Trichopolum - he treats?

July 27, 2008

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 Trichopolum (metronidazole) - it antiprotozoal and antimicrobial drug that is used to eliminate certain kinds of bacterial infections. Trichopolum taken orally or applied to the skin, depending on the type of infection. In most cases reception Trichopolum not accompanied by side effects, but nevertheless, this possibility should not be excluded.

 Trichopolum - he treats?

The action on the organism and indications for use

The mechanism of action is Trichopolum biochemical restoration of 5-nitro group of metronidazole by intracellular transport proteins of anaerobic microorganisms and protozoa. The recovered 5-nitro group of metronidazole is reacted with the cellular DNA of microorganisms by inhibiting synthesis of nucleic acids, which leads to the death of microorganisms.

Trichopolum used to eliminate bacterial infections of the respiratory tract, skin, sex organs, joints and central nervous system.

 Trichopolum - he treats?

Side effects

Serious side effects have been observed in patients with impaired liver, kidney, bone marrow, nervous system, as well as in elderly patients. Gait disturbance, dizziness and any other worsening of neurological status of patients required discontinuation of treatment Trichopolum. Prolonged treatment (10 days) should monitor picture peripheral blood and liver function.

Other side effects: nausea, vomiting, itching and burning genitals, cough, the appearance of sores in the mouth, swelling of the tongue, unpleasant taste in the mouth, headache and dizziness.

Should consider the possibility of dizziness when administering the drug to patients whose activities are related to the management mechanisms, especially the drivers of vehicles. During reception Trichopolum and within 72 hours after the last dose, can not drink alcohol.

Trichopolum (flag) - is antibacterial and antiparasitic agent wide spectrum of action, which is used for the treatment of trichomoniasis, giardiasis, and peritonitis. This antibiotic that inhibits the growth of anaerobic (developing in the absence of oxygen) and protozoa. Like other antibiotics Trichopolum destroy not only the harmful and beneficial bacteria. Furthermore, Trichopolum creates an alkaline environment, wherein the fungal infection will develop.

Symptoms of fungal infection (candidiasis) - thick, cheesy discharge from the vagina Vaginal discharge  Vaginal discharge
 Which often (but not always) accompanied by itching. But many women are asymptomatic infection. If you think you have candidiasis, the only way to confirm or allay your fears - visit the gynecologist and pass tests. If the diagnosis is confirmed, it is possible to start treatment.

 Trichopolum - he treats?


Trichopolum course of treatment should be completed even if there was an improvement, and the symptoms disappeared. The traditional cure for candidiasis - antifungal agents, who take orally or inserted into the vagina.

Medicines candidiasis, sold without prescription:

  • clotrimazole (Lotrimin, guinea, mitseleks);
  • butoconazole (Ginezol or femstat);
  • miconazole nitrate (monistat);
  • tioconazole (vagistat);
  • clotrimazole and miconazole sold in tablets, suppositories, (Candlelight) or vaginal tablets.

Fluconazole is released only by prescription in tablet or intravenous fluids.

 Trichopolum - he treats?

Natural treatments

In addition to pharmaceuticals, there are biologically active substances that help restore impaired as a result of receiving Trichopolum bacterial environment. These biologically active substances are called probiotics. For example, reception of a probiotic Lactobacillus Acidophilus will restore useful lactic acid bacteria in the body.

Nutritional supplements probiotics comprise at least 4 million active bacterial cultures.

Candles with tea tree oil Tea tree oil  Tea tree oil
   also help restore the bacterial environment of the vagina. Lactic acid bacteria exist in the form of tablets, or in the form of vaginal suppositories. Even the most ordinary yogurt helps in the treatment of candidiasis, it must be included in the diet. Some doctors recommend a few hours to enter the vagina swab dipped in yogurt to restore the bacterial environment. The properties of probiotics also has garlic Garlic health: almost a panacea  Garlic health: almost a panacea

 Trichopolum - he treats?

Prevention of fungal infections

High blood sugar Blood sugar - a very important indicator  Blood sugar - a very important indicator
   signs the fungus, so the period of treatment should be to reduce the consumption of sweets and foods high in starch (potatoes, white rice).

If you are going to take Trichopolum or other similar antibiotics, take care of in advance to prevent the development of fungal infections, and ask your doctor to write a prescription for fluconazole. Also, it is useful to receive probiotics and inclusion in the diet of yoghurt, kefir and other dairy products.

Ovarian Cysts - normal or dangerous?

June 20, 2013

  • Ovarian Cysts - normal or dangerous?
  • Cyst of the corpus luteum of the ovary
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 ovarian cyst
 Tumor formation in the uterus have a long asymptomatic. Ovarian cyst refers to the formation of benign nature, in this case is very important timely diagnosis, as there is a risk of complications, and malignant transformation of education. An effective means of prevention can be called the annual preventive examinations, during which detects changes in the epididymis.

 Ovarian Cysts - normal or dangerous?

Existing theories of development

To date, no single theory of uterine appendages in tumor formation. The greatest value as a causal factor is given hormonal and genetic disorders. You must also take into account the presence of changes in the immune system and by the metabolism (endocrine pathology). Perhaps the development of pathology receptor system, when disturbed ovarian tissue sensitivity to the action of sex hormones in the normal concentration.

All of the factors that contribute to ovarian cysts, conventionally combined into several groups:

  • hereditary or genetic predisposition
  • Various irregularities in the menstrual function in women (early or late emergence of menarche, disturbances in cycling and the duration of the menstrual cycle)
  • long flowing inflammatory processes in the ovaries. Quite often, women undergo multiple courses of anti-inflammatory therapy, which is totally inefficient and, in many cases unfounded. In some cases, the treatment of the inflammatory process takes years (an average of five years), and finally it ends with the formation of tumor formation. According to statistics a similar situation occurs in one out of three patients with ovarian cyst
  • infertility
  • transferred various surgical intervention and manipulation of the uterine appendages
  • available to women of different endocrinopathies, which include overweight, thyroid disease, metabolic disease

Great importance is attached to the nature of power and premorbid background, previous illness. If the structure of power is dominated by fat and protein foods, it can contribute to hormonal imbalance due to a breach of steroidogenesis (an increased release of the central gonadotropins and steroid hormones).

Past illnesses, which determine the state of premorbid background women have a direct impact on reflex relationships in hypothalamic-gipifizarno-ovarian system. In this regard, it should be carefully collected from a woman of her history and find out exactly what kind of illness in her life she suffered.

The leading value as a causal factor is given hormonal disorders. They have different symptoms, the degree of their expression in different patients will not be uniform and varies depending on the individual circumstances.

Violations may be associated with inhibition of secretion central gonadotropins LH and FSH throughout the menstrual cycle or change the secretion of the hormone estradiol.

The variety of causal factors determines the need for a comprehensive examination of the patient, which was found ovarian cyst. This volume of the survey will identify violations at different levels and eliminate their pathological effects on health.

 Ovarian Cysts - normal or dangerous?

Clinical manifestations depending on the type of cysts

Ovarian cysts are retention formations that may have different origins. According to the existing classification of tumor formation include:

  • follicular cysts
  • corpus luteum cyst Corpus luteum cyst - when hormonal changes  Corpus luteum cyst - when hormonal changes
  • cyst of endometrioid heterotopias
  • paraovarialnye Education

Education ovarian cysts has no age restrictions, they can occur even in children and infants. Most often with the disease experienced by women of reproductive age, and during perimenopause. Of all the formations of ovarian follicular cysts per share on average 73%, that is, the clinical form of cyst is the most common.

Follicular cysts are formed from the follicle that matures before ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?  Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?
 So you can talk about the nature of hormonal origin cysts. Hormonal disorders is the appearance of a woman's menstrual cycle, single-phase, no cyclic changes throughout the cycle and development of anovulation Anovulation - the cause of infertility?  Anovulation - the cause of infertility?
   (the egg is not out of the dominant follicle). Such violations occur in women with various endocrine and metabolic problems. Follicular cysts may be present in the form of a thin-walled fluid formation with transparent pale yellow liquid inside. Dimensions formation exceeds 30 mm in diameter and 50-60 mm.

Very often it deals with asymptomatic disease.

A woman may long to see a doctor and consult a gynecologist only when she began to complain of pain pulling character in the lower abdomen or irregular menstruation. The menstrual cycle can be characterized by the development delay menstruation. In this regard, it is important for every woman to conduct monthly menstrual calendar so that you can quickly identify the development of disorders. The appearance of clinical symptoms related to the time of occurrence of complications.

 Ovarian Cysts - normal or dangerous?

Complications and prognosis

In follicular cysts can occur rupture its capsule may develop torsion legs cyst. Complications are accompanied by characteristic symptoms of acute surgical pathology, manifested complaints of intense pain in the lower abdomen, as well as nausea and vomiting. With the development of these complications may require urgent surgical intervention. This is justified in the case where the methods of conservative treatment does not resolve the pathological symptoms. During surgery it is noteworthy that the size of the follicular cysts exceed those dimensions that were defined in the survey at the stage of dynamic observation of the patient. This is because blood circulation and a sharp tissue edema. Several less common complication of bleeding in the fluid cavity formation.

Follicular cysts differ favorable outlook for health care with timely appointment, they regress, and this process takes an average of one to three menstrual cycles.

Positive dynamics is observed in the three months maximum. If the cyst is not complicated, it is necessary to carry out treatment, including anti-inflammatory, and hormonal agents. The choice of method of therapy is now determined on the basis of violations in the process of a comprehensive survey of women. The effect of therapy can be observed through six, a maximum of eight weeks. If within this period the cyst does not disappear, then addressed the issue of carrying out surgical treatment.

Most preferably, to apply the technique of laparoscopic approach, but during the operation of the testimony in the case of fixed-term complications is warranted access by laparotomy. When stored ovarian tissue follicular cyst extirpate or remove within the ovarian tissue is not altered. After the operation must be conducted regenerative therapy course, which is aimed primarily at the elimination of menstrual disorders and correction of hormonal disorders Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous  Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous
 . With the purpose of treatment prescribed oral contraceptives or a cyclic vitamin therapy for up to three months. Take medication for the shortest time does not make sense as it will not achieve the therapeutic effect.