Ovarian Cysts: Symptoms and Complications

January 2, 2012

 ovarian cyst
 Ovaries play an important role in women. They produce hormones that are responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics (appearance of body hair, growth of breast, uterine enlargement, etc.), the establishment of menstrual function and regulation of the menstrual cycle, the emergence and maintenance of sex drive, and, of course, with the maturation of female gametes , pregnancy and childbirth. But, unfortunately, the ovaries are often the target of various diseases, one of which is an ovarian cyst. Typically, the symptoms of ovarian cysts are non-specific in nature, and not to miss the disease in the early stages, you need to have regular gynecological examination.

 Ovarian Cysts: Symptoms and Complications

What is an ovarian cyst?

Ovarian cyst is a benign ovarian tumors related to tumor processes. Grossly cyst looks like a round cavity filled with liquid or other secret. Cyst wall is usually thin, which is fraught with the emergence of various complications. Typically, ovarian cysts grow very slowly, but sometimes they observed a rapid and intense increase in size. Ovarian cysts rarely ozlokachestvlyayutsya, but the risk of cancer pathology is the place to be. The most common cysts arise from a variety of hormonal disorders and occurs in women of reproductive age. But ovarian cyst Ovarian cysts - normal or dangerous?  Ovarian cysts - normal or dangerous?
   It can appear in other age periods associated with hormonal changes in the body (puberty, menopause).

 Ovarian Cysts: Symptoms and Complications

Symptoms of ovarian cysts

Ovarian cyst does not manifest itself, especially at small sizes. Often ovarian cysts detected during a medical checkup. But if its size is very small, your doctor may not detect the presence of abnormal formation. Reliable method of diagnosis is ultrasound.

A characteristic feature of an ovarian cyst is a violation of the menstrual cycle. Manifest violation of the cycle in different ways and are largely dependent on the nature of the origin of the cyst. So, for functional ovarian cysts experience a long delay menstruation or shortening of the menstrual cycle. Sometimes there are spotting Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology  Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology
   in the middle of the menstrual cycle (ovulation period). In some cases, develop secondary and primary amenorrhea Primary amenorrhea - a consequence of the genetic damage  Primary amenorrhea - a consequence of the genetic damage
   (absence of menstrual periods for more than six months) and oligomenorrhea Oligomenorrhea - too short menstruation  Oligomenorrhea - too short menstruation
 . Menstruation can be abundant or scarce, there is pain during menstruation. Often ovarian cysts cause infertility. Endometrial cysts are characterized by spotting the eve of menstruation and after.

Increasing the size of the cyst is accompanied by a pulling or aching pain in the lower abdomen, a feeling of heaviness and bloating. The pain may be aggravated during sexual intercourse, exercise, heavy lifting or abrupt movements (tilts, turns, jumps). The fast-growing ovarian cyst accompanied by increased pain and an increase in the size of the stomach. Accumulation of fluid in the abdomen (ascites) indicative of malignancy cysts. When ascites stomach increased in size, droops (belly frog), and the punctuation is determined sonorous sound and gurgling.

Also, the presence of ovarian cysts may be accompanied by a constant low grade fever (37, 2-37, 4 degrees). The cyst is large disruption of adjacent organs. Due to the compression of the bladder and rectum becomes more frequent urination, diarrhea and constipation occur.

In addition, ovarian cyst operation violates appear lethargy and malaise.

 Ovarian Cysts: Symptoms and Complications

Complications of ovarian cysts

Ovarian cysts are often complicated. Especially dangerous in this regard, large cysts or mobile. Complications of ovarian cysts include:

  • Torsion legs ovarian cysts

During torsion legs cyst it disturbed blood supply and innervation develops ovarian tissue necrosis. Characterized torsion legs cyst appearance of sudden sharp pain, fever, abdominal muscle tension.

  • Suppuration of ovarian cysts

Suppuration ovarian cyst accompanied by the development of intoxication, fever, increased pain in the abdomen. At untimely treatment of developing peritonitis.

  • Rupture of ovarian cysts and abdominal bleeding

Rupture of ovarian cysts is also accompanied by intense pain in the abdomen. The secret of the cyst, getting into the abdominal cavity, irritate internal organs. Intra-abdominal bleeding may be of varying intensity and accompanied by signs of hemorrhagic shock.

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Treatment of yeast infection in men: do not procrastinate

January 25, 2012

 Treatment of yeast infection in men
 Thrush in men is much rarer than in women - fungi of the genus Candida worse get accustomed to the male genitals. But if the disease is yet to start, this is an alarming sign, which says that for some reason affected the body's defenses - immune system.

 Treatment of yeast infection in men: do not procrastinate

How to cure yeast infection in men

Always start with the need to survey, even if a small thrush and there for the first time. This is necessary because a man can not be sure that it is thrush, and that it is not combined with any other infection, such as bacterial origin. The fact that the male thrush always occurs immunosuppression Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults  Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults
   - A healthy male thrush gets sick, even if it is his sexual partner. But with lowered immunity is activated not only fungal flora, but also bacterial - all streptococci, staphylococci, E. coli, which inhabit the surface constantly genitals without causing disease begin to actively proliferate and penetrate into the mucosa, causing inflammation. Therefore, preliminary laboratory research is needed, because of the results will depend on the treatment - or it will only antifungal, or combined (antifungal and antibacterial).

If thrush is prolonged and difficult, it is necessary to pass full inspection (better to start with a urologist) and find out why it has decreased immunity. And only on the results of this survey will be given treatment.

 Treatment of yeast infection in men: do not procrastinate

General treatment

General treatment of thrush Treating Thrush: how to get rid of bad fungus  Treating Thrush: how to get rid of bad fungus
   men can be carried out in different ways, depending on the results of the survey and the nature of the flow of thrush. If thrush emerged after some minor illness or colds and flows easily, a special study of immunity may be waived. As a restorative treatment prescribed vitamin-mineral complexes, tempering procedures, the natural immune stimulant plant origin (Immunal, infusion of lemongrass, ginseng, Siberian ginseng, and so on).

With long-term, permanent recurrent thrush and being treated first identify the underlying disease that caused the persistent decline in immunity. At the same time reveal the changes in the immune system and they are no longer being treated only by means of bracing means, but with the help of medicines - immunomodulators Immunomodulators: a contract with the protective forces of the body  Immunomodulators: a contract with the protective forces of the body
 That affect the individual broken links of immunity.

With prolonged recurrent course of yeast infection in men is required to be appointed by mouth or by injection antifungals. But this is done only as a result of planting selections on the sensitivity of fungi to antifungal agents as random can be treated indefinitely, but each time the thrush will be repeated.

If the condition of man allows it, he is being treated on an outpatient basis, but especially constantly recurrent thrush is that it can spread to other organs and tissues, so if you suspect its spread and deterioration of general condition of the patient it is admitted and begin a more intensive treatment with the introduction of antifungals intravenously.

 Treatment of yeast infection in men: do not procrastinate

Topical treatment

Local treatment of yeast infection in men is also carried out anti-fungal drugs, but local action. This ointments, creams and solutions for topical application. One of the most popular antifungal drugs for local application is clotrimazole. This is an effective drug that is usually well tolerated.

Local treatment can be carried out independently (if not hard for thrush) or in combination with a common treatment. Cream clotrimazole Clotrimazole - effective against bacteria  Clotrimazole - effective against bacteria
   applied in a thin layer on the glans penis and the inner surface of the foreskin twice daily for 7-14 days. Then you need to be screened to confirm cure.

Before applying the cream application can be carried out with 2% soda solution or tincture of herbs (chamomile pharmacy, calendula, St. John's wort, yarrow, and so on). Such applications can be carried out independently by applying the cream, then lubricating the surface of the penis and the foreskin of an aqueous solution of methylene blue.

Treatment long flowing yeast infection in men is a challenge even for the urologist. Treat yourself as a disease - it only allows the disease to penetrate deeper into the body, thus obscuring all his symptoms. And when such symptoms become apparent, then curing the disease will be very difficult.

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