the localization process
   intestinal colic attacks are developing in about 1, 5 hours after a meal. The child turns blue from crying, and calming Sucitu legs only after passing flatus. Long flowing goiter in children Dysbacteriosis children - Digestive Disorders  Dysbacteriosis children - Digestive Disorders
   Year to lead to delays in the child's physical and psychological development.


Diagnosis of chronic dysbiosis

It is very important before starting treatment to conduct a complete examination to determine the cause of dysbiosis, its extent and which the offense occurred in the intestinal microflora. The presence of dysbiosis is confirmed by the general analysis of feces How to pass a stool, so as not to spoil it  How to pass a stool, so as not to spoil it
   (coprogram) and analysis of fecal bacteria overgrowth by plating on nutrient media. If there is a suspicion of the presence of some diseases of the digestive system, it carried out a full examination of the patient.


Treatment of chronic dysbiosis

Treatment dysbacteriosis should be comprehensive and individual. It depends on these laboratory tests, symptoms, patient's general condition and age.

Accidentally revealed compensated dysbacteriosis of an adult person who does not manifest itself, can not be treated. But this baby is better to treat goiter, as even minor external and internal factors can lead to activation of pathogenic microflora and the development of an intestinal infection.

When subcompensated and decompensated dysbacteriosis treatment often begins with the suppression of life opportunistic and pathogenic microflora. To that end, appoint a course of treatment with bacteriophages, or bacterial agents are active in the microflora, which is necessary to suppress the vital activity. Bacteriophages - a special viruses that affect different types of bacteria. Available staph, strep, koliproteyny, and other polyvalent bacteriophages. Because antibiotics are usually prescribed are those who act only in the intestine and is not absorbed into the blood.

The structure of the complex treatment dysbacteriosis also include prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, the body needs vitamins and minerals, as well as drugs that normalize motility of the gastrointestinal tract.

Prebiotics - drugs is creating in the gut environment favorable for the development of beneficial microflora. It Duphalac, Lactusan, hilak forte, and so on.

Probiotics are composed of colonies of beneficial bacteria. It bifidobakterin, bififor, Probifor, laktobakterin, atsilakt, colibacterin bifikol and so on.

Chronic goiter requires careful examination of the patient and the purpose of the complex treatment.

Galina Romanenko

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