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March 8, 2009

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Belching arises from the disease can be ZhKT.Eto zheludva ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, gastritis with a variety of high and low kislotnostyu.Hr. pankreotit etc. All it is treated with great difficulty, especially when the disease went into chronic formu.Lechenie always the same-it zh.soka secretion blockers, enzymes split meals, strict dieta.No result of treatment with almost always neeffektiven.I if the patient is not the desired effect, it is usually sent to konsulatsiyu and treatment by a therapist.
Would recommend read the recommendations in the articles of baking soda (reception twice a day for 20-30 minutes before eating, start with 1/5 tsp 1/2 tsp bring to mandatory dissolved in hot milk or hot water to wash down) , eat constantly. Destroys candida fungus. I have long flatulence decreased significantly after taking baking soda just a few days, continue to drink, I recommend to everyone. There are articles about the Italian doctor Tullio Simoncini, he treats baking soda and recommends it. Our doctors examined the effect of baking soda in the 70s. All those wishing HEALTH !!!
After an injury discharged Movalis, propyl 4 days and had a permanent burp odorless and it does not matter whether or not it is eaten at all times, it stops only when lying. Now, I do not treat trauma and stomach. Discharged Duspatalin and mukofalk - did not help, and then motilium mooloks -No result. A month. I eat oatmeal in the water, boiled vegetables, boiled breast. Nothing helps. (no pain) How else to treat? Please tell me! ***
I frequent belching summer I was very sick and I was sick sister gave me drink a liter of solution of magnesium ... Maybe it affects. now every day burp .. full and on an empty stomach? * ????? What to do? the doctors do not want to go they told me to drink Creon. I'm afraid to take a pill
I had a belch rotten eggs, the next morning she woke up and amplified by the strong bloating, appeared weak and endless diarrhea. Temperature 36 9. All the day lying and did not eat anything, drink only water, because it is constantly suhotvo mouth. By the evening it became a little easier, belching almost completely ceased. What to do - Do not know, because if you do not have at least then you can lose weight, and even quite finished ...
many years this suffering has learned to suck and now after a meal aretmiya all the nerves how many doctors were not, or that does not understand or I went in FIG younger was to bellyuten not to say young pretend then to the age you want and now 57 I had to say before the cycle is now generally treated well at least where people have a computer where doctors advise dadud kansultatsiyu orally where he already picked up something which I wish all health fasten
Yes, I too have a burp after a meal, the pancreas is probably the cause of bad copes with fatty food or more, you need medical gulls, chamomile, calendula, etc. Main diet and not overeat, if not it will be easier to go to the doctor and be tested !! ! Be all healthy !!!!
I had a strong belch after I swallowed the cold air last winter was first acute chest pain oschyuschyalsya esophagus will he stick through which the lightning hit the pain when there is belching she had a pattern to emerge in the evening after 17 hours and basically when I was in sedyachem position ( it is not an acute period of acute She was constantly his heart and soul vymatala) and almost passed when I went to smell etc. no nebylo just burp and everything on heart ultrasound liver bile without violations to Gastroentorology not go as engaged in self-medicate through the Internet, I came to the conclusion that I have a simple inflammation of the cardiac sphincter and fats Accepted pills Diclofenac it our onalog ( Ortofen) helped setschas pokticheski it is not true that if promёrznu pojavl again but Ortophenum puts everything into place in acute and middle class periods Accepted Espumizan it passes almost immediately but it's a temporary measure problemmu it does not solve but one yes antibiotic
Constant belching vomiting right up there to go, it's so terrible, and during the meal, awful, and bloating of the stomach, sometimes it is better, but there is no improvement, on the contrary in recent times worse, it's food.
yeah the following products - potatoes, tomatoes, eggs, fish, chicken and so on ... would have written once already - on all products.
Dear all, who wrote the above - recommendation personally I have for all one - pass and belching, and all that you can - try CAREFULLY go on a raw food diet or even become completely vegan (ie to start to eliminate meat / egg / milk and milk products, any ) - The effect once all the sores
At first I was burping after a meal edy.byla vracha.pila lakarstva have no use. but belching food proshla.seychas torturing belching air, the second mesyats.vrachi nothing govoryat.postoyannaya chest pain, belching happen like legche.vrach He said that thoracic osteochondrosis me sick zheludok.yazva dven.pёrst.kishki.sdelala fgds.podtverdilsya hr.gastrit.est holets.pankreatit.podskazhite as doctors do not get through ...
constant belching releasing food. Thus there is no stomach pain Gastritis hyperacidity. Esophagitis-reflux. I eat a little often, but it's still going on.
Belching immediately after ingestion and utram.Gromkaya only air. Chronic pankreatit.Dieta helps a lot less carbs, ie sweets, cakes, pastries and fats, coffee, strong tea. It's hard on a diet, but also helps the pancreas does not ache in the left podrebere.pobolshe proteins, preferably only boiled or steamed.
I had a strong air belching after eating, ultrasound showed holetsistit.pomogayut walk after a meal, hot-water bottle on your lower back, antispasmodics, everything that contributes to the flow of bile. it is necessary to see a doctor.
Belching is air in the morning on an empty stomach and after a meal somewhere in 2 hours, but the blood pressure rises, when the air is released gradually reduced without taking lekarstv.Chto it?
Tamara, tell pozhalusta you've found the cause of your illness? I also have these symptoms. Thank you
I recovered from burping air as follows: a week of taking magnesium and multivitamins did the exercises for the diaphragm, pull it out, leaning back. And now the most important thing in the morning warmed area of ​​the throat, bronchi, diaphragm, stomach warmer, a little bit, just to relax and ..... After eating 2 hours and later forcibly stopped belching attacks this can put his hand on the solar plexus, to help themselves, done carefully and attentively. All belching no more !!!
To me 44 years, the last 10 suffer loud belching air, no matter after eating or before edy.Dazhe night turning over is loud otryzhka.V chest seemed crowded after another burp oblegchenie.Inogda and waste and not unceasingly, and a lot of under such davleniem.Za the years periodically obsledovalas.Est chronic pancreatitis, holetsistit.Chto it? Can I get rid of?
constant belching releasing food. Thus there is no stomach pain Gastritis hyperacidity. Esophagitis-reflux. I eat a little often, but it's still going on. I am 70 years old. But I want to get help. In the hospital sometimes I am treated. Help get rid of this nerpyatnosti. Thanking you in advance.
and if after the meal for a long time there and the food is regurgitation-is ...? hard, as though the film is still in the throat (it would be desirable to drink water or swallow constantly), and when it finally appears burping, he immediately becomes easy and throat and stomach. what is it?
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