A real woman needs a real man

June 4, 2012

 real man
 Fifty years of feminism (in Russia - a little less) were devastating: in a society reigns confusion about gender roles, there was a class of women who around screaming that they do not need men who are being sued for sexual harassment almost at a glance accused the men for their problems - in general, the idea of ​​a strong corroding, resolute man, who lived in the community for centuries.

Society is becoming more feminized, it more and more young men who have grown up by single mothers - these men are able to perfectly obey the will of the woman, but often have no clue about what it means to be a strong man. Today, men increasingly have to apologize for their innate male sexuality Male sexuality - Myths and Facts  Male sexuality - Myths and Facts

 A real woman needs a real man

Satisfy a woman

The recognition of certain normal manifestations of sexuality illegal almost led to the fact that the world is filled with momma's boy and rags - men and women who serve voluntarily give their hands in their power, in exchange for some "favors" in bed.

Nature has created men strong, bold, aggressive, sexy - it is in their blood and have testosterone Five myths about testosterone  Five myths about testosterone
 . And the truth is that women, no matter what they say, they want to just such men. At least, if they are real women. So nature intended.

It can be as many argue that wants her husband to run errands, but in fact only a real man can bring her satisfaction - and sexual, and emotional.

Therefore, until the men stop apologizing for the fact that they are men. Women want to see your strengths actions and sexual confidence.

 A real woman needs a real man

Sexual confidence

What is sexual confidence? First you need to figure out what it is not.

Men deprived of their sexual confidence:

  • Constantly seeking approval of women
  • Serves women and their pet
  • Predictable and boring
  • Calling a woman every day, or even worse, several times a day
  • Try to buy the attention of presents, going to the restaurant, and so on.
  • Nervous, insecure or overly cute in dealing with women
  • They behave with their women as friends, not lovers
  • It appears on the first call
  • Tolerate any rudeness without the slightest attempt to protest
  • Come out from the skin out, to bring a woman pleasure
  • Always afraid that if they do something wrong, the woman leaves
  • Obsessively analyze all the woman said or did
  • Feelings of shame and guilt for natural sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality  Nine ways to experience their sexuality
  • Allows women to manipulate them and treat them as "walking wallets"
  • Lousy lovers

 A real woman needs a real man

Be sexy

At least two items from the list - about you? If not - you can not read any further. And if so, you may still doubt that behave properly. Look at the "bad guys" in action - yes, the same ones which women say they bitterly hated and which fall to the dark eyes. Why is that? Because women take such decisions on an emotional level. The bad guys they excite them interesting.

Do the bad guys, of course, the sea sexual confidence, which means that they:

  • The real test for women, but not doormats
  • I do not apologize for who they are - they radiate sexuality and live in harmony with his male essence
  • Unpredictability and disobedient
  • Do not be afraid to be yourself
  • Do not try to buy the attention, or sex for gifts
  • Supervise relations
  • Easy and skillfully flirt
  • They lead the way, and do not give to behave
  • Permanently occupied a variety of cases, do not find the time to call a woman - and a woman is suffering from them
  • They behave with women as men

At the same time men have sexual confidence, in any case disposed towards women aggressively. On the contrary, they are perfectly relate to women and women to reciprocate.

 A real woman needs a real man

Be a man

To be attractive to real women, not necessarily look like Brad Pitt and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Be sure not to hide his natural courage, let her come to the surface to a woman saw her.

Gaining confidence in their sexuality, the man immediately claims its independence and individuality. It will no longer adjust their behavior to the society in which is currently under, or a woman, which is now communicating.

Looking into the eyes of such a man, a woman sees that it is a good lover and a reliable partner for life. This man - this - wants a real woman Being a real woman: Is there any canon?  Being a real woman: Is there any canon?
 . Get this - your choice will expand, and you will decide what kind of woman this is just for you.

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Cialis, a medicine man

December 6, 2009

 Cialis, a medicine man
   Perhaps the most "terrible" for the pathology of the stronger sex can be considered a violation of erectile function, when a man becomes not quite full in the sexual sphere. This is a very serious blow to the men's self-esteem and confidence in himself. Despite the fact that sexual disorders are physically do not affect the general physiological condition, not worsen the state of health and do not cause pain, the degree of negative psychological impact on these patients can not be overestimated: men become depressed, depressed, unsociable, turn in on themselves.

In addition, such deviations have a social aspect, because they create a tense atmosphere in the family relationships. It enhances the problem is the fact that not all of the men venture to appeal to their "troubles" to the doctor-sexologist. And it is in vain, because modern medicines are able to quickly return to the idyll of an intimate life of a man, and at the same time to restore his shattered self-esteem and psychological balance.

Realizing the importance and significance of normal sexual life, experts in the field of intimate Medicine recently conducted a painstaking practical work, allowing them to better understand the delicate issue of how the mechanism of erection Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man  Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man
 . It turns out that to achieve this important role belongs to the state of a particular enzyme, as well as nitrogen oxide, which is released during sexual arousal. As a result of a complex chain of interactions of enzyme is relaxation of smooth muscle fibers in the arterial blood vessels that carry blood to the penis. As a result, these vessels dilate and the cavernous body (the so-called anatomical structures that make up the male sexual organ) filled with blood and increase in size, appearance, and that manifests itself in the form of an erection. Preparations for the recovery of sexual function, used in recent years in the pharmaceutical practice, not just focused on the enzymatic process. One of these medications is Cialis.

Cialis is not yet so well known among the general public, such as Viagra or Impaza Impaza - homeopathy helps erection  Impaza - homeopathy helps erection
 But on the effectiveness of their actions in no way inferior .  Moreover, in comparison with these drugs Cialis has certain advantages .  So, tadalafil (active substance of the drug "Cialis") is beginning to have a therapeutic effect in less than twenty minutes .  But the same Viagra for this necessary as at least one hour .  In addition, the duration of action of Cialis is about one and a half days, that is, during this time the patient can make a full sexual intercourse, can not be said about Viagra, the effect of applying that ends already after four hours .  This feature is extremely important Cialis for men, welcoming spontaneity and surprise of intimacy with the woman that brings to the relationship a special flavor .  The fact that sex is "on schedule" is unacceptable to the vast majority of men, shows a poll conducted by confidential: the choice between Cialis and Viagra Viagra: tales of the twentieth century  Viagra: tales of the twentieth century
   Only ten percent of patients expressed a preference for the latter. The expression of action of both drugs is about the same.

The advantages of Cialis include the independence of its efficiency on the time of day, from food and alcohol, though a good compatibility with alcohol, many experts are inclined to consider more as a disadvantage.

The drug is safe to use, but in some cases is accompanied by side effects such as headaches, dyspepsia (mainly diarrhea), rush of blood to the face and neck, pain in the lower back, dizziness Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet  Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet
 . Occasionally there are allergic reactions in case of hypersensitivity to the constituent components of the preparation.

Among the contraindications should be noted such cardiovascular disease as recently ported strokes, heart attacks, various manifestations stenokardicheskie. However, this is due not so much by the medication, how much to the fact that in such diseases from sexual activity is better to abstain. In addition, the appointment of Cialis is contraindicated in severe allergic reactions and minor.

  Zhiguli Andrew

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