How to treat stye - is not so simple

November 21, 2014

 how to treat a stye
 How to treat stye - experts on this issue, many consider themselves. But not so simple. The emergence of barley (especially multiple or appearing regularly) says about violation of immunity. In this case, the disposal of a barley does not guarantee that they will not appear in future.


Why do I get barley

Barley - an acute purulent inflammation of the hair follicles (follicles) lashes or sebaceous (meibomian) glands century. Start of barley due to exposure to the eyelashes or hair follicle sebaceous gland infection. In a healthy person with a good penetration such immunity prevents the immune system. If immunity disrupted bacteria which are often present on the skin penetrate the hair follicle and cause inflammation. Therefore, constantly appearing barley may signal the presence of a quietly flowing disease, which led to the disruption of the immune system. This may be diabetes Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease  Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease
 , Sinusitis, dental caries More about caries - take care of your teeth until it's too late  More about caries - take care of your teeth until it's too late
 , Periodontitis, diseases of the digestive system and so on. Single barley may occur when the temporary decrease in immunity, such as after exposure.

Barley begins with the appearance on the edge of the century painful point. Then around it formed redness and swelling of tissue (eyelid skin and conjunctiva). At this stage, the process can still be reversed, if we draw the right treatment. But after a few days at the site of inflammation produced a yellow head, which after a while can independently become evident with the release of pus and necrotic particles (dead) tissue. Some time after this recovery occurs. If the inflamed sebaceous (meibomian) iron century, it formed an internal barley, the tip of which rests against the conjunctiva.

When lowered immunity styes may appear on a regular basis - in this case we speak of recurrent nature of the disease.

When barley lowered immunity can be complicated by cellulitis (ulcer, not delimited capsule from surrounding tissues) orbit, meningitis Meningitis - an inflammation of the meninges  Meningitis - an inflammation of the meninges
   (inflammation of the meninges), blockage (thrombosis) of the blood vessels of the brain, blood poisoning (sepsis).


Methods of treatment of barley in the eye

At the first signs of barley it should begin to heal as soon as possible. In this case, there is a chance that infectious-inflammatory process does not go to the second stage - the stage of suppuration, fraught with numerous complications.

In the early stages of development of barley Barley - a clear sign of impaired immunity  Barley - a clear sign of impaired immunity
   painful point in the century can burn 70% alcohol 3-5 times a day, which often allows to suspend further development of barley. But cauterize very carefully, so that the alcohol does not hit on the mucosa of the eye - conjunctiva. This is best done using a cotton swab moistened with alcohol.

At the same time can be several times a day to warm barley. Ideal for this purpose a hard-boiled egg, and cleansed. At this stage, the inflammatory process can stop and by means of physical treatments, such as UHF therapy. It is not necessary to apply moist compresses and lotions, as they contribute to the local spread of infectious agents.

But it must be clearly understood: warm barley can be only as long as it does not appear yellow pus head. Warming festering barley absolutely contraindicated - infection by enlarged capillaries from the heat can penetrate into other areas, causing complications, the most serious of which are inflammatory processes in the brain.

It will also help to instill eye drops with antibacterial properties (for example, 20% solution Albucidum 6 times a day) or laying antibacterial ophthalmic ointment (erythromycin, tetracycline and so on).

If the process is moved to the stage of suppuration, the main means of treatment will be in the form of antibiotics drops and ointments.

If the disease is accompanied by fever and general malaise assigned overall treatments (antibiotics orally or by injection). Ripe barley in any case can not be squeezed, it can lead to serious complications: infection by the numerous blood vessels to spread to other organs and tissues.

Treatment of recurrent barley begin with a complete examination of the patient, and determine the cause of the disease. Be sure to investigate the immune system (immunogram blood). After that is the treatment of barley with simultaneous treatment of the disease and the identification of the main immune reconstitution.

How and what to treat stye, and how to prevent its recurrence, can identify only a doctor.

Galina Romanenko

Friendly squint - which determines the characteristics of the disease

November 25, 2014

 concomitant strabismus
 The man is a binocular vision. During the formation of a child may be violated, which manifest the development of strabismus. Usually, children often develop friendly squint, so the disease is often considered a problem of childhood. The child appears violation of adaptation to the environment, as well as developing an external, cosmetic defect.


Causes of eye fixation

Formation of binocular vision is possible if on the retina of both eyes are formed of equal magnitude images of the same object. In the cortex of the brain merges the images into a single image. If the images of the same object will be different in size, it will not happen merging them into one image. The main reason for such a violation is a different refractive powers of both eyes.

A single image is formed on the condition that between the occipital lobes have a strong connection. The reasons that lead to the weakening of the links of this type (for example, in violation of the cerebral cortex) are the immediate causes of strabismus.

Friendly strabismus may also be due to violations that occur in the eye muscles. Their job is to be friendly, so any deviation from the physiological state of the developing disturbances in the fixing eye. Causes damage to the muscular system quite different, one of them is due to the action of the traumatic factor. The injury causes a change not only on the part of the eye muscles, as well as from the nerves that are involved in the innervation of the organ of vision. Damage to the muscles is possible when birth injury Birth injuries - than they threaten your child?  Birth injuries - than they threaten your child?
 So the rational management of labor is conventionally considered a preventive measure.


Based on what diagnostic criteria

If any deviation monocular eye into developing friendly esotropia Convergent strabismus - the need for regular check-ups  Convergent strabismus - the need for regular check-ups
 . Most often, this pathology is combined with farsightedness. If a person has uncorrected hyperopia, this should be seen as a risk factor in the subsequent formation of strabismus. When you look at close objects in patients with hyperopia decreased visual acuity, and the eye muscles are in a constant state of tension. This pathology is more common exotropia Exotropia - full perception violation  Exotropia - full perception violation

There are certain characteristics of concomitant strabismus, whose presence confirms the diagnosis. In such characteristics include the following:

  • binocular vision dysfunction
  • eye deviation from the joint fixation point, which may be periodically or continuously,
  • conservation of the total volume of the mobility of the eye
  • both eyes may turn to mow, but often there is a one-sided defeat

Of great importance is that when a person has developed a friendly squint. There are congenital and acquired forms of the disease, which reflects the time of occurrence of violations of fixation. This influences the selection of further medical tactics since in most cases be congenital forms of surgical correction.


How to achieve an optimal treatment outcome

Restoration of binocular vision is the criterion correctly conducted complex therapeutic measures. Given that often faced with the problem of strabismus in children, need time to start treatment. First of all it depends on whether or not in a timely manner, parents seek medical advice. Treatment of concomitant strabismus is divided into methods of conservative treatment and surgical treatment. The achieved results of the complex treatment should be to achieve the correct position of the eye and binocular vision.

Depending on the current clinical situation, we can recommend the wearing of corrective glasses continuously. It is proved that this method of treatment can effectively restore sight How to restore vision - help their own eyes  How to restore vision - help their own eyes
 While in some cases it is sufficient to only one of the steps. The child can be assigned to wearing glasses since ten months. Drug therapy for concomitant strabismus is aimed at restoring the trophic tissue, the functional activity of nerves, nerve endings. Appointed by stimulating doses of drugs while simultaneously strengthening therapy is recommended. Dates achieve results during the treatment are on average up to three years. For a child, it is important to restore binocular vision until his admission to the school. The first step is to focus on preventative means.

Operative intervention in strabismus performed on the eye muscles. The volume of transactions is determined by the patient's age and condition of the oculomotor apparatus as a whole.

In some cases, it requires a multi-stage treatment, which is associated with the peculiarities of the operation. Even after a successful surgery, there is a risk of recurrence of strabismus, so postoperative treatment should be carried out to strengthen the achieved binocular vision.

In some cases the combined surgery is performed when gradually restore the normal state of the eye muscles. This medical tactics can give a quick fix strabismus, which is important to warn the patient and make the necessary explanatory talk about the duration of the surgical treatment. Healing is a long process, it may take several years, so a person should be set up for the gradual achievement of a positive result. It is recommended to spend an entire complex of therapeutic measures even at preschool age, because in this age period are the optimal conditions for the operation.

Marina Solovyov

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