Back pain: what can and can not

July 23, 2012

 Back pain - the most common type of pain. About 65 million Americans have faced recently with back pain Back pain: Do not start the process  Back pain: Do not start the process
 8% of adults are so concerned about the back pain that it limits their daily activities. Do you suffer from back pain or want to prevent its appearance, there are many opportunities to protect themselves from this problem.


Help back to bed

About a third of the life we ​​spend in a dream. You can not miss the opportunity to take care of your back at this time. The wrong choice of a mattress and an awkward position during sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 On the contrary, can result in injury.

Make this a dream holiday for your back:

  • Pick the right mattress. Even if soft mattress seems to be more pleasant, hard mattress is always better for your back. Of a double bed rather those where you can use two different mattress, because two people can comfortably be different mattresses.
  • Keep the bed in the shape. If you wake broken and stiff, check the mattress. How long have you changed it last? Mattress wears just like shoes - parts of it have to the greatest pressure and there it is deformed. Twice a year it is necessary to turn the mattress and check to see if it breaks, and other signs of wear. If you notice these traces, it is time to change the mattress. This should be done on average once every five to seven years.
  • Sleep well. The worst position to sleep - in the stomach. You have to bend your neck, and it gives excessive stress on the joints. It is better to sleep on your back or side, using pillows for support. If you sleep on your side, use a cushion for the body which distributes the load. If you sleep on your back, place a pillow between your knees.
  • Get up right. You jump out of bed (or slips off), when you hear the alarm? Instead, spend a minute to stretch the entire body and help the body to wake up. It's a good injury prevention.

Pain in the back and the machine

Do you spend more than an hour a day in the car? Incorrect posture at the wheel cause or exacerbate back pain.

Tips that can facilitate daily trips:

  • Choose the right car. The greater machine - the better for your back. The spacious interior, the more opportunities you have to customize the seat to fit your needs. Proper landing - the closest to the vertical when the knees are at or below the hips - is useful for the back, because it is less compressed vertebrae in the lumbar region.
  • Correctly install the seat. Do not move it too far back, you do not have to reach to the handlebars or lean over it.
  • Try using a pillow. Some people buy special support pillow for the car, and then find that they are useless or not suitable to them personally. You can try to use a small pillow from home or a rolled up towel to see if you can help cushion. Someone comfortable underlay them under the shoulder blade, and someone - under the waist. Try it for yourself.
  • Take breaks. If you have a long trip, stop every hour to warm up.


Protect your back at work

Many of us have to spend all day at the table, often in the same position, with the handset in hand and before the eyes of the monitor. Is it any wonder that we start to hurt your back?

Sit back for more harmful than standing, experts say. When you stand, some of the stress goes to the foot, and when you sit, the entire burden falls on the spine. Many sitting, leaning forward, which significantly increases the pressure on the back.

  • Place the computer correctly. The monitor should be at eye level, so you do not have to lift his head or lower it.
  • Sit properly. It is not necessary to have an ergonomic chair. There are plenty of comfortable chairs cheap, but nothing can be more useful than common sense. The backrest should support lower and middle back. Your knees should be bent at right angles, and the spine should be in a neutral position - not leaning forward or backward.
  • Use a footrest. If the feet rest on something, it reduces the load on the spine.
  • Take breaks. Set the timer on your computer and every 45-50 minutes to get up to walk around and stretch.
  • If you do not have a sedentary job, and you have to stand or lift things, then you have your risk for back. One of the most important things for a person who has to stand a lot, whether it is the seller or the teacher - is the right choice of footwear. Good shoes provide cushioning and foot support. Sneakers or ballet shoes with flat soles are not suitable.
  • When standing next to the good to have a small footrest, which can in turn draw one foot to unload one side of the body - do not forget to change feet.


Protect back home

Domestic business people are often forced to bend and lift objects - raise something to wash the floor, unload the car. Surprisingly, the probability of injury is just as great when picked up something small, like lifting heavy boxes. To avoid this, it is important to bend down and lift things.

There are three options for how to do it right:

  • Squatting. It's suitable for heavy items. Approach the object as close as possible, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, squat down, clasp your hands and take the subject, using leg strength. Whether it's a heavy box or a child, keep the weight as close as possible to the body.
  • As a golfer. This option is for small objects such as coins dropped by. Transfer the weight to one leg and the opposite arm lean on the table, chair or other stable surface. Then bend femur, allowing the leg on which there is no weight slightly off the ground.
  • As the crane. This version for the heavier items that can not be raised from the bottom squatting, such as shopping bags. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, as close as possible to the object. Bend at the hips, pushing the buttocks back. Take the object and lift, keeping as close as possible to the body. Descends as follows.

Be aware of its limits. If you correctly pick up the goods, but you feel the pain, do not lift it alone. Ask someone to help you.

Use a variety of tools for home affairs. You can lay a special mats under your knees when you wash the floor and weed beds, use a brush with telescopic handle, to reach for high places, and do not forget about the good old ladder. Before you take something, slide it closer. For example, if you want to get from the cabinet rarely used dishes, do not reach the top. Better fasten a chair or ladder, push the subject to himself and then raise and lower.

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Fibromyalgia: how to live a balanced life

July 23, 2012

 For any person it is difficult to balance everything in my life. But if you have fibromyalgia, and you are constantly suffering from chronic pain and fatigue, setting priorities and taking care of themselves become more complex - and more necessary.

For many people with fibromyalgia can be difficult at first to find a balance in life. Chronic pain and fatigue may not be given to patients to do what they used to do, for example, to work, to take care of a family, engage in hobbies and favorite things.

But with fibromyalgia can live a full life. It is important to listen to your body and learn how to change plans. You may need to specifically plan for yourself rest days. Or to change the plans for the day to put their needs first.

If you suffer from fibromyalgia, a lot better for you to slow down and make life less - so you get a lot more.

 Fibromyalgia: how to live a balanced life

Put yourself in the first place

People with fibromyalgia often used to do everything for others, whether family, friends or colleagues, and it often happens that they can not cope with the load.

It is very important to learn to take care of themselves and their needs. It should listen to well-being. Perhaps the best thing you can do right now - is to lie all day and read. It is important to understand that taking care of yourself will help you recover.

 Fibromyalgia: how to live a balanced life

Set limits

It is important to know your limits and explain to others that you may not be able to do all the things to which they are accustomed. Learn to say "no" and not feel guilty at the same time. Fibromyalgia - a chronic disease, and reason enough to take care of their needs.

Tips to help you take care of yourself:

  • Leave yourself a choice. When you are invited somewhere, or asked to do something, tell the person that you are interested in, but you need to consider the offer, and you contact them for a day or two. So, if you decide to give up, you will not need to make a decision immediately and will not be so hard to say about it. There is nothing wrong to refuse. If you have something planned, but do not feel well enough to do it, move to another time. Do not beat yourself up for what you do not do. Remember that you can do it another time.
  • Keep a journal. Writing down what you did, we ate what and when, how much sleep and how you feel each day, you will better understand what causes aggravation of symptoms.
  • Delegate. To negotiate with the spouse and other family members that they are taking on certain tasks, such as cooking or cleaning, when you yourself can not do it. Discuss these things with your family to find solutions together.
  • Take breaks. If you are engaged in any social activities, think about how to temporarily suspend these activities and focus on taking care of yourself.
  • Eat at the restaurant or order takeaway. Instead of inviting guests to cook for them, meet in a restaurant or order a meal delivered to your door.
  • Plan activity at a time when you feel better. For many people with fibromyalgia is the time between 10 and 15 hours, but you do it may be different.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for help. People rarely denied requests. But they need to somehow know that you need help.

 Fibromyalgia: how to live a balanced life

Do what you like

This can be tricky if you are already limiting their activity. People with fibromyalgia often difficult to schedule pleasant events. Often people use the energy on the things that need other people, and those things that are pleasing to themselves powers often remains.

But if you find those activities that bring you pleasure, you will significantly change the quality of life. Things that you enjoy watching and improve your health better. Even simple things, like a hot bath, reading a book or chatting with friends, improve mood.

Do not avoid pleasant experiences because of fear of pain or fatigue. For example, sometimes standing still go to a party, even if the next day, as you suspect, symptoms increase.

For many of communicating with people is important for good emotional health. But do not forget to plan activities and to allow yourself to rest the next day.

The same approach can be used for travel, such as a family holiday. Plan a day before departure, and one or two days after the arrival of the holiday.

 Fibromyalgia: how to live a balanced life

Sleep enough

Give yourself plenty of rest - another important form of self-care. Many people suffering from fibromyalgia have trouble sleeping, which may cause deterioration. Poor sleep reduces the body to recover. So do all that is possible to improve the quality of sleep.

Experts recommend the following steps for this:

  • Early to bed, early to rise. You can choose the most suitable for you personally, but the ideal is considered to bed about 10 pm and wake up around 6 am.
  • Sleep during the day. There is need to guess how much daytime sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   you need to freshen up, but not much, so you do not sleep at night. For most people fit 20-30 minutes. Do not forget to set the alarm.
  • Dine in a few hours before bedtime. Ideal for dinner 5-6 pm. This ensures that you will not digest food to the time you go to bed. It is also helpful to eat the greatest amount of food during the day and dinner is not very tight.

 Fibromyalgia: how to live a balanced life

Do not give up, you'll feel better

Your mood can change from day to day, but you can feel free from fatigue and chronic pain. It is important to focus not on what you can not do, and those little things that you can do to feel better. You will need patience, but if you learn to listen to yourself, you will begin the path to healing.

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