Gargling with baking soda and salt - the most common remedy in folk medicine

August 3, 2014

 gargling with salt and soda
 Gargling with baking soda and salt is the most common tool in medicine. But the official medicine is not against such treatment. The fact that soda, salt and have a number of properties that would clear the throat of the infectious agents, their metabolic products, mucus, and tissue destroyed.


How does gargling soda and salt

The solutions, which include soda and salt, have a beneficial effect on inflamed mucous membranes of the nose and throat.

Baking soda is disinfectant and detergent, it is slightly suppresses livelihoods of many infectious agents, but is especially effective against fungi genus Candida. At the same time it has cleaning properties, removing the throat of infectious agents and their toxins and decomposition products of tissue. Table salt also has a pronounced cleaning properties.

Gargling with baking soda and salt inhibits the development of infection, reduce inflammation and swelling of the mucous membranes, clears them from the surface of various types of discharges and decaying tissue.

All this promotes rapid healing of tissue.


Which diseases effectively gargling soda and salt

It is best to rinse it helps with purulent tonsillitis - or follicular lacunar, as well as in purulent pharyngitis. The solution actively removes pus and dead cells from the tissue of the tonsils and posterior pharyngeal wall, reduces inflammation, swelling and pain in the throat.

As long as there is pus in the throat, 2% soda-saline rinse may be performed every hour. After the pus disappears to rinse should be no more 3 times a day so as not to cause dryness of tissues. Or even go to gargle with infusions of herbs (chamomile, calendula, sage Sage - cvyaschennaya grass  Sage - cvyaschennaya grass
   - They are all brewed on the basis of a tablespoon of herbs in a glass of boiling water).

Sometimes, acute respiratory disease is accompanied by profuse nasal discharge and feeling of constant presence of mucus in the throat. Stop this "flood" and to reduce swelling of the tissues help soda and salt rinses that can be done up to 5 times a day. The same solution can be instilled into the nose. But as soon as the sensation of dryness in the throat, it is better to go to the grass. Sometimes a glass of 2% soda-salt solution was added a few drops of iodine - it strengthens its disinfectant properties. You can spend rinse and sea salt.

If laryngitis Laryngitis - deadly  Laryngitis - deadly
   (inflammation of the larynx), which is accompanied by tissue edema, barking cough, sometimes respiratory failure, fit soda and salt inhalation - they help relieve swelling of the tissues. The tea infuser pour boil soda-salt solution, so it did not get to the bottom of the hole spout. Insert the spout into the tube (it can be purchased at a hardware store), inhale the steam through your mouth, exhale through the nose for 10 minutes.


When rinsing is not necessary to do

When pharyngitis, accompanied by dryness in the throat and obsessive coughing, gargling with salt and soda will be ineffective and may even cause deterioration of tissue due to drying and increased dry cough. In such cases, more appropriate rinse herbal infusions or alcohol solution hlorofillipta (half a teaspoon in a glass of warm boiled water).


How to prepare a solution

For gargling usually applied 2% soda-salt solution, which is prepared at the rate of half a teaspoon of baking soda and salt in a glass of warm boiled water. You can enhance the action of the solution by adding 3-4 drops of 5% tincture of iodine. The solution for gargling of sea salt should also be 2% (a teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of warm boiled water).

Lovely revitalizing effect has gargling with salt water. This procedure can be performed during the rest of the sea and gargle several times a day.

Seawater acts softer than soda-saline and usually does not cause drying fabrics.

Rinse salt water is recommended for chronic infectious and inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract: tonsillitis, pharyngitis Pharyngitis - recommended home treatment  Pharyngitis - recommended home treatment
 . When sinusitis Sinusitis - when a puncture is required  Sinusitis - when a puncture is required
   seawater can wash out a nose - sea water is drawn in through the nose and then spit out through the mouth. After these procedures are usually long is exacerbations of chronic infectious and inflammatory processes.

Gargling with baking soda and salt is not necessary to spend all in a row. This procedure is done strictly on the evidence and best prescribed by a doctor. Otherwise, instead of the improvement can be achieved and a sharp deterioration of the drying fabrics, accompanied by long-compulsive cough.

Galina Romanenko

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What if laid the ear - you need to find out the cause

August 2nd, 2009

 If laid ear
 Everyone is faced with such unpleasant feeling as stuffy ear. Most often this phenomenon occurs when the rapid rise to a considerable height (for example, in an airplane or in the mountains). In other cases, the symptom may be a sign of serious illness. Therefore, if you laid the ear, we must first find out the reason.

 What if laid the ear - you need to find out the cause

Why pawns ears in healthy people

The main reason - a significant drop in atmospheric pressure, which a person experiences with the rapid immersion depth or rise to great heights. In the middle ear cavity pressure decreases slowly, because of which there is temporarily disrupted holding sound.

The pressure in the middle ear was equal to atmospheric pressure, to do some swallowing movements or wide open mouth. This increases the clearance eustachian (auditory) tube, which connects the middle ear cavity with the nasopharynx.

Many feel stuffy ear after swimming. Most often this occurs when a cluster of earwax in the ear canal. If water gets into the ear of sulfur weight swell and close the lumen. In this situation, you need to gently clean the ear with a cotton swab special, which absorbs moisture.

If formed cerumen impaction, it is necessary to visit an otolaryngologist. Dr. lavage - a simple and absolutely painless procedure. After hearing this right is fully restored. It is impossible to independently attempt to remove sulfuric cork using various objects, as this can damage the eardrum.

 What if laid the ear - you need to find out the cause


Eustace (tubo-otitis) - inflammation of the Eustachian tube and the tympanic cavity. Against this background, broken ventilation of the middle ear and ear drops.

The disease develops when inflammation of the nasal or nasal cavity passes to the Eustachian tube. This usually happens when rhinitis, sinusitis and tonsillitis Angina - is it worth it to carry "on their feet"?  Angina - is it worth it to carry "on their feet"?
 That is, in conditions when the reduced immune defenses upper respiratory tract. Pathogens (pneumococci, staphylococci and streptococci) penetrate into the auditory tube and cause inflammation. Respiratory failure due to adenoids, polyps, tumors of the nasopharynx or the curvature of the nasal septum Deviated septum - is not just a cosmetic defect  Deviated septum - is not just a cosmetic defect
   It may also lead to the development evstahiita.

When disturbed ventilation of the tympanic cavity, the air that it contains, absorbed mucosa and due to narrowing of the mouth of the Eustachian tube is broken to his arrival. The more pressurized by the Eustachian tube, the more the pressure is reduced in the tympanic cavity. In the latter builds up fluid that contains cells involved in the inflammatory process (neutrophils and lymphocytes). Because of the thin air is drawn into the eardrum tympanum, its mobility decreases.

Eustace is shown a number of features:

  • Feeling stuffy ear;
  • Hearing loss;
  • Feeling transfusion fluid in the ear;
  • Noise in ears;
  • Syringmus (resonance of his own voice in his head);
  • Pain in the ear (do not occur in all people with evstahiitom).

Evstahiit If left untreated, the disease becomes chronic. This narrows the lumen of the Eustachian tube and the tympanic membrane and the mucous membrane of the tympanic cavity atrophy. Hearing impaired receive persistent.

Elimination of unfavorable factors that affect the state of the mouth of the Eustachian tube - the most important part of the treatment of this disease.

Locally used antibacterial agents. The most effective drugs in evstahiitah are amoxicillin, doxycycline Doxycycline - penetrates into the tissue cells  Doxycycline - penetrates into the tissue cells
 , Tsefuroksin axetil. In order to reduce the swelling of the mucosa in this area are assigned vasoconstrictors (e.g. tizin, Naphazoline Naphthyzinum - carefully overdose  Naphthyzinum - carefully overdose
 , Sanorin). The same effect have antihistamines (suprastin, Claritin).

Patients received vitamin A, E, C and P. They have an antioxidant effect and improve the defenses of the human body.

The patient should not blow your nose too hard. Each half of the nose should be cleaned at a time. This will prevent the ingress of pathogens, which are found in large quantities in the mucus of the nasopharynx and Eustachian tube in the tympanic cavity.

If the rumor is not restored, then spend the auditory tube and blowing air massage the eardrum. If successful, the procedures of the hearing is improved by one or two sessions. If the disease is prolonged, the flushing shall be held within two or three weeks, once every two days.

 What if laid the ear - you need to find out the cause

How to quickly eliminate stuffy ears

If you need to fly in an airplane or go down into the subway, and you need to prevent the emergence of congestion ears should drip in a nose vasoconstrictive drops. This method makes it very fast, but do not use it too often.

If stuffy ears came quickly and suddenly, you can perform the following steps in sequence:

  • Opened his mouth;
  • Tightly close the mouth and nose, try to hold your breath;
  • Start quickly swallow;
  • Drink water in small sips.

If you dive to great depths ears popped, and thus there was a pain, you need to hold your nose and try to breathe through the air. Such a measure will help to normalize the pressure in the tympanic cavity and eliminate discomfort.

Diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems may also lead to a feeling of stuffiness in the ears. The reason for this condition can be identified during the examination of the brain, heart and blood vessels. Then appointed special preparations and vitamins out of Group B.

To identify the causes of congestion is also being studied audiogram - information on the state of the patient's hearing, it is produced using a special device. The conclusion of a hearing impairment can only make a specialist.

If there is a feeling of stuffiness in the ears too often or persists for a long time, it is necessary to seek medical help. Otolaryngologist and neurologist - a specialist to be addressed first.

Alexander Chernov

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