Betadine candles - a powerful tool against infections

January 10, 2010

  • Betadine candles - a powerful tool against infections
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 Betadine candles
 Today thousands of pharmacies selling drugs, many of them - without a prescription. It is believed that the drug in the form of candles you can buy at the drugstore and use on their own, without a prescription. But this is not the case, the candles, just like any other drug has its indications and contraindications.

 Betadine candles - a powerful tool against infections

Candles - a special form of drugs

Candles (suppository) - a dosage form that is available to be inserted into the rectum or vagina. Candles have a solid consistency at room temperature and a soft - at body temperature. Candles can be made at the plant (officinal) or directly in the pharmacy on prescription (trunk).

Candles for introduction into the vagina (vaginal suppositories) may have very different shapes - spherical, egg-shaped, flat, with a rounded end, etc. Officinal candles have a weight of 4 g, and if the candles are prepared by prescription (main), they may have a different weight, from 2 to 6 g Any candles consist of medications and foundations - the substances that give shape candles. This can be cocoa butter, its alloys with paraffin and fats, vegetable oils and animal fats, gelatin, glycerin Glycerine: a miracle ingredient for skin and hair  Glycerine: a miracle ingredient for skin and hair

Medications that are contained in the vaginal suppositories are usually intended for topical application, that is, they are almost not absorbed into the bloodstream. Nevertheless, the possibility of their absorption and general effects on the body there, so they can be used only on prescription while strictly observe the prescribed dosage.

Vaginal suppositories are most commonly used for the treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease caused by infectious agents. Vaginal suppository inserted into the vagina in the evening, before going to bed Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 . Within hours, the candle melts completely by acting on the infection, and then out of the vagina is usually allocated a certain amount of liquid.

 Betadine candles - a powerful tool against infections

How do candles with betadine

Betadine (INN - povidone iodine) - antiseptic and disinfectant broad spectrum of action, which kills almost all kinds of infection except for the tuberculosis bacillus. After the introduction of a candle with Betadine into the vagina it decomposes with the release of the active iodine kills the infection. The mechanism of action of iodine is that it connects to cell proteins of infectious agents, facilitating their clotting (coagulation).

Betadine molecules are large enough, they are hardly absorbed into the blood, and the drug acting mainly locally shallowly penetrating tissue, but its effect is long enough due to the fact that the active iodine is slowly released from the fabrics. Betadine is not toxic.

This shows

With Betadine vaginal suppositories are prescribed for a variety of infections of the female genital organs:

  • bacterial infections of female genital organs, including sexually transmitted diseases (for example, gonorrhea);
  • viral infections of female genital organs, including sexually transmitted diseases (for example, genital herpes);
  • infections of female genitals, caused by protozoa, including sexually transmitted diseases (eg, trichomoniasis);
  • infections of female genitals, caused by fungi (eg thrush);
  • to prevent infection before gynecological operations and manipulations.

 Betadine candles - a powerful tool against infections


Candles with Betadine can not be used:

  • if you are allergic to Betadine Betadine - use correctly  Betadine - use correctly
   or drug components constituting its framework;
  • in violation of the thyroid gland (for example, increased its function as active iodine stimulate further production of thyroid hormones);
  • during treatment of different diseases with radioactive iodine;
  • pregnant women after the first trimester of pregnancy, breastfeeding women and newborn children;
  • disinfection in kindergartens, nurseries, schools;
  • Disinfection in enterprises where the finished product;
  • chronic inflammatory diseases of the skin with itching and numerous eruptions (iodine can enhance the appearance).

 Betadine candles - a powerful tool against infections

Side effects

Perhaps the manifestation of allergic reactions in the form of redness, itching, rash, in the form of bubbles. After discontinuation of therapy, all these phenomena are.

The main trouble, which can expect a woman with long-term uncontrolled use of candles with Betadine - is bacterial vaginosis or vaginal bacteria overgrowth Dysbacteriosis vagina - how to fight?  Dysbacteriosis vagina - how to fight?
 When they kill normal vaginal flora (lactobacilli) and mucosa populated pathogenic microflora capable at any time cause inflammation. But even without inflammation bacterial vaginosis causes a lot of trouble: an unpleasant "fishy" smell, get rid of that is not so easy.

Vaginal suppositories with betadine - excellent antibacterial agent, which when properly administered under medical supervision to help women get rid of the infection.

Galina Romanenko

Trichomonas - leads to infertility

August 28, 2013

  • Trichomonas - leads to infertility
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 Vaginal trichomonas - are single-celled micro-organism that is the causative agent of trichomoniasis - one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Diagnosing the disease is difficult because it often causes no symptoms. When symptoms do occur, they can be very similar to the symptoms of some other STDs.

In women, Trichomonas infection often causes symptoms than men. As a rule, they appear itching, or pain in the vagina, or unusual vaginal discharge The whole truth about vaginal secretions  The whole truth about vaginal secretions
 ; men may appear pain after urination and ejaculation. Below, we talk more about the symptoms of trichomoniasis.

If you suspect that you might have been infected Trichomonas, consult a physician immediately and hand over tests for STDs. Before the results will be known (if the test is positive on Trichomonas, until the end of treatment) abstain from sexual intercourse.

 Trichomonas - leads to infertility

Causes of infection

Trichomoniasis is caused by Trichomonas vaginal - anaerobic unicellular parasite, the length of the body which is an average of 20 microns (micrometers). Usually infection occurs through unprotected (without a condom; other contraceptives do not protect against Trichomonas) vaginal sex. Exposed to the risk of infection is not only people who have a lot of sexual partners - Any sexually active person can be infected with Trichomonas.

It should be noted that vaginal trichomonas, in strict accordance with its name, is not transmitted through oral or anal sex, as well as through kissing, hugging, and other caresses. You also do not catch trichomonas if you use the same utensils, towels with an infected person, or go to the same toilet where he goes. In rare cases, the infection is transmitted through sex toys, but if you wear a condom on them and wash them after each use, you can greatly reduce the chance of infection.

In most cases, trichomoniasis passes itself (although there are cases where people are cured without taking any drugs), so as soon as possible to begin treatment to prevent the infection of others. Fortunately, modern antibiotics fast enough kill Trichomonas. It is important to go through the whole course of treatment to the end, and to avoid sexual contact until they are cured - it is a mandatory requirement that avoids re-infection.

 Trichomonas - leads to infertility


In healthy people, trichomoniasis rarely causes any complications. However, in some cases, trichomonas vaginal mucosa can weaken the cervix, which normally provides protection against various infections of the reproductive organs of women. If the mucous membrane is weakened, increasing the likelihood of contracting HIV and other infections. This can be avoided if you follow the long-known rule - having sex with a partner that you trust is not enough, be sure to use a condom.

 Trichomonas - leads to infertility


If Trichomonas infection occurred during pregnancy, it increases the risk of complications related to pregnancy and child development. For example, trichomoniasis can cause premature birth and low birth weight.

 Trichomonas - leads to infertility


Trichomoniasis - a very common disease, and because it does not always cause symptoms, it is believed that many people may be infected with Trichomonas, without knowing it. As already mentioned, trichomoniasis in women has severe symptoms more often than men.

When any of the following symptoms as soon as possible consult a physician.

 Trichomonas - leads to infertility

The symptoms of trichomoniasis in women

Caused by Trichomonas infection in women it affects the vagina and urethra, causing the following symptoms:

  • Pain, itching, inflammation (sometimes a small swelling) in the vagina. Some patients back extends to the inner sides of the thighs;
  • Atypical vaginal discharge - they can be thicker or liquid than usual, slightly foamy and yellowish green;
  • More abundant vaginal discharge Vaginal discharge: normal or disease?  Vaginal discharge: normal or disease?
 Than usual, sometimes - with an unpleasant "fishy" odor;
  • Pain and discomfort during urination;
  • Discomfort during sexual intercourse;
  • Pain in the lower abdomen.

 Trichomonas - leads to infertility

The symptoms of trichomoniasis in men

In men, Trichomonas affects the urethra and sometimes the prostate gland. Trichomoniasis can cause male symptoms such as:

  • The pain after urination and ejaculation;
  • Liquid whitish discharge from the penis;
  • Discomfort during intercourse.

 Trichomonas - leads to infertility

Prevention trichomoniasis

If you have previously been ill and cure trichomoniasis, this does not mean that from now on you have immunity to the disease. In the future, you will need to continue to take measures to prevent it.

As with other STDs, the best way to protect against infection Trichomonas - is safe sex. This means, first of all, the mandatory use of condoms.

The following guidelines will help you protect yourself from trichomoniasis and most other sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, chlamydia and gonorrhea. Following these guidelines will also help protect from infection of his partner.

  • Use condoms (male or female) each time doing vaginal or anal sex;
  • Engaged in oral sex, you should use both male and female condoms;
  • If you are using sex toys, be sure to wear a condom on them, and wash them thoroughly after each use.

Even under these rules all sexually active people should regularly (preferably every six months) to pass examinations and to be tested for STDs. When you see any signs of STDs as soon as possible, consult a doctor.

 Trichomonas - leads to infertility

Trichomonas can increase the chance of developing prostate cancer

Scientists were able to reveal the mechanism of prostate cancer in men who have previously been infected with Trichomonas. Vaginal Trichomonas is the causative agent of trichomoniasis - a disease that simply treated, but is often overlooked because it does not cause any symptoms.

Previous studies have shown that between trichomoniasis and prostate cancer Prostate cancer - the sad consequences of carelessness  Prostate cancer - the sad consequences of carelessness
   There is a connection, but only recently, scientists were able to detect a real biological mechanism that may explain the link.

Trichomonas activates a group of proteins, one of which is responsible for ensuring that these proteins continue to be active. This leads to a kind of chain reaction, the consequences of which can become a serious illness such as cancer of the prostate.

Trichomoniasis is the most common sexually transmitted disease (STDs) among women. According to approximate data, Trichomonas annually infected tens of millions of women, and about the same number of men. Through unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected partner infection virtually inevitable.

If patients with trichomoniasis women increases the risk of various complications during pregnancy and HIV infection, the infected men have a 40% increased chance of developing prostate cancer in the future.

Scientists have warned against premature conclusions - the results of research is not conclusive that even the link between smoking and lung cancer, which now seems almost obvious, was not immediately set. They note that one study showed no association between prostate cancer Prostate Cancer - enough to remove the tumor?  Prostate Cancer - enough to remove the tumor?
   and trichomoniasis, but the results of other studies, nevertheless, allow a high degree of probability suggest that such a link exists.

One of the proteins that activate the vaginal trichomonas, is a recombinant human protein PIM1, which promotes the growth of cancer cells. This group includes protein HMGA1, which has always supported the activity of other protein groups. Experts hope that the understanding of the mechanism of the disease will contribute to more effective diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore, they are reminded of the need to diagnose and treat trichomoniasis - is harmless enough at first glance, the disease in the long term, can have serious health consequences.