The proven way to bring back his wife: start with introspection

May 28, 2012

 a proven way to bring back his wife
 What exactly to do in order to win back his wife, largely depends on your situation. If the divorce was very hard, you need to give to himself and his wife time to heal the wounds a little bit before you try to take real steps to reclaim his wife.

You broke up recently? Was the gap is very difficult and painful? Who was it initiated? She left you? You left her? What was the real reason for divorce?

Immediately after the break in you boils too many different emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code  Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code
 So you can really act reasonably. This is another reason why the best time to wait before doing anything.

Try to be distracted, doing something useful: you can walk away with his head in the job seriously interested in sports, hobby, learn a new language (Spanish or C ++). In this difficult period is very dangerous tempted to numb the pain with alcohol. Lodging can be difficult, and if your wife finds out, she decides that the right to do, leave you.

When you have calmed down a bit, it's time to do an analysis of the situation. Honestly tell yourself what role you played in a divorce themselves. If your wife initiated the divorce, it may very well be that you did something wrong.

Blaming his ex-wife and make it responsible for the current situation - a simple, but the wrong way. We need to remember that and to create, and to break the relationship always takes two. Be honest with yourself. Try to understand what your mistake is, and when it became clear that, give up the behavior that led to the divorce. Or decide for yourself, you do not want to go to such concessions - then your wife will likely return will not succeed, and you have to admit it. If you are ready to restore relations, follow these tips:

  • Pay more attention to it if you want to return it

Nobody likes when they do not pay enough attention, but she put up with it especially difficult. And they are right. Caution - a vital component of any relationship.

  • Men and women have different ideas about the emotional support

If you want to return to my wife, you need to figure out what kind of support it wants from you. It is not enough just words she needed actions. You can buy her something that would give her to understand that you really care about her. Not jewels, but something practical and functional - what is it you need, not what will please any woman at all.

  • Do not change it!

This is obvious, but still, if she left you because you cheated on her, and you can imagine - to return to his wife, it is necessary to put an end to the deception. Well, if you just like to sleep with other women, you do not deserve to be his wife returned to you, so live as you like, and leave her alone.

  • If you are in the process of divorce and living together, help her around the house

Do cleaning, cook, water the flowers, screw the light bulb, make repairs, which has long been delayed. What are you doing, talking about your feelings more than your words.

To return to your wife, treat her with respect and take care of it - that's what women want from men in the first place. You will have to change something in yourself to become more mature in charge - because now you start anew.

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As the New Year perceive men and women

December 30, 2008

 As the New Year perceive men and women
   It is only at first glance it seems that too a holiday and the New Year should all accept the same. More can be assumed that each of us can uniquely relate to the day of his birth (and even more so for the birthday Tiffany), March 8, the anniversary of the October Revolution of 1917, or the day of the police. But to say that you can have different attitudes to the most important holiday in our country that is outside politics and other aggravating circumstances ...? It's almost a crime!

In fact, not so simple. Generally it has to take for granted the claim that men and women, though it is part of one species Homo sapiens, but with all its similarity is still different beings who have different perceptions of life and all its manifestations. So, the ratio of male and female for the New Year with all the general positive perception of the holiday still differ. How - try to understand.

To begin, of course, with the male gaze on New Year's. For the male population of the country the New Year festivities, of course, expected and pleasant - like any holiday. Holidays and weekends are in any case more pleasant for body and soul, rather than working days and weekdays. However, compared with women's expectations (which we discuss below) men perceive the New Year still quieter and more down to earth, without much enthusiasm. The reasons for this author counted exactly five.

First, the male consciousness is not entirely clear what is it that is celebrated on the night of December 31 to January 1st. Of course, it's the end of the old year, the beginning of a new, semi-magical moment of farewell to the past and to the future meetings, and blah blah blah ... "No, everything is clear, but the sho specifically? "- Ask Alex Kortnev perennial question in a popular song of the late '90s, and the same question every year in late December asking themselves men. Actually, what a reason to get together and have fun a few days? It turns out that the specific, tangible and there is no reason. So men, there is less strong wings of imagination, to realize the beauty of the New Year is difficult.

Secondly, before the men gets the horrible, horrible necessity and a duty - to choose gifts. It's not a financial cost that always exceed all limits and reaching dizzying proportions. The catch is that men do not know they need to themselves: it is perfectly possible to be observed in cases where our brother has to choose yourself something on their own, without help from the female side. We always choose our socks inappropriate, with different color, size and shaped; we will in ten variants crockery choose just the only one that does not fit well to the kitchen sets; we fall into a stupor, if we need to buy household things - little idea what it's called, which sold, in what quantities and what is needed. And you, dear women, expect from us that we choose for you something beautiful and worthwhile ... Madness of the brave we sing a song.

Third, the New Year is the most traumatic in terms of holiday hangover. If any other holidays you can hang under the pretext of "I work tomorrow," "no mood" and "I do not drink at life" and to restrict a glass of champagne, then this night, this number does not take place. What kind of work, if the full week ahead of the weekend? As it is in the New Year may not be in the mood to drink? What do you mean "do not drink" - you mean, so many people want to offend? The result - a very, very, very vague on 1 January and often second and third ...

Fourthly, those New Year holidays What to do with children in the New Year's holiday  What to do with children in the New Year's holiday
 . On the one hand, ten days of rest is just great, it's like another holiday, and no one without sawing and begs whiny voice, "Well, you need to also go somewhere by the sea ...". On the other hand, if these ten days to sit at home and constantly eyesore his better half, almost 100% of the quarrel arises. For any reason at all, and even without it. Why - a question for psychologists, family therapists and simply seasoned life people. But there necessarily.

Fifth, it is this quarrel may arise before the New Year, in general the pre-cleaning. Cleaning, especially New Year's - it is the action in which all the failures, mishaps, miscalculations, shortcomings and mistakes are always and invariably blame the man. So it turns out the words of the woman. So once again plunge into the atmosphere of universal guilt of men as something not very desirable.

Since man's vision of the New Year has gone in five steps, for fairness and objectivity female perspective on this holiday and we will divide into five main points. Well, meet - a woman's perception.

Firstly, the New Year for the beautiful half of humanity is one of the most anticipated events. Perhaps I am wrong, but I think that to a large extent this is due to the fact that it is not a birthday, and nobody on purpose or accidentally, do not remind you of your age and that you, of course, still "sheshnadtsat "but still not as" sheshnadtsat ", as last year, or several years ago. Here like and there is the factor of time, one year ends, another begins, but at the same time you personally to this practical and relationships have no time for you not moved forward.

Secondly, women in men appreciate such a thing as gifts. And despite the fact that experience demonstrates, as we have seen that man chooses successful gifts in one case out of a hundred, and buys and presents them in one case in a thousand women do not leave hopes to still get some quite delightful and wonderful gift. This woman had no idea what they consider a delightful and wonderful gift. They say that a man has to guess ...

Third, each new year, this new hope for change for the better that the old year will be all bad, and the next will be exclusively in pink and bright colors. This reflects a fundamental difference between female and male psychology: we as true and eternal children, do not think about the future, it is important that the here and now. But women, as mothers and homemakers, in this sense, more rational, more focused on the future, that will be and how that "will" do better.

Fourth, every woman in the shower continues to nurture the dream of a fairy tale, a dream of a prince, and the New Year the most fabulous holiday ever. It was in those days the cities and villages tells fairy tale character in a red fur coat, fur hat, cotton beard and a red nose and distributes all gifts. And if you want - you do not want, and in the female soul zakradёtsya slept all year faint hope that "what if ...". And suddenly, the princes still exist. And suddenly real, the same as in "Gone with the Wind", love still exists. What if these two miracles - Prince and the very-Rassam love - together and on the doorstep you will be in love with a prince. After the New Year the same magic, everything can be ...

Well, the fifth, is very common for women approaching the New Year is the only way to break through men's laziness and excuses such as "dear, today at the 27th just repeat the Champions League final, I have no time" and reach out to men, it is necessary to make a general cleaning. This also adds to the attractiveness of the holiday in the women's eyes.

  Alexander Babitsky

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