What do men find sexy in a woman: 15 unexpected discoveries - smudge or stale make-up

November 4th, 2007

  • What do men find sexy in a woman: 15 unexpected discoveries
  • Smudge or stale make-up

Smudge or stale make-up

Stale makeup - the effects of the rapidly spent night in the city, when you do not have time to go home and freshen up. Ironically, men think it's damn sexy! Blurred makeup men get turned on because it seems like you just got out of the bed, where the point of exhaustion to make love. It reminds them of the incredible feeling that arises after sex.

 Smudge or stale make-up | what men find sexy in a woman: 15 unexpected discoveries

A woman, walking barefoot at night

Undoubtedly, shoes heels very sexy, but after a night in the club you almost want to make such sacrifices. Bare feet - a kind of hint of nudity and even some degree of promise. If a woman walking barefoot, it says its naturalness, rebellion against decency that can stimulate men's sexual fantasies.

 Smudge or stale make-up | what men find sexy in a woman: 15 unexpected discoveries

Colored hair regrowth

Well-groomed beautiful hair, no doubt, very attractive, but maybe you should not try so hard ....? Men, like women, attracted some negligence and brutality. Perhaps regrowth remind them of the bad girl from his mother who warns that multiplies the sex appeal Sexual attraction - chemistry for two  Sexual attraction - chemistry for two

 Smudge or stale make-up | what men find sexy in a woman: 15 unexpected discoveries

Failure to understand the meaning of a joke

We have all at least once provided in a similar situation: a large company someone tells an anecdote, everyone laughs while you sit with a puzzled, trying to understand the reason of fun. Intellectual scare men, so easy stupidity makes a woman more accessible and close. In the company of a woman a man can relax - it does not need to constantly prove her his mind and intellectual consistency. In addition, such a "fool" terribly want to protect and teach, but only the men's needed.

 Smudge or stale make-up | what men find sexy in a woman: 15 unexpected discoveries

The ability to find common language with children

You would think that looking at your children playing with friends and relatives, the husband rolls his eyes in anguish? Most likely, you are wrong. Easy to handle with kids tells the man that his girlfriend will come from a good mother, and that she was patient and caring, that subconsciously reminds him of his childhood and his mother.

 Smudge or stale make-up | what men find sexy in a woman: 15 unexpected discoveries

Instead of sexual peignoir - gym shorts and T-shirt stretched

When the period romance Romance - trap for women?  Romance - trap for women?
   and sexual underwear left behind, begins the harsh everyday life. Now the main comfort. Careless casual clothing says that a woman confident and relaxed, that men always seem sexy.

 Smudge or stale make-up | what men find sexy in a woman: 15 unexpected discoveries

Fat hanging over jeans or skirts with a low waist

Do you think that the holders of non-ideal figure should not wear tight jeans? However, many men feel fat hanging over jeans sexy. Feminine figure for men is fertility, the ability to bear and raise children, so little extra padding fits into this concept and excites their subconscious desires inherent nature.

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Hypersexuality - a strong attraction - Psychology

December 15th, 2013

  • Hypersexuality - a strong attraction
  • Psychology

 hypersexuality psychology

Hypersexuality and Psychology

There are so many explanations, but that's in the nature of the phenomenon is no one fully understood. Medical Encyclopedia says: hypersexuality - a permanent, extremely high sex drive, which is rarely satisfied, despite numerous sex acts and a large number of partners. It is often not attracted to a certain person, is satisfied only physiological need without emotion Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code  Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code
   and psychological moments. The demand may be not satisfied even with frequent orgasms. In men it is called satiriazis, women - nymphomania. And of those, and the variations in its pure form is very small: according to statistics, the diagnosis can be made only 0.002% of the population. In addition, they are very treatable.


Teenager hypersexuality

Almost every teenage boy going through a phase of hypersexuality, naturally, gradually passes and the boy turns into a man with a unique name for his sexual appetite. But to make the transition smoother and not wait for the consequences, psychologists recommend to pay special attention to education of adolescents. Of course, this is not a dream Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   in combat posture, piano, a circle of macrame and sport wear, but the youth need to load a little more than a boy. Talk about his future, about the choice of profession, the need to develop body. Suppose a young man is determined by the direction of the application of excess power - and more! Encourage your child to redirect unspent sensual energy in another direction. He will grow up and realize that it is called sublimation.

With girls the situation is slightly different, they hypersexuality in adolescents expressed little (which is most likely connected with the traditions of education). But this is also a hormonal volcano.


Relations in the pair

If you do not go into the medical details of really serious deviation associated with hypersexuality as adults, it is quite common people with a thirst for sex a little more than everyone else.

You're lucky if you have with your partner in this regard full unity of souls - then at least do not forget something occasionally snacking. And he went, finally, walk, get some fresh air!

But the situation is usually different, one "wants" and the other wants to sleep. So what to do? You can, of course, to urge allies headache Headache: Causes and Complications  Headache: Causes and Complications
 . Or to say that he was tired at work. But a year later a similar situation will start at a minimum strain.


Tips psychologists

To solve this problem, there are recommendations of psychologists. And with the right attitude, they really work:

  • Speak. Discuss with your partner your wants and unwillingness. Feel free to keep in mind that all sexual activity that does not cause discomfort to some of the participants - the norm. Openness and honesty in a relationship - it is better than innuendo.
  • Spend weekends, holidays, vacation together. And not at home - try to spend their travel, hiking, trekking. Take a trip to the country and collect apples.
  • Keep a common passion. Better if it will be any active sport. Play basketball on Friday, swim in the pool, enjoy a kickboxing! The one who should splash out extra energy, and the second - it accumulates. Law of energy conservation.
  • Treat sex as a ritual. Make love for a long time, tasteful, do not forget the kindness and toys, watch shows and movies, play role-playing games. Scroll to the day that is only going to spend in bed together ... and wait for it!
  • Be sure to discuss all permissible and forbidden moments. Tell each other how you feel about the swing, to changes, to pornography. Discuss what you can remember - this will help in the future. What did you agree to take, and that - never. Stipulate beyond what is permitted, but did not forget to mention that everything flows, everything changes. Nothing could be more flexible in the wind of time than men.

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