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November 6, 2013

  • Blind Date: entertainment or search for fate?
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 Blind Date Secrets of Success

Blind Date: Secrets of Success

First, note: blind date - not the last hope of the desperate and disillusioned. In fact, on a blind date really well acquainted with a man (woman) of your dreams. Over the years, psychologists have studied the behavior of couples and the nature of their relationship. Their findings will surprise you: the question of how they met, most couples responded: "We have brought friends."

However, blind dates do not always end in a happy marriage. They can turn into a real test, slowly but surely developing into a catastrophe. How to avoid this disaster and send date into the desired direction for you? We decided to open six secrets of successful blind date.


Monitor the situation

Do not let others make you do something against your will. Do not hesitate to refuse. You do not have to meet the son of your mother's only friend in order not to offend anyone. Take an active part in planning meetings. Do not let others fix the time and place of meetings without your consent. Try to exclude from the travelers all other elements of uncertainty, except the mysterious "second half". Choose a time and place of the meeting and create an atmosphere in which you feel comfortable.


Choose a suitable location for a meeting

Cinema - not the best place for a first date Ten taboos on the first date: A Guide for Men  Ten taboos on the first date: A Guide for Men
 As well as a noisy rock concert. It is best to assign a meeting in a cafe or restaurant, where the pleasant music and tasty food. The purpose of a first date - to meet, form an opinion about each other and have a good time.


Do not tighten

Whatever you do not do on a first date, do not tighten it more than two hours. Blind Date appointed restaurants yet because that dinner has a beginning, culmination and the end, that is, involves the natural development of events. Brought by a waiter should be a signal for you to the end date. If you thought the first date too short, arrange a second!


Do not let the "third party" to be present on the date

In the presence of a friend to introduce you to both of you probably feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. Each will bring you try too, and his efforts would only worsen the situation. If you want a friend introduced you to each other - excellent. But preliminary contract with him that in ten or fifteen minutes, he quietly retire and will leave you alone.


Discuss introduce you to a buddy

Common friends - a great topic to explore, which gives you an opportunity to look at each other without exerting undue compulsion. In no case do not gossip about mutual acquaintances: gossip - like a boomerang - always come back to you, and even in a distorted form. In addition, rumors make a bad impression on the interlocutor.


Come to a meeting in a good mood

Remember that many people mistakenly believe a blind date last desperate escape ... Come to the meeting in a good mood and attitude towards the other party with interest. Even if you do not break out between the romantic spark, you can find a friend or just buy useful contacts.

Maria Bykov

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How to win a man - prepare for the positional battles - Tips

December 21, 2013

  • How to win a man - prepare for the positional battles
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 little tricks to win the man

How to win a man: Tricks of the Trade

It is only in the novels of ancient noble knights fought in a tournament in order to win favor with the ladies of the heart. In fact, most everything is opposite. Statistics over the decades suggests that the number of single women are much higher numbers of free men. That has women embark on all sorts of tricks, if only not to put up with the thought of their own lack of demand.

By and large, the invaders must be just a man - after all it is their privilege. Women also need to show the wonders of ingenuity to man was in full confidence: he wins, but it is not. No wonder the women's tactic is called the art of seduction.


Image - our everything

There are, as you know, on clothes and manners, and intelligence and other values ​​already evaluated afterwards. In an effort to look bright and attractive, the ladies should not go too far. Too skimpy clothes will certainly attract everyone's attention, but it brings on certain thoughts. Certainly most women would not want to see them in frivolous persons from the category of "for one night."

As polls show sociologists, men are not enthralls makeup in the spirit of "war paint", flashy colors of the clothes are too tight blouses covered leggings and feminine charms, nalakirovannye hair, vulgar jewelry. Where spectacular looks simple but elegant clothing made on the figure. The vast majority of men nicer to see women in dresses and skirts than pants.

Do not get tempted man and manners frank bad taste - foul language, sudden movements, loud-mouthed, loud voice, ribald anecdotes and jokes and so on. Indeed, in the view of many men fiancee should be feminine, and listed manner with femininity not attached.


Art "shoot" through the eyes

Psychologists recommend that women start communicating with the pleasant man with eye contact. It is enough to look into his eyes for ten seconds and then casually look away. After a few minutes, you can repeat and while a small smile. Smile - it is a signal to man that his welcome.

As a rule, men are responding to it is easy, but if it does not, you can try to strike up a conversation itself. The beginning for him quite well and will serve as a banal question, "What time is it? "And an innocent remark about the weather. Thus it is necessary to continue to "communicate" with the eyes of the interlocutor. If he starts to tell something, you need to encourage him approving nods - let the man will feel that they are able to admire, this is a very positive aspect of communication.

The flirting techniques Flirting: Ten amazing facts  Flirting: Ten amazing facts
   are important turns heads. Many men are able to admire the women's side slightly bent head. Particularly sexy, mysterious and alluring at the same time recognized glance over his shoulder, in a half-turn.

Gestures, postures and facial expressions - a separate issue. Someone thinks that operate flawlessly legs, put one on another, someone tested method - carelessly cast away the hair from her face. And then there are a proven means of hypnosis Hypnosis - ability, sent from above  Hypnosis - ability, sent from above
 Acting equally effective in both men and women. It consists in an unobtrusive and inconspicuous companion copy movements. However, it is important not to overdo it, otherwise he'll think of him simply nadsmehayutsya.


Nuances are important

A wise woman knows: all men - are different, and what pleases one may displease another. In any case men find most attractive women who are able to share their interests and genuinely interested in their affairs.

Affluent males almost always discourage bad habits Bad habits - second nature?  Bad habits - second nature?
   women: smoking, excessive drinking, the love of chewing gum and so on. If all this themselves they forgive easily, the sweethearts - with great difficulty. Many representatives of the stronger sex, even feel disgust and revulsion against the smoking and drinking women.

And finally, a win-win tool of seduction men - confidence. Most psychologists can find notes that high self-esteem of women and is the basis of her sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality  Nine ways to experience their sexuality

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