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June 1, 2008

  • Treatment of periodontal disease - can not do without a dentist
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Principles of treatment of periodontal disease

Treatment of any periodontal disease, as well as its prevention, starting with the removal of plaque and soft plaque, which contain a large number of pathogens and injure surrounding tissue. And only then proceed to the treatment of periodontitis.

 Treatments | Treatment of periodontal disease - can not do without a dentist

Treatment of gingivitis

The initial stages of gingivitis (catarrhal gingivitis) are treated with oral hygiene, restorative treatment (vitamins, balanced diet), strengthen the gums (massage, chewing gum), physiotherapy.

If you have ulcerative process requires several visits to the dentist. First, he carefully treats mouth, holds anesthesia (injection or application of a pain medication). Then, remove soft plaque, tartar and gum tissue disintegrated. House recommended mouthparts baths with chlorhexidine solution 3-4 times a day for 2-3 minutes.

In the treatment of hypertrophic gingivitis (swelling of the gum tissue) is first removed the phenomenon of acute inflammation (oral baths, medical dressings, introduction papilla anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy, massage the gums). If the effect of this treatment is not available, then remove the excess tissue (gingivectomy).

Treatment of atrophic gingivitis aimed at preventing reduce the amount of gum tissue: in the neck of the teeth rubbed fluoride toothpaste, and medical applications are applied bandages with sea buckthorn oil, massages and physiotherapy.

 Treatments | Treatment of periodontal disease - can not do without a dentist

Treatment of periodontitis

Acute periodontitis is treated by removing the stimulus (eg, overhanging fillings) and reduce inflammation (anti-inflammatory drugs with application).

Chronic periodontitis treated on an individual plan. Treatment should be local and general involving exposure of the whole organism (vitamins, stimulation of metabolic processes, and so on).

In the treatment of periodontitis is obligatory surgical intervention to eliminate the periodontal pocket. Before the surgery, periodontal pockets are washed with a strong antiseptic, and in two or three weeks, surgical treatment of periodontitis. In the first stage of periodontal injury causes are eliminated (for example, short frenulum lips, or tongue). After three to four weeks is held the second stage of treatment: removal of the periodontal pocket. For this purpose, it is carried out curettage (scraping) the removal of subgingival plaque, microbial plaque and gingival overgrowth.

When periodontitis of moderate and severe degree carried out various kinds of patchwork operations. Quilting they called because in operation gums separated in several flaps, and then, after the operation, is crosslinked as needed to keep the teeth in the cells.

Beyond acute periodontitis patients underwent control of oral hygiene Oral hygiene - not only in the dentist's chair  Oral hygiene - not only in the dentist's chair
 Prescribers, strengthens blood vessels, physiotherapy and massage gums. Recently, for the treatment of periodontitis with good therapeutic effect applied laser (including in combination with the topical administration of drugs) and ultrasound.

The last step in the treatment of periodontitis is to remove the looseness of the teeth by the orthopedic treatment, which should also help to reduce the load on periodontal tissues. To start prosthetics through two or three weeks after curettage Curettage - Women's mini-operation  Curettage - Women's mini-operation
   and 1, 5-2 months after the flap surgery.

Patients with periodontitis are subject to medical check-ups twice a year to monitor oral health and its correction.

 Treatments | Treatment of periodontal disease - can not do without a dentist

Treatment of periodontitis

Treatment of periodontal disease - a relief of the patient, slow down further progression of the process and prevention of complications. In addition to therapeutic treatment should be hurting as surgical, orthopedic and orthodontic treatment. The only way to achieve long-term remission.

Therapeutic treatment - a treatment of various lesions of hard tissues of teeth, periodontal tissue to improve blood circulation and metabolic processes in it. If the cause of periodontal disease Periodontal disease: deep problem  Periodontal disease: deep problem
   a malocclusion Malocclusion: fix is ​​never too late  Malocclusion: fix is ​​never too late
   or defect of dentures, the patient is sent for treatment to a podiatrist or an orthodontist. If you have a short frenulum of the tongue and lips, shallow vestibule of the oral cavity (the space between the teeth and the lips, cheeks) performed surgery.

Take care of your teeth and gums in a timely manner. This is the only way to avoid a serious illness and no less serious cost of its treatment.

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Teeth whitening at home: the lessons of beauty - Methods

March 14, 2013

  • Teeth whitening at home: lessons Beauty
  • Methods

 Methods bleaching teeth at home

Methods for bleaching teeth at home

Any dental clinic will offer a choice of several methods of cleaning and whitening teeth. But this procedure is long and expensive, and with the development of cosmetics such a procedure can be successfully hold their own at home. This requires skill, patience and knowledge of some of the subtleties, the secrets. Beauty does not require sacrifices, it endows thrust.

To safely and comfortably to whiten teeth at home How to whiten your teeth at home: tips  How to whiten your teeth at home: tips
 You can use a choice of several methods known to date.

  • Bleaching using dental mouth guard is very effective, but it has a significant drawback: you need to pre-order a customized mouth guard clinic, is a plate, tightly fits over the jaw. It is quite expensive for a long time, but it ensures the safety of the procedure, since the bleaching paste does not get in the gums and can not cause a chemical burn. The inner surface of end caps applied whitening gel form is put on the teeth and worn for a few hours in the afternoon or overnight. At the same time the main task - not to overdo it, as if to fulfill all the recommendations of the instructions.

The easiest way to whiten teeth Teeth whitening - which option is right for you?  Teeth whitening - which option is right for you?
   It is cleaning them with a special paste. These pastes are available in all parts of the dental products, their effect is achieved through daily manual cleaning of soft abrasive materials, included in them. However, dentists recommend such pastes used only as a means for maintaining whiteness of the teeth and removing plaque after clarification.

  • Whitening strips with special well that their effect can be seen already in the first hours of use. The method is simple and available disadvantage is the high price of the bleaching agent and the inability to lighten molars as strips overlap only for the first four teeth in the upper and lower jaw.

There are still ways to whitening using chewing gum, baking soda, coal ash, hydrogen peroxide, lemon peel, strawberries and banana pulp Bananas: the benefits and harms health  Bananas: the benefits and harms health
 . All these folk remedies may be used from time to time by adding them to a paste for brushing teeth or making a mask-wrap jaws for 15-20 minutes. Sometimes even wiping clean cotton swab dipped in a solution of hydrogen peroxide or a dry powder soda can lead to excellent results.

 Methods | Teeth whitening at home: lessons Beauty

Care for bleached teeth

To fix the result, immediately after bleaching need to rinse your mouth with oxygen-enriched agent. Any mouthwash containing alcohol, but will reduce the whitening effect, will cause dry mouth. Usually after the procedure at home whitening your teeth become natural color, not earlier than two years. However, to maintain the effect of whiteness should regularly carry out simple procedures:

  • Daily brushing your teeth in the morning and evening for five minutes
  • preventative visits to the dentist twice a year
  • Regular removal of tartar, update destroyed seals
  • Use dental yarns to remove food
  • minimum consumption of brightly colored products: coffee, mustard, ketchup, black tea, red wine, chocolate, blueberries Benefits and harms of blueberries: the health of the forest  Benefits and harms of blueberries: the health of the forest
 , Beets, and the like.

When choosing a tooth whitening is primarily to draw attention to the presence of some drugs for acid etching enamel. A careful reading of labels save from careless step: such facilities violate the structure of dental tissues, and entail a more intense staining of the teeth in the future.

After forty years of carefully whiten teeth for people with dark, tanned and wrinkled skin is not recommended: white teeth stress withering body. Beauticians are advised to bleach them only to the tone, dentists should always take good care of the oral, to conduct ultrasonic cleaning teeth, remove tartar. With such comprehensive care Hollywood smile will shine a lifetime, without any special medical procedures.

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