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August 13, 2012

  • Blood clots in the month: the possible reasons for the formation
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In my opinion, it is very often the selection of blood clots during menstruation, at least I was not always of course, but often I do not pay attention, thought it was so necessary. But surprisingly, after I gave birth to a child is passed until repeated. I wonder why? Has anyone had a similar situation? And you went to the doctor consulted?
I feel a lot of pain during menstruation, saved only pills. Last 4 days and on the last day, month end blood clots. I repeat that it is the last day! Visit a gynecologist, she reassured me that the clot just means that the monthly "coming to an end." Can not something advise in such cases. Always worth it seeks medical advice.
Earlier never encountered a similar problem, the cycle was on schedule, with no complications and pain and recover faster after childbirth. But suddenly went monthly clots. And the pain in the first day was palpable. As a result, contact your doctor, which led me to and during pregnancy, made me clean the uterus, as the necessary layers until the end did not come. I think if you are concerned about such isolation, do not pull on a visit to the gynecologist.
I like and there was not such a problem has not been the case, that I noticed a blood clot in the month. Well, I was at the gynecologist, the other problem with inflammation, took almost a full examination of other diseases like not found. I read the comments here and be amazed at how mean I was lucky, the poor woman suffer so.
Faith, you are right, I have a month with large blood clots, this is torture, enviously recall those years when nothing like this. We ought to get together and figure out what the problem is, but all the time there. And I do not think it can be solved in a couple of visits, and a lot of time to allocate it is impossible, I am very busy. One hopes that will pass by itself.
Faced with this problem, go to monthly blood clots, before this issue was not. Just I feel blunted the pain in the lower abdomen, possibly inflamed by women. After a week I go to the doctor to prescribe the correct treatment. As I understand, this not to be trifled with! Since it is possible oophoritis, with further complication of infertility!
A colleague who was friends with for many years has shared his problem. She sometimes critical days are not as usual, she had blood clots in the huge monthly exits. Her husband calls her from execution conjugal duties, she refuses, and he is offended. She was uncomfortable telling him the details, but I would not shy about her place and told as it is.
Recently, a friend told. that her menstruation blood clots are large. And the husband during the critical days of execution requests from her marital duties, he did not stop. I never knew these men and some women who, even in these days are willing to do it. We could not tolerate at least a week, because there is a big risk to the health of the woman.
I always thought before that during menstruation blood clots, it is normal that this is not terrible or anything, especially since they are not periodic, and even more so that it was not every month. Now, if you would like, then immediately run in gynecology, and I will be urgently examined, you can not joke with your health, because you can sometimes miss the time and wakes up late.
Girls, if you notice blood clots during menstruation, do not comfort yourself with the thought that you are all fine with female *** sphere. Running to the doctor, because these clots, especially pain, are harbingers of diseases that cause cancer. You understand that the disease is easier to prevent, so you need to be attentive to themselves and to their health.
Previously, the critical days passed I have uniformly without any deviation, and after the hospital a short time later there were large blood clots during menstruation. I like that the hospital did not connect and the emergence of these deviations with each other, but after reading the material, I realized that the reason could be my stay in the hospital. Maybe not very carefully done curettage, but can not because of this, hard to say for sure anyway.
I had not thought about it. Problems with menstruation I did not have. Once I started drinking the pill cycle I have changed a lot. Monthly steel start earlier than usual began to go less abundant, and most importantly, began to notice some clots. I wanted to learn from the monthly tablets may be blood clots ibylo still a somebody?
When I had a monthly solid clots during menstruation, which did not exist before I was very scared. But the older colleague explained that it was due to clotting of blood could it be. Allegedly, before she at me differently folded, but because of what that change has now become a place that's so. The courage, and I go to our advice.
as I know little clots during menses is the norm. But lately I have lost cycle has become much more abundant, and there were huge seal. I went to an appointment with a gynecologist, it was a strong inflammation. Appointed a course of treatment, after which the cycle was restored, the problems are gone. Girls carefully watch your women's health, then you may cause serious problems!
I'm jealous girlfriend straight when they talk about their month without clots, at most for a few years there is a problem with clots. Gynecologist we either do not understand whether I have an unusual case, but several medications did not help me get rid of them. Sometimes it gets so hard in my soul, that hunting is a wolf howling all over the world who care about my problems.
Abundant clots during menstruation, as you can imagine is not the norm. Why do not you consult another doctor, to investigate the problem completely. Especially if you have reached such a critical state that it depresses you even psychologically. Now there are many private clinics, you can try to contact them, the treatment course can cost a pretty penny, but it's your health.
The Chamber of us lay a girl, she had painful periods and allocation of clots, according to her problems started after inflammation, it adjourned a few years earlier. Late sought medical attention and had to undergo long-term treatment. These problems need to take seriously, it is important to monitor the health of a very young age, and then the doctors will have fewer trips.
Probably every woman faced a similar problem, only the reasons for this phenomenon are different. It is necessary in any case to make US and then it becomes clear why you have severe blood clots during menstruation. If it is endometriosis or fibroids, the doctor will prescribe medication and to observe, and if you still remnants of the placenta after birth, you will have to do curettage.
When it appeared after hospital discharge clots during menstruation, then there is clearly a direct relationship. People blamed the authorities for poor performance, but their work is done carelessly, and sometimes before you criticize someone should look critically at its operations. The doctor is not a profession in which you can afford to be irresponsible and slipshod work.
Typically periods are clots after a delay. On the whole bunches must be present. Just a thought to what extent? If in doubt, it is necessary to go on reception to the gynecologist who you and prescribe treatment, and will look to determine the state of the uterus. Typically, in such cases it is inflammation.
I did not even know that blood clots during menstruation may occur after the hospital. Because of the neglect of health workers in young girls may appear serious health problems. What then people become callous, the patient was in the hospital, and so is in serious physical and mental condition, the staff of medical institutions, knowing it must make every effort to be more polite to them.
Before reading did not know what reason plentiful monthly with clots associated with the actions of doctors. It turns out that even after unsuccessful curettage may see this problem. This is the problem of training medical staff as their responsibility for their work and control their work from the outside.
The problem of large clots during menstruation is often associated with childbirth. Doctors do not always accurately perform the work, even poorly performed curettage may further be in the future, the reason for the emergence of the problem of the girl, which previously did not even know what it is and have never seen anything like it in his.
It is not always blood clots during menstruation are a sign of disease or pathology. I is often the case. At first it bothered me a lot, because I thought it was normal, and then turned to the doctor, was examined - it turned out all right. And the doctor said that after 35 years of such periods are a normal variant. The key phrase blood clots during menstruation - in the first sentence.
If the monthly normal but there are clumps at this, you should not worry much because of this, it happens sometimes. If it becomes permanent, when you visit a gynecologist is necessary to bring this to him. He is a specialist like no one else is aware of these problems in, above all do not try to figure out something her friends. They can tell a story such that only upset.
I sometimes blood clots during menstruation. But I somehow it was not paying attention. Sami monthly pass normally and painlessly. It is believed that somewhere in a small, simple, and everything. Especially since then clot was gone. I think that for healthy women, this phenomenon is not harmful and does not make sense at each occurrence clot run to the doctor.
When I once saw a large blood clots during menstruation, I am very concerned and even agitated. It so happened that just at this time, we have been working on clinical examination, and taking my blood test, for a long time could not stop the bleeding after the analysis. It turned out that I have a problem with clotting. Well, that time noticed and treated.
Some dvushek long periods with clots of blood has become the norm, and they do not pay attention to it. It would be nice if the scientists have created a tool that would help to alleviate this difficult state during the critical days. In those days, and especially do not go anywhere, because it is often necessary to be absent to bring themselves back to normal.
Gelatinous clots during menstruation and I are. But it is not very often, and in small quantities in (as long there is no opportunity to go to the toilet). In general, nothing disturbs me, so I do not think this phenomenon is something patalogichnym. But if you have a suspicion on any disease, consult a physician.
Abundant monthly and blood clots were previously often. I especially do not even pay attention. I thought that it must be so. But in the end, after passing inspection, it turned out that I had inflammation of the appendages. The treatment went well, but now I Slizhov for women's health care. I do not want to be in the hospital again.
After delivery, I stand at monthly blood clots. The doctor said it was okay, but if they are too large clots or monthly drag, then it will be necessary to do an ultrasound. Otherwise it may happen that the particle will follow after delivery and it is very dangerous, it will be necessary to carry out repeated cleaning.
It is not necessary neglects the fact that at the time in addition to the monthly menstrual blood clots are allocated. One friend of mine once was so, she did not pay much attention, but when passed checkup revealed oncology. Monthly clotted blood can be a sign of a disappointing diagnosis.
My whole life chasing these clots during menstruation. To the doctor did not address, I thought - okay. But only now, after the second birth noticed that clot is gone, they are gone without a trace. Apparently, the body after birth has been updated, and everything was different. But, of course, my lack of attention to this alarming bell and successful childbirth is not necessary to set an example. I would strongly recommend a survey.
My whole life chasing these clots during menstruation. To the doctor did not address, I thought - okay. But only now, after the second birth noticed that clot is gone, they are gone without a trace. Apparently, after the delivery body refreshed and everything was in drugomu.No, of course, my lack of attention to this alarming bell and successful childbirth is not necessary to set an example. I would strongly recommend a survey.
Something I was even scary, I hope I do not have any anomalies. The fact that the first day of the month in my lower abdomen aches much, but I just drink tabletochku and all the pain gradually subsides. I did not know it could be a symptom of serious diseases. I think we should go to the doctor.
Before, I often had a monthly discharge of clots, could not think of what it generally shows much more I worried that month have been very painful, always had to drink painkillers and Nospanum never helped, saved only Solpadein. The survey showed no abnormalities.
Zlata, justifiable explanation. Blood tends to clot at high temperatures, no wonder we are so afraid of an excessively high body temperature. At least, I have always said that after 41 degrees the blood can clot. Maybe during menstruation is just a happening, you need to ask the doctor.
I have after a hot bath during menstruation also clots and is great, especially in the early days, I think it's just a blood-clotting, and nothing wrong with that
I rarely, but there are blood clots during menstruation. Why is unclear. No disease I have definitely not because of the reproductive health've been very kind. I've got a theory emerged after the last case. I was sick and I had a fever. Maybe it was the temperature as a consequence of this was the reason?
Yes, of course, blood clots during menstruation can not be the norm, it is a sign of discord, but it always? I've been through this before, even before the first birth, on surveys everything was fine, the results are good, and there were clots, and abdominal pain. It's been like. Of course, health can not run, but sometimes it's not so scary.
I have blood clots during menstruation are only the first day. And the first day I have very heavy periods, in the days that everything is normal and there are no clots. The duration of menstruation generally four days. Maybe I have a body, that he wanted to on the first day to the maximum, "free"?
I agree with Allochkoy.Vsyakoe perhaps some nafantaziruyut itself unreal and then go lose soznanie.Prosto really need to visit the doctor and ask him you are interested in and make ya..Potomu vo_prosy.Chto that too such a poser est.Nikogda not indulge in this special values. Now beware doctor - fly to you with questions xD
Well, usually we do well - do not attach importance to every seemingly insignificant things, and then - again, and in the hospital. Better Peres *** ovatsya and once again see a doctor than sorry, and long to be treated; generally reckless attitude to your body, and the signals that it gives us, we can not.
That's what I bring about any abnormalities not noticed, I checked regularly, and something like clots during menstruation is and I have. And if so many people, it may be - is a variant of the norm? Yes, their health definitely need to follow, and the female part - especially, but panic is not necessary to plant, I think.
It turns out that I'm not the only one, I look that many women is a problem, but before I even could not think that this is a problem. Clots I appear on the second day of the month, on the third they're gone. Well now the next visit to the doctor is required to say and ask what to do next. Honestly, scared straight.
The fact that I, too, is a common phenomenon and I do not attach any special significance. I also regularly visit the doctor and was never question of any violations. True, I never complained about the presence of clots, because they did not think that it's not normal. The next time it will be necessary to discuss this point with the doctor.
Clots during menstruation is not CDP be commonplace. not even enlightenment person understands that all processes in the body must pass a clear, smooth and without any deviation, in this case, whether it is pain or clots. If there is a problem it is necessary to speak about it to the doctor, maybe even this is not terrible, but the doctor will decide and see whether or not to worry. Shy or afraid of something you should not laugh certainly no one will, but Subfam *** ovatsya need!
That damn, I do not often noticed clots. Not often, but 2-3 times of menstruation are exactly, but I never thought about what it witnesses an illness.
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